Best diet apps for ADHD patients


Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a chronic condition that begins in childhood but can last into adulthood. Patients diagnosed with the disorder have difficulties paying attention, are hyperactive, struggle to plan and manage time, and have trouble controlling impulsive behaviors. If not managed, it can affect your social life, self-esteem, school work, and even career.

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Although medication and therapy remain the most effective ways to alleviate ADHD symptoms, dieting also plays an important role. Mental health professionals, nutritionists, and researchers agree that better nutrition can help children and adults manage the disorder. Thankfully, there are many apps that can help you map out an effective diet and nutrition plan for ADHD.

Here are some of the best ADHD apps.

Cronometer – Calorie Tracker

Cronometer is an app that allows you to count calories and check your nutrition metrics. It has a user-friendly interface that patients and parents can learn and use. To start tracking your diet data, log the food you take, or scan a product’s barcode. Once you enter the food into the system, the app has a huge database that will give you details of the calories, carbs, protein, cholesterol, and up to 82 micronutrients contained in the meal.


ADHD nutrition
ADHD Nutrition to Take: In a Nutshell


You can also add custom food and recipes to learn whether your home-cooked meals or special diets are healthy enough. With this app, ADHD patients will know exactly what they are eating, consume nourishing meals, and avoid foods that can worsen their symptoms. Cronometer is free to use, and you can always upgrade to access more features.


MyNetDiary – Calorie Tracker

MyNetDiary is a simple yet comprehensive diet and nutrition assistant app. It not only helps you count the metrics of the food you get from restaurants and grocery stores, but it also lets you create your own recipe and start monitoring the calories. You can also take pictures of new foods, special diets, and ethnic meals, and it will calculate the nutritional information.

Its report is accurate, and ADHD patients can use it to eliminate unhelpful foods from their diet and target to eat foods that will help manage their symptoms. Don’t worry about forgetting to log meals, as it will give you timely reminders. You can take advantage of the free version and then upgrade to the paid version to access some more exciting features.

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Zero – Fasting Tracker

Intermittent fasting has been shown to improve mental sharpness and concentration, a challenge ADHD patients face. It’s also a great option for patients looking to shed unhealthy weight. Zero is a popular and intuitive fasting app that can help you achieve your weight goals in a healthy way. Its fasting tools were developed by a leading team of professional doctors and researchers.

Zero’s features include a timer to help you stay on track, resources to educate you about fasting practices, charts to view your progress over time, and much more. The paid version helps you create a personalized fasting plan with the help of experts and contains content that will allow you to stay positive and motivated throughout your fast.


SuperCook – Personalized Recipes

Wondering what to cook using the ingredients you have at home? SuperCook has you covered. This app helps you create healthy recipes using what you have in your kitchen. It has a large library of over 1 million recipes, and you can search through it to find a diet that matches your special nutritional needs. With it, you don’t have to worry about what to have for dinner; just input the available ingredients, and it will give you multiple ideas and even tell you if you have an essential ingredient missing. The app is easy to set up, user-friendly, and has a free version.


ADHD foods to avoid
Cut Down These You Eat to Help Yourself With ADHD



Lifesum – Meal Plans and Nutritious Recipes

If you are exploring a special ADHD diet that will help improve your brain function, Lifesum can be of great help. This tool gives you access to multiple diet plans that fit your condition. It also has hundreds of recipes that you can use to prepare tasty and healthy meals at home. You can also use it to track how much water you drink and take advantage of its barcode scanner to identify the nutritional value of the food you consume.


Tip: What to Eat for ADHD Symptom Control

To manage ADHD symptoms and improve brain function, certain foods need to feature prominently in your diet. Foods rich in proteins such as eggs, poultry, lean beef, legumes, nuts, low-fat dairy products optimize brainpower and get essential nutrients to your brain cells. They also have special properties that help prevent hyperactivity and impulse behavior.

Eating a well-balanced meal that contains ample proteins, veggies, carbs, and fruits has also been observed to help keep ADHD symptoms under control. Other compounds that should supplement your diet include vitamins and minerals since they can boost attention and awareness. Other essential nutrients include zinc, iron, and omega-3 fatty acids. Meals to avoid include high-sugar foods and snacks and food products that have artificial dyes and preservatives.

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Closing Thoughts

There are many apps that can make the life of an ADHD patient easier, safer, more productive, happier, and healthier. The apps above can help ADHD children, teens, and adults consume meals that are not only nutritious but also beneficial to their brains.

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