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Pets not only do a lot of fun activities with you, but they also provide you with mental health benefits, which are so good that it is almost comical to believe in the irony of them. But what are these hilarious mental health benefits offered by pets that can change your mental health drastically?

Well, I will look into each one of the benefits in detail by uncovering the stories of different people whose lives have been touched by these furry friends.

So let’s unravel these mysteriously funny mental health benefits to make it easier for you to take action right now and bring home a friendly four-legged creature as soon as possible and make it part of your family.

BENEFIT#1: Flying won’t be a horror show for you by boarding with your pet

Briteny was so afraid of flying since childhood that even a mere thought of boarding a plane leaped her heart into her throat. As a result, she had to use other modes of transportation, which frankly are slower than the herd of snails going uphill.

This aerophobia was crushing her desire to travel and explore the world. As a young 28-year-old passionate female, this phobia was like a black magic spell cast on her by her anonymous worst enemies.

She tried various medications alongside wasting a lot of money on therapy sessions, but her temporary benefits subsided quickly enough and also left a massive hole in her pocket.

But as she was about to give up all hope on adventuring to exotic new locations, something incredible happened to her. But what was this seemingly magical thing that took her phobia and tore it to a million pieces?

Well! The answer to this question is short, like most people’s acting careers, and consists of just four letters “PETS.”

Yeah, you have read it accurately. Pets can make your flying phobia go away as quickly as a cheetah running after its prey.

And how these pumpkin pies helped Brittany conquer her fear of flying?

What happened was not rocket science, and pets can help you the same way they helped Brenda if you have trouble going on a flight.

As her last resort, Brenda turned to the furry creatures for help and brought home Pikachu (Yeah, she named her poodle dog that) after obtaining an ESA (Emotional Support Animal) letter online.

Pikachu soon became her best amigo, and she finally decided to see her grandparents who live in North Carolina via a plane. But this time, she wasn’t alone; instead, her buddy was with her through this horrendous journey courtesy her ESA letter.

What occurred next was nothing short of amazing.

Brittany did not experience any flight terror or severe anxiety. She landed safely to her destination by just merely focusing on Pikachu during flight, sitting close to him, smiling at him the whole time.

So Pikachu became a cuddly savior for Britney and you can also overcome your fear of flying by simply obtaining your ESA letter from an authentic source, and adopting your own Pikachu or whatever the absurd name you want to call him/her.

Emotional support pet
Traveling with your emotional support pet

You can get your ESA letter from licensed therapists at EzCare Clinic.

BENEFIT#2: Stop working at a depression hotline by gazing into the eyes of your pet

Let’s not kid ourselves; depression is a severe mental health condition, and it can affect anyone at any given point in life. Michel, a 37-year-old accountant, learned this fact the hard way.

Seemingly, nothing was wrong in Michel’s life. There was smooth sailing in his work and family affairs. Suddenly, something broke in his mind, maybe low-income neurons decided to revolt against the much higher earning bosses or something else. 

Whatever it was, it led to the loss of desire in him to even get out of the worn-out pajamas he was wearing for several days, and to be honest, the smell of them was not kind towards the other people.

His family and friends were concerned about him, and they took him to see a doctor, where after clinical assessment and lab results, it was confirmed that Michel was suffering from a little mental problem known as depression.

Why me? Why, God, why? Out of seven billion people on earth, you had to choose me to suffer from this dreadful condition. Michel questioned God(He didn’t, but sounds like a reasonable question to me).

He started taking antidepressant medications and also joined a support group. Even after these treatments, a piece of a link was missing in his mind. As a result, the rebellious movement of some neurotic mutineers was still going strong, and there was no sign of slowing down.

Then one day, as Michel was strolling through the central park of New York, he found a quick fix to his crippling depression. He looked into the eyes of a Labrador Retriever(a type of dog species and frankly a cute one) and felt a spark in his brain. At that moment, he knew what to do next.

Michel went online(the solution to all our problems seemingly) and searched about the stories of pets helping people in a hellish situation(depression). He found tons of stories explicitly explaining the positive mental effects of a pet.

He immediately called his doctor and asked for the issuance of an ESA letter. He brought home Pineapple Pete (Labrador Retriever) from an adoption home. He made a habit of looking into his dog’s sparkly brown eyes (not in a creepy way) to make depression vanish like that of a medical student’s hairline.

But what led to this jaw-dropping phenomenon?

Telling the whole mechanism would be super annoying for you, so let me make it simpler for you.

You see, deep somewhere in the brain resides a Happy Chemical (Serotonin), which is like the king of the happy kingdom of your mind. Without its supernatural power, you won’t be able to party in the joyous domain.

However, this king (Happy Hormone) loves the eyes of cuddly cute things (animals), and the celebration of happiness is back on track in their presence. The identical scenario was created by Pineapple Pete for Michel by providing the reason for the king (Happy Hormone AKA Serotonin) to flow with its full glory.

So when are you going to stop working at a depression hotline with the help of your Pineapple Pete?

Emotional Support Pet helps to overcome depression
ESA and Depression

BENEFIT#3: LMAO (Laughing my anxiety off) with a pet

How does it feel, gathering the utmost courage to ask your crush out but not being able to blow the torch just because you have SAD (Yes, you read it right.) SAD stands for social anxiety disorder, and it has stopped more love stories to blossom as a red rose in the peak of spring than being rejected by your crush in the cruelest manner possible.

Nitesh, a 27-year-old handsome young male now, can relate to this story being repeated like your worst nightmare waking you up in the middle of the night from a cozy and comfy deep sleep. 

It all started when Nitesh was in middle school (Ahh! That sweet age when just seeing a fight up close made you a celebrity). He was a confident young boy until that point, but things took a drastic turn after the loss of his father in a tragic car accident.

He started to tremble and sweat in class, and his mind began to blank often. This condition reflected on his grades, straight top of chart A’s changed into mediocre, petty B’s (Don’t judge me, I would happily take B’s or even C’s for that matter, but you know grades are categorized differently in Asian American Families. It is an A, or you are cut off from the family with no in-between). 

Nitesh’s mother took him to see a doctor to stop being disowned by the family, where he was diagnosed to be suffering from SAD. This news was a huge blow to his college prospects, and also, a poisoned tipped dagger was inserted into the matters of the heart (I am not saying that nobody would date a sweaty, shy guy, but let’s be honest chances of that happening are slim).

Nitesh took his medications regularly, but that was not a permanent solution. His mother explored other treatment options, including behavioral therapy and even herbal solutions (Yes, they are making a comeback), but to no avail. Then the neighbors came to the rescue (Sometimes the answer can be that close, yet the human eye refuses to see it).

What was this peculiar solution that Nitesh’s neighbors seem to have?

It was a British Shorthair (a type of cat species that is elegant enough to be a part of British Royalty). Nitesh’s mother observed the calming effects of the cat on him when they were invited to dinner by their neighbors. She was amazed by this situation and immediately called Nitesh’s doctor and learned all about the benefits of an ESA (Emotional Support Animal) and how to obtain an ESA letter.

Next Sunday, she brought home a new friend ( British Shorthair cat) for Nitesh, and his cat’s name was decided to be ‘Miss Sunshine’ after a proper ceremony. It took no time for them to bond, and the positive effects of Miss Sunshine were evident in controlling the symptoms of SAD. Moreover, Nitesh started to achieve straight A’s again (That was a close call! But off the home eviction list finally).

Slowly but surely, Nitesh started to feel less anxious in social situations and was able to land a beautiful girlfriend named Linda in high school (Good for him, at least someone didn’t go to the high school dance alone).

Only by staying close to sunshine, and petting and cuddling her, Nitesh overcame his SAD (ness). So, what is stopping you right now to achieve straight A’s or get yourself a girlfriend (I prefer the second option)

BENEFIT#4: Keep calm and sleep in with your pet

I assume that you must have had experienced days where you are just unable to sleep despite your utmost efforts, and you keep on tossing and turning in your bed with no outcome. It seems, the harder you try, the more difficult it becomes for you to sleep. In medical terms, this condition is known as insomnia.

Now imagine being suffering from the same situation every night. How frustrating it must be for your nerves and overall health. It was happening to David, a 29-year-old stockbroker working at Wall Street (Honestly, we can’t be surprised, working with numbers going up and down eventually gets on your nerves). He was stressed because of his job. As a result, his sleeping hours started to shrink like a college student’s bank account, who has no control over his spending.

Sensibly, David reached out to his doctor and was advised the necessary lifestyle changes needed to be incorporated into his daily routine to improve the quality of his sleep. Now receiving advice is one thing; however, its implementation is a totally different scenario, and David had a hard time doing physical activity regularly ( I mean, who would like it when you can spend that time making money). He was looking for a quick solution without resorting to sleeping pills. And he did manage to find a fast-tracked method.

But what was his quick fix?

Please make no mistake, David was not an ordinary guy (Afterall, he was working at the money-making machine). He scoured the internet for possible treatment options and decided to give a chance to the cutest option available (Yes, I am talking about a pet) and the procedure to receive help from it (ESA letter).

He adopted a handsome male Birman (Breed) cat and named him Neil Catrick Harrison ( I told you this guy was smart). Initially, it took some time for Neil to become accustomed to his new home and the wall street guy but, progress was made daily. Soon Neil and David started to share the same bed (Awwwwww cute).

Within a short space of time, there was a significant increase in the quality and quantity of David’s sleep (Seriously, he should give some of his wall street money to Neil). But how was it possible that merely sleeping with his cat brought such immense improvements?

Let me elaborate so that it becomes easier for you to comprehend.

There is a hormone in your brain, Oxytocin, also known as love hormone (What a lovely name). There are several functions that this lovely hormone performs in the body, but listing all of them out would be a literary waste of yours and my time (Read it on the internet). One of its functions is to provide you with sound sleep. So, all of you should be concerned about maintaining this sweet, sweet hormone at adequate levels; otherwise, you would have a hard time falling asleep.

And one of the easiest things you can do is to follow the guidelines of David by letting your pet take care of your Love Hormone levels.

Also, do not forget to get a  letter for your ESA from licensed therapists.

EzCare Medical Appointment
EzCare Medical Appointment

BENEFIT#5: Chronically fall in love with your pet, not in pain

It is believed that people in chronic pain are more fun. They use laughter as their coping mechanism, but it is undeniable that pain persists all the time with no ultimate cure.

Trevor, a 55-year-old financial advisor, had become grumpier over the years, as a by-product of his arthritis (He was already a bit crabby in his younger days). This chronic debilitating affected his mental health in the worst ways you can imagine (I mean adding a bucket load of chronic pain in a bit of grumpiness is a recipe for disaster).

He was now known as Mr. Grampy among his co-workers (Mental stress of chronic illness has not been kind towards the blackness of his hair, and he started to look much older than his age). He was visiting his doctor regularly, and his pain was somewhat kept in check with the help of medications. Still, even these medications were now manifesting adverse effects on his gut. (Imagine, not being able to eat your favorite food because of the medicine needed to control your chronic pain). A depressingly complex scenario!

I mean, this situation would force anyone to pull their hairs out (Even the shiny black ones). In these desperate times, a person can resort to any measure possible to find some comfort. And that’s what Trevor found in the form of an ESA (Emotional Support Animal) precisely.

But how could a furry creature possessing no chemical properties required to control your pain could lower your chronic pain?

Well! The answer is not that simple because even science is not sure about exactly how pets help to lower your chronic pain (Please science stop making us wonder so much and start giving answers to the essential questions like “Will it is possible for us to have cute little alien pets one day”?).

Alien pets may seem a thing of distant future (So for away that you have to think in terms of light-years); nevertheless, pets of planet Earth are present right here, right now to help you deal with your chronic pain.

So, Trevor bought a Beagle (I know it sounds deliciously sweet but, it is the name of endearing dog species) after receiving his ESA letter. He started taking Beagle to work. All of a sudden, his grumpiness dropped to an all-time low,  his co-workers knew who to thank for this positive change (It was Beagle, don’t tell anyone). 

Besides, Trevor started taking Beagle on mini-tours in the office (Mostly for Beagle to comply with the office cleanliness policy). It increased the physical activity of Trevor (He was not too keen on it earlier, despite his doctor’s advice). It provided the much-needed relief to those swollen hot joints ( I sometimes wonder if these hot joints may be utilized someday to generate electricity).

Additionally, there was a unique effect caused by Beagle. To know about it, just read the next paragraph, it will be worth it.

You know how pets love to put their cute heads on their caretakers, as well as pouncing on any chance to give lip treatment by licking their owners. That licking and touching have a very beneficial impact on your pain levels, and you can become pain-free by this simple adorable act. It was performed repeatedly on Trevor by Beagle, and the results were shockingly positive in the domain of pain relief.

So when are you taking your first step (Like Neil Armstrong on the moon) to relieve your long term chronic pain with the help of an ESA?

They will not only lower your dependency on pain medications but also be a source of improving your mental health substantially.

Pets providing emotional support
Emotional Support Pet

BENEFIT#6: Get in a relationship with the cuteness of your pet

Are you one of those people that have to order and eat birthday cake alone?

Hopefully, that is not the case with you because loneliness can be lethal for you (Not good news for the introverts) as it can lead to a variety of mental and physical health symptoms (You have been warned). The story of Natalia, a 41-year-old school teacher, can teach you more about this harsh fact.

Natalia was married to Jeff for a good part of 15 years (I mean this duration should be applauded considering the rates of divorces per minute in America, Why didn’t I become a divorce lawyer). It was a typical high school romance with a typical ending of a husband cheating on a wife ( Ohhh, what a shock). I mean, in this day and age, looking for faithfulness is like finding Aladdin’s lamp.

Understandably, Natalia was heart-broken by this act of fraudulence by her husband, and she immediately filed for divorce. What followed next was a period of absolute misery dipped in the ocean of loneliness as deep as the Marianas Trench (Marianas Trench is about 7 miles deep so you can imagine the depth of isolation).

Natalia started to feel like she was living in a haunted house after separation as she did not have any kids (Yeah, kids can be all sweet and cute but, have you ever tried pacifying a crying toddler?) and all of her family lived in a different city. All this fits the description of an incredibly lonely person.

Now, who acted as a savior and pulled out Natalia from the depths of loneliness?

It was a male Pixie-bob (cat as cute as her breed name) that dove underwater (Crushing all the theories of cats hating water to death in the process) and saved Natalia like the Aquaman.

How did Natalia think of finding such a cutesy pixie hero?

At the advice of her doctor, Natalia decided to take matters seriously and got herself an ESA letter from an authentic source. Then, she brought home Mr. Meowgi (What a cool name for a cat).

After the arrival of Mr. Meowgi, going home from school wasn’t an uphill battle for Natalia as she knew someone adorable would be waiting for her (And probably throwing things off the cupboard, I mean why cats love to do that?).

Anyways, the presence and warmth of Mr. Meowgi were keeping Natalie safe from going insane. And it reflected on her by the overall improvement of her mental health.

You should also not suffer from loneliness for even one more second, as it is severely damaging to your mental health. If you are having trouble finding reliable companionship in people, take a break from humans for some time, and allow yourself to be loved and cared for by a lovely pet like Mr. Meowgi.  

BENEFIT#7: Find the true meaning of a blissful life by taking care of your pet

Some days it might be hard for you to even get out of your bed without any apparent cause (Hating your job is an apparent cause). The purpose of life may be lost in an unknown language for you (Come on, we all feel sometimes lost in the glittering of today’s fast-paced life).

Jamal, a 24-year-old medical student, was at the receiving end of this type of situation. He was never interested in studying medicine but, he succumbed to the peer pressure of his parents (I mean, why do parents badly want to see their children as doctors, and the rest of the professions feel like second choices).

Jamal was also suffering from this ‘parents want to see their children as doctors’ syndrome. However, he was paying a heavy price for it (Like when you order even the cheapest thing imaginable from a 5-star hotel). His true passion was in the stars as he wanted to study astrophysics (Seemingly for Jamal, parent’s enthusiasm was more important).

He powered through the initial stages of his medical studies; however, it looked like he had used up all his motivational reserves. He failed a couple of semesters, and the future was looking bleak (Dark as the inside of a black hole).

How did he manage to get back on track?

Interestingly, he had a friend at the campus who was majoring in clinical psychology (Ahan! Doctors of the mind). He advised Jamal to consider the possibility of having a pet and taking care of it(What an attractive option).

Following his friend’s advice, Jamal went to the dog shelter home after receiving his ESA (Emotional Support Animal) and brought home an adorable male mixed breed dog. This dog needed extra attention and care as his leg was damaged by a car accident (Seriously, stricter speeding rules should be implemented). He was named Fighter (Fittingly so) by Jamal.

Fighter gave Jamal a new sense of purpose and motivation in life (The right type of motivation to do something for others selflessly). Jamal was reveling in the new-found responsibility. Jamal was regularly taking Fighter to see a vet and looking after his food requirements.

As a result, Fighter proved to be a source of inspiration for Jamal as he quit medicine to pursue his dreams of reaching the stars (Parents might be upset, though).

So, when are you going to get your Fighter and find the necessary motivation to live a blissful life full of excitement and purpose?

It would help if you acted soon as time waits for no one (Unfortunately, we are not living in a black hole), and second chances in life are few and far between.

BENEFIT#8: Cuddle your negative energy away with a pet

“All I have are negative thoughts.”

This is a famous dialogue of 2019’s hit movie Joker. 

Most of us have negative vibes inside us, just looking for a way to go on full exhibition. However, we have a coping mechanism to deal with such negative ideas. Unfortunately, for some people, there is a fault in this compensating mechanism. It allows this negative energy to go on full display in front of an audience.

Nick, a 35-year-old gym instructor, was facing trouble to put a lid on his negative emotions (I bet, you thought the story is going to be about Arthur Fleck). This has not always been the case with him, but ever since he was fired from the last job unceremoniously, he wanted to give a piece of his mind to his boss (Justifiably).

Despite working at a physically demanding job, Nick was not able to achieve the inner peace that we all crave for so much (Inner peace is like the peak of all forms of the mental order). This was hurting Nick’s mental health (No guesses there). As a result, his work and social life started deteriorating (Just like Edward Norton in fight club with less amount of craziness).

Worried that he might go insane, Nick went to see a psychiatrist where he learned about the cuddling powers of a pet.

Nick immediately got himself an ESA letter and bought a handsome male Siberian Husky (Wolf among dogs). He named his dog Alpha (There is no denying Husky looked like an Alpha male). 

Huskies have a reputation of big huggers in the dog community (I mean their hug must feel like heaven). So, every time Nick came home from work, he was greeted with warm, cuddly, and fuzzy hug form Alpha. That took all the negative energy away from Nick and squashed it with a baseball bat.

Do you want to kill your negative vibes forever like Nick?

The solution is not far away from you, and it only takes a few steps to recognize your problems and find the best possible solutions. And without any doubt, an ESA is one of the best fixes out there in the modern world.

Get the help of an ESA today and do not forget your ESA letter from a licensed therapist.

EzCare Medical Appointment
EzCare Medical Appointment

BENEFIT#9: Get a beach body and a visionary mind by running with your pet

Imagine yourself at a beach, and you pull your shirt to the side, revealing your perfectly toned body in the process (How wonderful this situation looks in your imagination). And on top of that, you don’t need to do heavy workout sessions or follow a strict diet (No more abduction from delicious food). No, I am not telling you a fairy-tale, it is in the realms of possibility.

The logical question to ask here is, “Realistically, could it be achieved without putting the hours in?”

Well! Mrs. Kelly Smith, a 39-year-old stay in mom, found the answer to this question when she became the owner of a lovely female Poodle (The modelesque species of dog).

After giving birth to gorgeous twins, Kelly decided to devote her time to raise her kids and leave her job in the bank (She must have considered her kids as an opportunity from heaven to stop balancing sheets every day).

Now being a full-time mom has its perks but, it also makes you house-bound (A life-long dream of introverts) for the more extended periods. As a consequence, there is little room for exercise in this hectic routine (I mean handling toddlers is no joke).

Kelly started to become fleshy, especially in the belly region (The worst nightmare of so many people “The despised belly fat”). She tried different methods of weight loss; however, making time to carry them out was a real struggle for her (And these methods are rarely enjoyable). Luckily, she did not have to wait long to find her desired, enjoyable approach to lose weight and get a daily dose of healthy physical and mental activity.

Initially, Millie (Modelesque dog) was brought into the Smith family for the twins (Lucky twins). It became a routine for Kelly to take the twins and Millie out for a walk in the park daily. The out-turn of this activity started showing on Kelly as she began to shed those unwanted pounds in real quick time. Moreover, this weight loss procedure wasn’t a burden in the slightest bit; instead, it was a source of enjoyment for Kelly (She made dog buddies in the park).

Why spend your valuable time and money in the gym, when you can achieve an envious body along with a stormtrooper of a brain by merely going on a walk with your pet.

Healthy lifestyle changes with emotional support animal
Lifestyle changes with ESA

BENEFIT#10: Feeling stressed…….just spell it backward(desserts) by playing with your pet

Reasons for you to stress out in this life are as vast as the universe. There are trillions of them out there, just waiting for you to lower your guard. It depends on you to weather the storm or get ripped apart by it.

People employ different strategies to manage their stress levels (I mean no one wants to blow up in raging flames). Rebecca, a 21-year-old college student, experimented with an inspiring way to keep his stress levels bearable.

What was Rebbeca’s imaginative solution?

First, let’s dwell on the problem.

Rebbeca was afraid of his upcoming final term (Exams are the ultimate stressors). She was even considering skipping the examination (The wrath of the mighty exams). But, her parents did him a massive favor by adopting an adorable, heavenly kitten (Buttercup, name as sweet as butter candies). Buttercup was enjoying the affection of Rebecca’s family. 

Rebecca’s heart melted at the sight of Buttercup (Kittens do put a sprinkle in your heart). Rebecca loved to pet Buttercup as often as possible, along with the mandatory cuddling time. She started to notice an extraordinary occurrence. The more time she was spending with Buttercup, her stress levels started deviating on a downward curve.

She was jubilant because her fear of exams began to vanish like a fake friend in your time of extreme need. Ultimately, she aced the exams like a pro with the help of Buttercup (Seriously, Buttercup had more of a role in her academic success than her books).

It has also been proven scientifically that petting your loved animals lower your stress levels appreciably. Thus, you need not worry about your exams or your boring-you-to-death job since an ESA (Emotional Support Animal) can take all your stresses away and put it in a rocketship to Mars (Now, it’s Martians turn to be stressful).

BENEFIT#11: Your nose won’t run like a hose in the presence of a pet

Allergies are like silent assassins in the world of medical diseases. They won’t put you out of your misery rather destroy your mental health by reappearing often (Like unannounced guests in your house).

Medications help by suppressing your immune system (Then who will fight against the trillion other pathogens wanting to feed on your delicious organs). Unfortunately, other forms of treatment are in their infancy to be applicable at a larger scale. However, a certain cute little method might be the answer to this allergy epidemic.

The following story will help you clear your mind regarding this wonderful response to our allergies.

Mr. and Mrs. Jordan were worried about their newborn second child. Understandably so, as the first child was suffering from allergy issues (His nose was like a never-ending pit of moisture). They were expecting the same fate for their second toddler.

Anyway, one day Mrs. Jordan was reading (Shocking! People still do that) a magazine and found an interesting piece of an article about the role of pets in relieving anxiety in children. She immediately took the initiative and brought home a Munchkin (It is so adorable, you can’t have too much of this species) cat.

They named her Minnie as she was so tiny and delicate. Minnie loved the kids and she spent most of her time doing cutesy-tootsie activities with the growing kids. The positive effects of Minnie’s presence around the kids were visible to the naked eye (It was so obvious, even covered eyes could see it). Allergies of the older child started to settle down slowly whereas the younger one remained allergy-free (Say bye-bye to bad old allergies when you have Minnie rooting for you).

Research is going on to find the exact reason as to why kids who grow up in the presence of pets are less likely to suffer from allergy issues in the future (We aren’t complaining though, science can take all the time in the world).

So, do you want to keep your kid’s noses clean from allergies and allow them to develop into a confident young adult?

There is only one quick fix for that.

“Own a pet”.

At EzCare Clinic, patients struggling with mental illness have access to the best treatment options available. Also, here you can get an ESA letter from licensed therapists.

EzCare Medical Appointment
EzCare Medical Appointment


What is Concerta?

Usually, individuals who have issues with impulse control and hyperactivity have chemical imbalances in the brain. These individuals often suffer from conditions that limit their ability to function in educational or social situations as well as other aspects of their lives. These disorders can cause secondary conditions such as anxiety and depression. Methylphenidate, marketed under the name of Concerta, is a slow-released central nervous system stimulant that is prescribed for specific brain disorders. 

How does Concerta work?

Concerta is designed to affect the chemicals in the brain and nerves that contribute to hyperactivity and impulse control. As it stimulates the central nervous system, it enhances the effects of norepinephrine and dopamine on the body. These neurotransmitters increase the blood pressure and heart rate thereby constricting blood vessels. Concerta encourages a slow and steady increase of dopamine that recreates the natural production of the chemicals in the brain. This medication is designed to work very quickly and typically reaches the peak blood level within an hour if taking orally. 

Concerta works throughout the day, but the most beneficial effects are generally seen between five to nine hours after the initial dose. This medication is considered to be very useful for individuals who have ADHD due to the lack of requiring a second does throughout the day. Dosing guidelines typically suggest using this product early in the day due to its ability to affect the patient’s sleeping habits. Because it is an extended-release prescription, Concerta should not be crushed or snorted by individuals who wish to abuse it. Too much of this medication taken at one time can cause an overdose or other serious health complications. Typically, Concerta is eliminated from the body within the first 48 hours (2 days) after ingesting. 

Concerta for ADHD
What is Concerta

What is Concerta used for?

The most common uses for Concerta is as a treatment for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in adults and children over the age of six. However, it can also be prescribed for other off-label conditions such as for the treatment of depression, lethargy, and obesity if these conditions do not respond to other more traditional medications. 

ADHD is a commonly misunderstood condition that affects millions of Americans every day. While most individuals who have this disorder are diagnosed during their younger, school-age years, adults who were able to cope during their adolescence may not be diagnosed until later in life. ADHD often inhibits a person’s ability to concentrate or focus on activities that are not stimulating such as studying or complex projects. In addition, it can affect how the individual reacts with other people creating social issues that can lead to a negative self-image, anxiety or depression. 

Dopamine and norepinephrine are neurotransmitters or chemical messengers that help transmit signals in the brain. Because these transmitters cannot cross the blood-brain barrier, a precursor must be used to promote an increase in the natural production process within the body. Each chemical is responsible for specific functions that regulate how we react or feel during certain situations. Dopamine is responsible for sending the feelings of well-being and pleasure throughout your body. As well as helping to make us feel happy, dopamine can also help to control weight, boost energy levels and supports brain and heart health. Without dopamine, individuals would feel fat, unhappy and tired, a miserable place for anyone. 

Norepinephrine is another neurotransmitter whose primary function is to control rest cycles, alertness, and memory in the central nervous center. It is also responsible for our fight or flight response along with epinephrine. 

How does Concerta make you feel?

As long as patients are taking Concerta at therapeutic levels, they should experience a normal reaction to a new medication. Typically, doctors start a patient out at a relatively low dose, usually, 18 mg/day to see how they react. Most patients describe being able to feel differently within half an hour. Increased concentration and focus are generally felt until the evening when the medication begins to wear off. As the body becomes more accustomed to the lower dosages, your doctor may find it necessary to increase at small intervals to ensure the best results. Occasionally, medical professionals will ask the patient to discontinue Concerta to evaluate how the medication has affected your behavior. 

When used as prescribed, Concerta does not typically produce a high that other stimulates can and the risk of developing an addiction is low unless misused. However, individuals who break it apart and snort or inject this medication can become addicted due to the increased euphoria that such a large dose can cause. Unfortunately, those who abuse Concerta can also develop a tolerance to the drug’s stimulant action requiring larger doses to achieve the same effect as before potentially leading to an accidental overdose. Most often individuals who abuse Concerta do so for one of the following reasons:

  • Weight loss
  • Improvement in academic performance
  • To prevent falling asleep
  • To achieve a high similar to cocaine 

Additionally, repeated misuse of Concerta will cause changes in the brain and body as the physiologic processes adapt to the drug. Once individuals have abused it for an extended amount of time, sudden cessation of it can cause severe withdrawal symptoms as the body adjusts to yet another change. 

CONCERTA-prescription drug for ADHD
Who should not take CONCERTA

What are Concerta side effects?

Although Concerta has been approved for the treatment of children and adults ages six to sixty-five, there are side effects that could be seen. Below is a list of the most common side effects associated with Concerta use:

  • Decreased appetite
  • Dry mouth
  • Disruption in sleeping habits
  • Dizziness
  • Stomach ache
  • Increased sweating
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Anxiety
  • Weight loss
  • Irritability

Other more severe side effects can also occur. If any of these are noted, your physician may discontinue the use of Concerta. These conditions include the following:

  • Slow growth in children
  • Seizures
  • Priapism
  • Changes in vision
  • Blurred vision


Although Concerta can be an effective treatment for ADHD as well as other off-label conditions, patients should always use great care while taking it. If used properly, there is little chance that patients will become addicted. As with any medication that can be used for inappropriate reasons, Concerta capsules should be kept safely away from individuals who might be tempted to misuse them. If you have been diagnosed with ADHD and are not satisfied with your current treatment regime, talk to your doctor today about trying Concerta. 

EzCare Medical Appointment
EzCare Medical Appointment


In our busy and eventful lives, things do not always go the way we want them to. While one day seems like the very best day possible, the following day can bring about hardships we would not have considered the day before. It’s a natural cycle of ups and downs, and sometimes it feels as if the bad will never let us experience the good again. While this is not true, these bad experiences, especially if they seem to be happening all of the time, can make us think things will not be improving any time soon.

These drastic changes in our daily lives can sometimes lead to unforeseen changes in the way we act. Maybe before we could do our work just fine, but now we find ourselves too easily distracted. It’s possible you had shown signs of this before, but it never really made its presence known until now. All the stress you have received may also cause you to have an even greater amount of fatigue, the likes of which you are not accustomed to. You can find yourself showing the symptoms to disorders you didn’t think would affect you before, and this can be troubling if you don’t know what to do. Luckily, there are treatments for these sorts of symptoms that can be better understood with the help of a licensed doctor.

What Is Adderall

Feelings of inattention and fatigue are common for ADHD and narcolepsy. They may not seem to have much else in common, but they can both be treated with Adderall, an amphetamine that has proven to help many who suffer from these specific disorders and its symptoms. If you have ADHD, then you probably have trouble concentrating and standing still, with a craving for distraction that cannot be fulfilled. If you narcolepsy, then you are prone to falling asleep at all the wrong times, while also feeling severely tired a lot of the time. EZCare Clinic can help you better understand your symptoms by providing a proper evaluation, along with the best possible options for treatment.

ADHD and Narcolepsy treatment

What Is Adderall For


Working as a pure amphetamine, Adderall works with your brain to help it release dopamine from its reward center. But what is dopamine? It’s a neurotransmitter that keeps you focused; it likes to reside in the brain’s reward center. The reward center, which makes up the reward center, is where our motivation to do just about anything comes from. If you have ever felt the need to eat because you are hungry, it’s because the reward center in your brain is providing you some motivation. This is the same case for why you drink when you’re thirsty.

If you suffer from ADHD, you are likely to have low amounts of dopamine, which can make the brain much less focused than it should be. Dopamine usually helps keep the brain focused via its release, which in turn helps the reward center provide the motivation for doing things. What Adderall does is make its way to the brain center, locate the unmoving dopamine, and get it to connect with the brain’s receptors. In this way, dopamine is released; the amphetamine also makes sure that the dopamine doesn’t go anywhere so that it stays glued to the receptors.

Adderall has been able to produce many positive effects for those who suffer from ADHD and narcolepsy, from stronger focus to more energy. Those with the associated symptoms have been able to lead more regular lives thanks to the medication, which has allowed them the sense of normalcy their lives may not have had before. Amphetamines have also proven popular with college students, who often are under pressure and can have trouble focusing. Adderall has provided them a way to stay focused and more alert, thus improving their school and social lives.

Dextroamphetamine sulfate and amphetamine sulfate
Adderall – Prescription medicine

What Are Adderall Side Effects 

For all the positive effects that can come from taking Adderall, there are also less positive effects. Most notably, Adderall and similar amphetamines have proven to be highly addictive. Those who take Adderall are likely to report a very euphoric feeling from taking the drug, along with the greater concentration and awareness. This drug can end up being so good that those who take it refuse to keep their dosage low (which is what is recommended by doctors who prescribe Adderall). Due to being a legally prescribed drug, Adderall can be easy to abuse, since sometimes all a person has to do is ask their doctor for a refill or a greater dosage. All of this can lead to serious dependency problems; it can even lead to an overdose is much more serious cases.

If you are considering Adderall, be sure to keep in mind all the possible side-effects associated, which also include

  • Dry mouth
  • Insomnia
  • Blurred vision

Who Can Prescribe Adderall In San Francisco


If you are interested in getting prescribed Adderall, you must first be evaluated by a licensed doctor. Only a doctor licensed to prescribe you medication can legally prescribe you Adderall. The doctor in question will be able to assess your signs and symptoms and help you understand what they mean. From here, the possible options for how to treat your symptoms can be discussed, which can include prescription medication.

Clinics That Prescribe Adderall In San Francisco

EzCare Clinic can assist you in getting examined and approved for the use of medicated prescription drugs, such as Adderall. We have licensed physicians who can help you understand the related causes of ADHD and narcolepsy, as well as which medications work best and how much dosage is recommended. We understand that every person is different, which is why we take care to look at your individual needs for the best possible options.

In addition to ADHD and narcolepsy treatment, EzCare can assist you with different health problems such as weight loss, sexual dysfunction, anxiety, and even emotional support animal letters. If you want to schedule an appointment, call us at (415) 966-0848 or visit our appointments webpage. Get your prescription of Adderall from a licensed doctor today!

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EzCare Medical Appointment

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