Lexapro Vs Zoloft Comparison

  Most people are scared of psychiatric medication because of reasons like side effects and misconceptions about the drugs. However, studies have shown that psychiatric drugs are effective in treating and managing mental illnesses. They work by reducing psychotic symptoms, stabilizing mood, and relieving anxiety and its related symptoms.  If you or your loved one […]

Laziness or Depression

  Depression is one of the most discussed mental illnesses in present times. However, most people struggle to distinguish depression from laziness because they are closely interrelated. Laziness is often a symptom of something more significant, like depression– Click the button below to get such a significant mental disorder treated.   It is worth noting […]

  According to WHO statistics, depression is a common mental disorder affecting more than 264 million people worldwide. This severe mental illness is characterized by constant low mood levels and an equal loss of interest in pleasure. Common symptoms associated with depression include: Insomnia Loss of energy Poor concentration Fatigue Suicidal thoughts Get your symptoms […]

How Much Does Disability Pay for Depression?

  Mental health disorders affect millions of Americans. The Social Security Administration recognizes some mental health disorders such as severe depression as having the potential of causing long-term disability. When these conditions cause a disability, it’s difficult for the affected individuals to sustain employment.  You have more power over depression than you may think- Click below to […]