All You Need to Know About Birth Control Glasses

birth control glasses

US military gear is known for being quite trendy, particularly the fashion industry’s camo wear applications. The navy and army have been mandating top-notch hipster fashion for a long time by providing birth control glasses to recruits. There is so much to learn about the memorable pair of glasses and this article would talk about everything.

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Below we look at BCG birth control glasses and explain everything you need to know about this memorable pair of glasses.

1. What are Birth Control Glasses?

Birth control glasses frames are the standard gear issued by the US military. All soldiers who required glasses did not have any other option but to wear these unattractive boot camp birth control glasses.

Many troops did not like wearing these standard-issue prescription glasses since they made them look too nerdy. The military was essentially asking big, tough troops to wear dork-looking glasses. Most troops stuffed them into their trunks and locked them away once they finished training.

What Does Birth Control Glasses Mean?

Birth control glasses (man repellers), labeled affectionately, hence, they are so unattractive that you don’t stand any likelihood of finding partners while wearing them. Wearing these spectacles was akin to putting on a visible contraceptive. Even though they were stylish, many troops found the army’s birth control glasses to be too ugly.

2. Alternate Birth Control Options 

Until recently, there were minimal birth control options for men. They include withdrawal, using condoms, and getting vasectomies. There are some new development options like male birth control pills, shots, and gels. Below are a few of the best male birth control options if you don’t want to use birth control glasses.


birth control glass
Birth Control Options for Men

Condoms are the most popular type of male birth control because of their effectiveness against STIs and conception. Using condoms is better than withdrawal and may be used alongside other birth control types—like where the female partner is also taking birth control pills.

When you use them correctly, condoms are better than withdrawal since they can effectively prevent pregnancy. Nevertheless, there are plenty of opportunities for making errors that will render condom use far less effective. A good example is when the condom has small tears or is misused, and semen passes through to make fertilization possible.

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       2. Vasectomy

Vasectomy is better than both the use of condoms or else birth control glasses. This medical procedure is where you are surgically sterilized, making it the most effective and permanent birth control method for men. In some instances, vasectomies can be reversed, but the likelihood of pregnancy typically declines to depend on the amount of time passed since the first vasectomy was done.

During a vasectomy procedure, the tubes responsible for carrying sperms from your testicles will be cut and tied. It means that you are rendered surgically sterile and unable to initiate conception. The sperm will remain in your testicles and is ultimately absorbed into the body.

3. Types of Vasectomies

There are two types of Vasectomies: 

  1. Surgical Vasectomies
  2. Non- Surgical Vasectomies


1. Surgical Vasectomies

A vasectomy is a standard surgical procedure for men with high success rates and low risks. It is usually performed in a clinic by a licensed physician. There are some side effects like bleeding, bruising, and swelling, but these will usually subside after recovery. It is rare for patients to experience severe complications. Remember that while vasectomies may completely prevent pregnancy, they don’t protect against the various sexually transmitted infections.


What Are The Benefits of a Vasectomy?


2. Non-Surgical Vasectomies

There are also non-surgical types of vasectomies available today, thanks to new medical innovations. Much like the traditional vasectomy, the physician will cut a patient’s vas deferens to stop sperms from leaving his testicles. Nevertheless, the procedure is unique here in that rather than using scalpels to cut the scrotum, the doctor users a special device to make a tiny hole in that area. This tool will then stretch the skin gently and provide an opening where the physician can access and cut the vas deferens.

Non-surgical vasectomies are ideal because they result in fewer complications and significantly less bleeding. Furthermore, the patient will not require any stitches after the procedure. This method also guarantees quicker recovery compared to getting the convectional vasectomy.

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Even though there are plenty of exciting developments in the male birth control sector, at the moment, there are limited options available. However, health experts predict that once more male contraceptives are available, they could bring numerous advantages and help free women from the sole responsibility of preventing pregnancy.

Remember that birth control glasses are not that effective at preventing contraception. You will require some of the clinical methods shown above, including getting a vasectomy.

Regardless of the specific birth control approach you decide to use, it is essential to consult with a healthcare provider regarding its overall effectiveness and possible side effects. The licensed doctors at our clinic offer a range of different male birth control services.

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