Emotional Support Animal in Redding

At EzCare Clinic, We provide legitimate Emotional Support Animal documentation from licensed mental health LMHPs in Redding.
An emotional support pet letter is a document provided to you by a licensed therapist or mental health physician that indicates that your cat is part of a treatment program for your mental health or emotional disability. An Emotional Support Animal certificate allows admission to airline cabins and pet restricted housing without extra fees and/or deposits. The professional doctors at EzCare Medical Clinic is dedicated to providing Redding patients with legitimate services as well as a comfortable, non-judgmental environment. Please keep in mind that our ESA physicians are available on Saturday and Sunday and appointments are not needed but they are encouraged.


Secure video chat with MD. No auto-approvals


100% Refund if not accepted by Airline


We are available 7 days 9 am- 9 pm


Same day appointments are available during business hours. Online ESA documents are legit only after a telehealth visit with a licensed MD.


(415) 966-0848


Cost of an Emotional Support Animal Letter in Redding



Redding residents can get one certificate for housing or airlines.



For Housing and Airlines, 12-month support, unlimited ESA documentation revisions, additional paperwork for free, low-cost annual renewals.



Redding patients ESA online renewal package. Full package included.

Common Problems Redding Pet Owners Face


Being refused by airlines to be accompanied by pets on flights.


One-way charge to fly with your pet in airline-compliant pet carriers.


Monthly rent for a pet’s accommodation.


Difficulty in finding a rental property that is pet-friendly.

Benefits of ESA Letters

An emotional support animal letter in Redding is a document given by a certified mental health expert or therapist to show that your ESA is a part of your therapy for an emotional disability or mental health condition.

1. Traveling with your ESA: With an ESA letter, you will not pay to travel on most flights with your ESA. Moreover, the animal can sit with you in the cabin, unlike other pets.

2. Renting with your ESA: With an ESA letter, a landlord is not allowed to charge you extra rent or a pet deposit when staying with an ESA.


Different clinics are offering ESA letters. Some are, however, giving out illegitimate letters. At EZCare Medical clinic headquartered in San Francisco, you can get ESA letters for any city in the fifty states, including Redding. The clinic manages a range of medical issues and employs doctors that are certified according to the laws of California. You can get your ESA letter from the clinic in-person or do it online.


EZCare Clinic is open daily from 11 am to 7 pm. It provides customer support for all Redding residents twelve hours daily. On the bottom of all pages on their website, you will find a chat button through which you can ask the customer support team any questions. You can also call the clinic on (415) 966-0848. To schedule your appointment and start your process of getting a valid ESA letter from an accredited California ESA doctor, you can call the clinic or book an appointment online.

#1 ESA Dog Redding


Most Redding ESA owns opt for dogs. These simply fill their owners’ hearts and make them feel better.

#2 ESA Cat


More and more people in Redding are now opting for cats for their ESAs. They prefer several cats in their homes to relieve their stress.

#3 ESA Redding


It is ok if you end up with a unique animal for your ESA. Some people choose pigs, ducks, chickens and snakes. Even so, most Redding residents settle for rabbits because they are hilarious and will make them smile.

Redding ESA Letter Discounts and Promo Codes

All residents of Redding can apply this promo code at the bottom of the ESA application

Emotional Support Animal Letter Scam in Redding

December 8, 2021

An ESA (Emotional Support Animal) may be any kind of animal. Dogs and additional animals may offer therapeutic comfort for the ones who suffer from anxiety, depression, or emotional/ mental illness. For those considering obtaining an ESA letter online, you’re protected under federal law. If a mental health professional who is licensed writes the ESA […]

ESA Letter
December 8, 2021

Yes, you can get your Emotional Support Animal documentation today, it takes just a few hours. Our doctors are available to speak with you seven days a week from 11 am to 7 pm. You need to apply before 6 pm in order to get your documentation on the same day. With recent research emerging […]

emotional support
December 6, 2021

If you have an emotional or mental condition, you may already realize that the presence of a cherished pet can have a therapeutic effect. Many healthcare providers also recognize this fact, which is why it is now possible to get a letter to designate your pet as an Emotional Support Animal. If you possess a legitimate […]

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