Normal panic differs from an anxiety disorder in the clinical manifestations and the length of an attack. When a person experiences an anxiety attack, they are unable to control thoughts of worry and the fear that engulfs them. These bouts of worry range from mild to extreme, and they interfere with a person’s ability to make decisions or carry out their daily activities. There are five major types of anxiety, which are:

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One way to note that a person is suffering from anxiety attacks is when they complain of never-ending worry. An individual who’s burdened with fear for over six months could be suffering from anxiety. Before you conclude that you or your loved one is anxious, consult a competent physician who’ll perform other tests to confirm your suspicion.

Symptoms of Anxiety

As is the case with other mental disorders, patients suffering from anxiety disorders usually exhibit several warning signs that alert their friends and family that they are suffering silently. Such symptoms include:

  • Agitation
  • Anxiety
  • Difficulty blending in social gatherings
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Panic Attacks
  • Phobias
  • Restlessness
  • Tension in the muscles
  • Worrying excessively

Some patients may also experience nausea, sweating, palpitations, and trembling, but this varies from one victim to another. Persons that suffer from anxiety may not want unsolicited intervention. Therefore, it is advisable to source for a qualified therapist or doctor to coax them to enroll in a plan to help them cope with their condition.

Interventions to Manage Anxiety

When you suffer from an anxiety disorder, you’ll feel like you’ve lost control each time the attack strikes. Thoughts race through your mind uncontrollably. Your body responds through clinical manifestations that may cause discomfort.


Symptoms of Anxiety


Even though you feel helpless, you can take the following steps to calm your nerves before visiting a doctor.

  • Take Deep Breaths

Deep breathes help reduce your heart rate, thus reducing your blood pressure. Normalizing your heartbeat helps to get rid of palpitations, sweating, trembling, and restlessness.

  • Take a Time Out

Panic attacks make you feel like things are moving too fast, and you’re unable to catch up. Taking a break, relaxes your nerves, and reduces tension.

  • Count to 10

Sometimes, you find yourself in a crowded place, and there is no room to exit. Stop, take a deep breath, and count to ten.

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  • Avoid Triggers

Whether it’s a person, place, meal, drink, or song, avoid situations that trigger an anxiety attack. Additionally, keep off items that are packed with caffeine and nicotine since they aggravate attacks.

  • Eat a Healthy, Balanced Diet

These attacks can drain the life out of you, so eat healthy meals, avoid skipping meals, and keep energizing snacks nearby.

  • Stay Positive

Rather than focus on what could go wrong, look at the brighter side of life. Look at all the things that are right and concentrate on them.

  • Avoid Perfectionism

One of the attributes that accentuate anxiety is trying to be perfect. Accept that you cannot be perfect, but do your best.

  • Talk to Someone

Anxiety disorder is a heavy burden to bear alone. When you’re feeling overwhelmed, talk to someone and allow them to walk the journey with you.

Besides these, you may need to visit a doctor and find medical help to alleviate the problem.

Nursing Care Plan for Ineffective Coping

You or your family will decide on a nursing care plan for anxiety if you feel that you fail to meet your expectations, and the results are wearing you down. The nurse needs to assess how bad the situation is, in order to know the interventions to make that are likely to bear fruit.

Ineffective coping manifests itself through:

  • Fear of failure
  • Situational crises
  • Maturational crises

Treatment of anxiety involves administering medication and other kinds of therapy. Some special cases demand that the nurse uses both interventions to treat the ailing person.

A nursing intervention helps you to recognize the factors that escalate anxiety, reinforce positive behaviors and thoughts, and help you to recognize and accept problems. The nurse will help you understand the emotional connection between the problems and how they make you anxious.

Your nurse will provide solutions to these problems and provide ways to help you implement the changes and cultivate new routines that you desire to establish.


Nursing Care Plan for Depression

Nursing Care Plan for Depression

A nursing care plan for depression comes in handy when the patient exhibits recurring clinical manifestations of the condition. Worthlessness, difficulty in thinking, lack of focus, fatigue, significant weight changes, changes in sleeping patterns, and agitation are some of the symptoms of this condition.

The nurse will run a few tests to diagnose depression. Three tests that your nurse needs to run before they confirm you’re suffering from depression are:

  • Beck Depression Inventory
  • Dexamethasone Suppression Test
  • Toxicology Screening

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If the results are positive, your nurse will recommend therapy, medication, and nursing interventions to help alleviate the situation.

EzCare Clinic provides anxiety care plans for patients who cannot cope with life stresses at competitive prices. We offer both therapy and integrated medicine as solutions to anxiety.

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crystals for stress and anxiety


Even though crystals are mainly used for fashion purposes, they have more to offer. These beautiful stones you might have seen people wearing with pride could play a huge role in eliminating energy blockages. They can also heal your mind and body. That’s strange, right? Before we tell you all about the crystals for stress relief and anxiety, click on the button below and eliminate anxiety from your life.

The culture of wearing crystals dates back to the Roman Empire’s ages. The discovery of the first crystals, which were confirmed to have been around for about 4.4 billion years, acted as proof that people have been wearing crystals for some time now. Today, a good number of people gravitate towards crystals due to their ability to positively influence their spirits and mood.

Who would have thought that this beautiful jewelry could effectively fight mental illnesses like anxiety? That’s why we have compiled this guide on some of the most amazing crystals. You only need to pick the piece that best fits your situation to start living an anxiety-free life.

Let’s get to talking about the different crystals for stress and anxiety and their benefits, before that take a quick look at the Table of Contents


1. Peridot (The Heart-Opening Stone)


Crystals for Anxiety
Benefits of Using Peridot

Estimated price:




Zodiac Sign:


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As an olive and greenish-colored stone, this crystal is well renowned for its effects in promoting personal strength and calmness. For people struggling with anxiety, Peridot can be quite influential in making them cool and calm in social situations and enhancing their confidence levels.

If you often have to deal with mood swings that can be linked back to your anxiety disorder, Peridot should be a go-to stone. Besides being calm-inducing, it alleviates nervousness, fear, and anger. Even better, you get to enjoy the beauty of the stone alongside its numerous benefits.

Here are some of the biggest benefits of using Peridot:

  • It increases energy
  • It protects the user from negative vibes
  • It promotes good luck
  • It brings affection and happiness to the user’s life
  • It creates a sense of trust in the user
  • It promotes emotional clarity
  • It is packed with nursing powers
  • It cures illnesses of the intestines, lungs, and breasts
  • It has great healing properties
  • It can help heal the user’s liver and gallbladder
  • It contains many more healing properties
  • It helps mend broken relationships


2. Rose Quartz


crystals for stress and anxiety
Benefits of Rose Quartz

Estimated price:




Zodiac sign:



If you are looking for a calming effect from your stones, Rose Quartz will be among your best options. Users can benefit from the “love yourself” vibes it promotes, which has made it one of the most effective stones in reassembling struggling or broken relationships.

For anxious people, it is common to feel like they are alone in the world and that no one loves them. Rose Quartz provides an ideal solution for people in such situations since it acts as a love and affection magnet. It is effective in allowing anxious users to heal themselves emotionally as they block those negative vibes that may affect their lives.

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Some of the benefits you should expect when using Rose Quartz are:

  • It unclogs the heart chakra
  • It helps relieve stress and anxiety
  • It is ideal for getting rid of toxic relationships
  • It helps people heal and move on from the end of their relationship and heartbreaks
  • It is powerful in restoring trust
  • It acts as a love magnet

So, if you aim to attract more love and compassion while steering clear of anxiety issues, Rose Quartz will be an ideal solution.

Considering how benefit-packed it is, the fact that it is a cheap alternative to gemstones makes it a preference for most people. However, some people would regard its price as a disadvantage, especially those who believe that high-value items should come with a high price tag. Feel free to go for it if this isn’t an issue for you.

Side note

Combining Rose Quartz with Amethyst can be quite helpful for anxiety patients. While the latter will help calm your mind, the former will ensure your heart is calm.


3. Hematite


Estimated price:




Zodiac sign:


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If you fancy black-colored outfits and jewelry, you will definitely be drawn to Hematite. This breathtaking stone is packed with multiple benefits. It can help you stay focused, calm your mind, and bring balance into your thoughts and life.

People battling anxiety are known to have a hard time focusing on single tasks. They worry about almost everything, from how people think of them to whether their plans will turn into reality- these are issues that Hematite can solve. The crystal is also quite effective in soaking negative energies.

Even better, it has many more benefits to offer. Some of these benefits are:

  • It helps improve blood flow regulation
  • It helps in fighting and curing anemia
  • It helps improve communication
  • It assists in nerve cell charge maintenance
  • It aids in relieving spinal issues and cramps
  • It aids in alleviating headaches and migraines


You need to remove the crystals when taking a shower as saltwater can interfere with its magnetic properties. As long as you can be careful with this aspect of the crystal, you can enjoy its benefits for a long time. Besides, it is among the most abundant crystals for stress and anxiety on earth.


crystals for stress and anxiety
Benefits of Hematite


4. Amethyst (Soul Stone)


Estimated price:




Zodiac Sign:



With its purplish tone, Amethyst is not only beautiful but also quite effective in stress and anxiety relief. In fact, some consider it the best stone for battling stress and anxiety. Its breathtaking properties make it an all-in-one crystal for anxiety.

Here are some of the biggest benefits you can enjoy while using this stone:

  • It mitigates irritability and fear
  • It helps with dealing with mood swings, which is a hallmark of anxiety disorder
  • It promotes a sense of justice
  • It assists in battling and overcoming sorrow
  • It reinforces your critical thinking capacity
  • It promotes sobriety
  • It possesses outstanding healing properties
  • It enhances introspective abilities

If you are looking for a stone to improve your spirituality, Amethyst is among the best options as it helps create spiritual awareness. The question is, when do you plan to buy one?

However, before you head to buy Amethyst, there is one precaution you need to know. This crystal, just like all other stones, may also possess secondary energy, which could lead to some side effects. For instance, you might start experiencing chest pain, abdomen swelling, breast pain, acne, dizziness, vomiting, nausea, water retention problems, and more. Whenever you choose to wear it, monitor yourself closely for related changes.

If you notice these side effects, take the crystal off immediately.

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5. Smoky Quartz (Stone Of Bravery)


Estimated price:



Root + Solar plexus

Zodiac sign:


Fear is among the main triggers of anxiety and is a feeling that anxiety patients have to constantly battle with. Since Smoky Quartz comes with the ability to make your life fear-free and jump-start your inner power, you will have little to be fearful of.

There is some truth to the myth that you can keep ill fate away by wearing this brownish-grey stone. It can help you go through problematic situations with a lot of courage. With its great relaxing effects, you can rely on it to help you manage stressful situations. Keeping negative emotions and thoughts at bay will be easier when using it.

Smoky Quartz is quite unique from other crystals. Are you aware of the most outstanding benefit of using Smoky Quartz?

It doesn’t come with side effects, making it tough for it to expose you to any trouble. If you feel inspired to manifest in your dreams, buying Smoky Quartz will lead you down the right path!


crystals for stress and anxiety
The Best Crystals for Your Zodiac Sign

6. Shungite


Estimated price:




Zodiac sign:

Isn’t limited to a specific sign


Shungite is highly effective in clearing all bad energies around its users. Most anxiety patients have to deal with emotional difficulties daily. Taking Shungite can help them deal with these struggles while introducing a ray of hope into their lives.

Besides unclogging positive energies, Shungite effectively keeps multiple diseases at bay. You can enjoy a wide variety of benefits from this crystal.

Some of these benefits are:

  • Water purification
  • Stress relief
  • Killing bacteria and viruses
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Reducing oxidative stress
  • Easing physical ailments
  • Controlling issues like asthma, allergies, kidney problems, and much more


While there is little scientific evidence to prove that Shungite will help in the above ways, most people have managed to observe these benefits over a long period of using it. Besides, it promises mental, spiritual, and physical benefits that could help elevate your life.

There are various ways you can use Shungite. You can use it through:

  • Wearing it as part of your jewelry to keep negative energy away
  • Hanging it in your bedroom to both improve sleep and help with stress relief
  • Carrying it in your pocket or bag to enjoy its healing properties

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7. Turquoise (Stone Of Vitality)


Estimated price:




Zodiac Sign:



crystals for stress and anxiety
Benefits of Turquoise


Commonly known as a birthstone of December, Turquoise is a great option for people looking to eliminate negativity from their life. This soothing stone comes with magical powers that can effectively calmer anxiety patients.

Turquoise is associated with calmness, freshness, wisdom, serenity, and more. When a person battling with anxiety keeps this stone around, they are bound to enjoy feeling calm and refreshed. The stone can also help uplift their mood by eliminating depleted feelings and thoughts.

This stone of purification and vitality has many benefits, which include:

  • Dispelling negative vibes
  • Helping to align the chakras
  • Helping to deal with depression
  • Mood stabilization for anxiety patients
  • Enhancing the immune system
  • Stimulating romantic relationships
  • Preventing panic attacks among anxiety patients
  • Stimulating tissue regeneration
  • Soothing sore throats and alleviating pain
  • Exposing the users to its great healing properties
  • Exposing the user to its detoxifying and anti-inflammatory properties


8. Green Calcite (The Feel Better Stone)


Estimated price:




Zodiac sign:


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medical condition
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Green calcites are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to alleviating negative emotions, anxiety, panic attacks, and more. They are quite famous as mental healers when it comes to creating very calming auras.

If you think that you are starting to grow into a person with rigid ideas and beliefs, and would love to get back some peace of mind, this is among the best stone options for you. People with anxiety are often caught up in rigid negative thoughts, which might complicate how easily they can achieve their goals.

Green calcites come packed with a bevy of benefits, including:

  • Boosting memory retention
  • Helping with the heart chakra
  • Improving the functions of the kidney
  • Stimulating and improving the immune system

Besides the benefits above, Green Calcites also promise their users a couple of spiritual benefits.

Some of these benefits you might be interested in knowing are these:

  • It promotes discernment
  • It clears the mind and calms it
  • It promotes emotional balance
  • It further enhances your cognitive and emotional abilities
  • It improves the connection between the mind, body, and soul and helps the mind and body remember the soul’s experiences.


9. Pink Mangano Calcite


Estimated price:




Zodiac sign:


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Most people are attracted to this stone due to its beauty. It features a unique pink color with whitish enclosures. It possesses great properties that promote happiness while bringing out an aura of affection.

Pink Mangano Calcite is a great option for anyone who is tired of their uncontrollable emotions. Even better, the stone is known to induce serenity into the user’s life, which can be pivotal in attracting all types of positive vibes. It changes how you visualize your life and can promote goodwill and relaxation.

If your anxiety often leads to you experiencing mood swings, this stone’s deep nurturing properties can help you become gentler. It will also bring quick relief to people struggling with emotional pain.

Pink Mangano Calcite has a lot of benefits, including:

  • Healing inner hurts
  • Helping people deal with spiritual and emotional traumas
  • Encouraging self-love and affection
  • It also comes with calming and soothing properties that can be beneficial to people battling anxiety.

Best Stone Combinations to Use with Pink Mangano Calcite

If you want to get more bang for your buck with regard to healing properties, you should consider pairing Pink Mangano Calcite with other beneficial stones. Some of the best stores to combine it with include:

  • Smoky Quartz
  • Bloodstone
  • Andalusite
  • Dravite
  • Amethyst
  • Rainbow Moonstone
  • Blue Lace Agate


10. Green Aventurine (The Stone Of Opportunity)


Estimated price:




 Zodiac Sign:



Disappointments and anxiety disorder feed off from each other, bringing forth cyclic events. While disappointments might lead to you feeling anxious, your anxiety could further lead to more disappointments. Green Aventurine is the right stone for you if you want to break this cycle. It comes packed with winning energy, which can be beneficial in helping its users manifest wealth and prosperity.

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This stone will attract good luck to your life with its appealing green characteristics. It will also help keep obstacles from blocking your success. If you often struggle to share your ideas with the public owing to your anxiety disorder, Green Aventurine can be an effective solution. It will help keep your anxiety at bay and give you the courage to speak out about all your problems. Besides making you feel more confident about yourself, it can help reduce your stress levels.

Green Aventurine has more to offer than helping you deal with an anxiety disorder.

You can enjoy a variety of benefits when wearing it, including:

  • Helping to protect you against pollution
  • Helping you overcome clumsy behavior
  • Healing different cardiac conditions
  • Promoting growth stimulation in teenagers, kids, and infants
  • Helping in battling common skin problems like acne
  • Keeping brutal temperaments at bay
  • Healing different cardiac conditions
  • Improving cognitive and intellectual abilities in people struggling with their studies
  • Fighting against illnesses related to eyesight, fertility, and many more

The list of benefits you can enjoy from this stone is endless- I can go on and on. Overall, it is essential to mention that it is among the best stones to use when looking to eliminate all the illnesses or negative energies around you. You can use it to make your life healthier, happier, and filled with love.


11. Chrysoprase


Estimated price:




 Zodiac Sign:



Chrysoprase is an ideal stone for anyone dealing with emotional illnesses and burdens, such as anxiety, depression, emotional stress, and anything related to them. It can encourage you to revamp how you currently visualize your life and form a positive perspective.


Crystals for Anxiety
Why Should You Cleanse Your Crystals?


If you feel that you direly need to emotionally reinvent your life, it is ample time for you to introduce Chrysoprase into your world. Instead of relying solely on various antidepressants, you can use this stone complementarily to help you deal with anxiety and depression.

Do you know what differentiates this stone from almost all other stones in this list?

It dates back to the time of Alexander the Great. He used to wear it due to the healing properties it comes with- it was his most beloved stone. Apart from its healing properties, you can wear it as a conversation starter. It is easy to flaunt its rich history to friends and family members.

Would you like to know how else Chrysoprase will help you out?

Some of its other benefits include:

  • Helping its users attract love
  • Soothing the nervous system
  • Promoting good vibes
  • Helping people who are struggling with heartbreak and loneliness overcome them
  • Boosting blood circulation in the body


12. Sodalite (Poet’s Stone)


Estimated price:




Zodiac sign:



Is your anxiety impairing your efforts to communicate confidently? You can always count on Sodalite to come to your rescue. Besides helping improve your communication, Sodalite also comes packed with healing properties.

If you often get mood swings due to your anxiety, these mood swings could, in turn, lead to you feeling cranky and running into arguments. Using this stone could help you nip this issue in the bud.

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The blue-and-white stone has a bevy of benefits to offer.

Some of these benefits are:

  • It improves the immune and metabolic system
  • It encourages emotional balance in its user’s life
  • It promotes rational thinking and emotional response
  • It encourages emotions of love
  • It can change your perspective of life by promoting self-love and acceptance
  • It helps make it easier to voice your feelings and ideas
  • It improves the user’s cognitive and learning abilities
  • It helps reduce panic attacks among anxiety patients
  • It can help heal digestive system issues, diabetes, insomnia, cancer, and more
  • It helps fight against calcium deficiencies


What Stones Can You Combine Sodalite With?

Now that you are well-aware of the benefits of Sodalite, it is essential to learn about the best stone combinations to enjoy even more benefits. Some of the best stones to combine it with are:

  • Lolita
  • Blue Sapphire
  • Kammererite
  • Mook Jasper
  • Dumortierite


13. Opal (A Fusion Of Amethyst And Pearl)


Estimated Price:

$30 – 1500




Taurus & Libra

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Opal is the best option for people who are easily distressed or emotional. It can help bring tranquility to their lives.

It’s considered among the best stones for people dealing with anxiety owing to its intense and great spiritual energy. Besides improving the user’s creativity, this energy can help them develop a brighter perspective on life.

You can also benefit from using it in the following ways:

  • It will fill your life with luxury
  • It can help couples in troubled marriages stabilize their relationship
  • It can fill your life with strength and passion
  • It can help inspire love into your life
  • It promotes art and creativity

If you are struggling with any of the issues named in the above list, you should consider getting yourself Opal-based jewelry. Most preferably, look for a ring studded with Opal. Besides enjoying this stone’s appealing characteristics, using it will heal your soul as you get to enjoy its other benefits.

You can enjoy the benefits this stone has to offer in various ways, from wearing it as part of your accessories to carrying it in your bag or pocket.


14. Tiger Eye


Estimated price:



Root, Solar Plexus, Sacral

 Zodiac sign:



Focusing on a single task is often a struggle for people struggling with anxiety. Their minds easily wander off. Since the Tiger Eye stone has the ability to clear your mind and help you focus, you can eliminate this problem from your life in folds. It can also bring clarity into your way of thinking, which is highly sought after by people struggling with anxiety.

Tiger Eye comes with many more benefits, including the ability to:

  • Enhance focus
  • Promote clarity and peace of mind
  • Attract good luck
  • Dispel anxiety and fear
  • Keep negative vibes at bay

A Note For Capricornians:

If your zodiac sign is Capricorn, you should avoid Blue Tiger stone as it might mess with your peace. It could easily spoil your career and give you nightmares. If you are an anxious Capricornian, look for other stones to help you cool down.


crystals for stress and anxiety
What Happens When You Place The New Crystal Under The Full Moon

15. Kunzite (Stone Of Emotion)


Estimated price:



Throat and Third eye

Zodiac sign:

Taurus, Scorpio, and Leo


This stone that comes in pink and violet tones, effectively helps its users manage anxiety. Regardless of whether you are experiencing mild or severe anxiety, you can always rely on it.

If you are an anxious patient, it will be common for you to feel scared and borderline paranoid most of the time. These feelings might make it tough for you to live your life peacefully or thrive in social settings. Using Kunzite, you can enjoy more control over your inner confidence and build your life with a completely new perspective.

Bonus tip: If you are ever experiencing the feeling of vulnerability and think that you need some form of protection, you should consider wearing Kunzite. It will work wonders.

Kunzite comes with many more benefits that you ought to know about.

Some of its other benefits include:

  • Boosting the circulatory system
  • Strengthening the heart muscles
  • Helping you fight off addictions
  • Helping you fight anxiety and depression


16. Larimar (Stone Of Relaxation)


Estimated price:



Heart, Third Eye, Throat, and Crown

Zodiac sign:


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If you are constantly battling anxiety and anger and would like some soothing sensation in your life, then Larimar is among the best options for you. This beautiful sky blue with white marbling stone has exemplary properties that will help mold your life by keeping all the negative energy and emotions from you.

Since it supports throat chakras, it can be quite helpful among people whose anxiety complicates their communication abilities. If you often struggle to communicate in fully-packed social engagements, Larimar is the best option for you.

The fact that it is benefit-packed makes this stone worth its high cost. Whenever you feel like your anxiety is getting out of control and that all your efforts have been futile, feel free to try Larimar- you will notice the difference.

Larimar has more benefits in store than just helping you deal with your anxiety.

Some of these benefits include:

  • Promoting clarity of mind
  • Balancing your energy
  • Promoting emotional and spiritual enlightenment
  • Exposing you to healing radiations
  • Stimulating your crown, throat, and heart, among other chakras
  • Helping you achieve peace of mind

It Is Important To Note That:

If you have any plans to use Larimar stone, avoid over-exposing it to sunlight since this will lead to it fading. If you wouldn’t want to lose your stone’s integrity, you ought to take this precaution seriously.


crystals for stress and anxiety
Benefits of Larimar

17. Ocean Jasper


Estimated price:




Zodiac sign:

Leo and Aquarius

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Anxiety has a way of dimming even the brightest of lives. If anxiety has stolen the light from your life, then you can brighten it up with the help of Ocean jasper.

This stone is ideal for people battling depression and anxiety, among other related mental struggles. Other than dispelling the negativity around you, it can ensure that you live in a happy and healthy atmosphere.

Ocean Jasper has a benefit for everyone, regardless of whether you are struggling with anxiety or not.

Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy from using the stone:

  • It can bring joy into your life
  • It can help you remain focused and centered, which can be vital in fighting against anxiety
  • You can enjoy its abundant grounding and nourishing effects
  • It can help you meditate and make the most from your meditation sessions

Knowing the best crystal for your anxiety and other symptoms is only the first step in making the best use of them. Different crystals come with different care needs for you to optimize them. However, some of these care needs are universal among most crystals.

Here are tips on how to pick a crystal from our long list of crystals and cleanse it effectively:


What’s The Best Way To Handpick Your Crystal?

Anxiety can paralyze you from doing common things, like socializing or achieving your goals. Whenever you start feeling like anxiety is taking over and complicating your life to an uncontrollable extent, consider crystals to help with anxiety and stress as an option. Be sure to look for a stone that will control your particular symptoms.

There is a wide variety of crystals that can help you get the relief you need from anxiety and stress. Take your time to assess your different options. Once you have gone through a list of suitable solutions, choose a crystal that will best fit your situation.

You immediately choose and take the crystal for a test run for several days. You should take note of any difference it makes in your life. If you feel that the crystal is worsening your anxiety symptoms instead of improving them, get rid of it.

You can then choose another stone. While getting the ideal stone will take some trial and error, you will get to enjoy its benefits for a long time once you find it.


Crystals for anxiety
What’s The Best Way To Handpick Your Crystal?

How Should You Cleanse Your Crystals?

Every time you buy a new crystal, ensure that you cleanse it. Different people are bound to have interacted with the crystal. Whenever someone touches the crystal, they leave an imprint of their energies on the stones. These energies can either be good or bad- there is no need to roll the dice. Cleansing the crystals ensures that you can get rid of all the energy that got imprinted on the crystals before you got to use them.

If you fail to cleanse the crystal, you could end up taking up these energies. In case the energies on the stones are bad, the stones will end up causing more harm than good. You might have picked the ideal stone, but with bad energies.

Here are a few tips to help you cleanse your crystals optimally:

  • Use Other Stones

Some stones are known for their purification properties. Some great examples of this include Hematite, onyx, and Clear Quartz. You only need to stack these purification stones on top of your new stones for a while.

  • Use Running Water

Water can be quite effective in neutralizing any type of energy stored within your new crystal. Simply wash your crystal thoroughly under running water.

  • Bury The Crystal In The Soil

You can also get rid of any energy your crystal has retained by burying it in the soil. Ideally, the earth has Quartz, whose purification properties we have already discussed. As such, the crystals will absorb all energies stored in your crystal, turning it into a pure stone.

  • Place The New Crystal Under The Full Moon

Placing your crystal under the full moon will help drain it from any energy it has been retaining. This strategy could also help your crystal absorb lunar energy, which is known to be quite refreshing.

  • Use Sea Salt

Washing your new crystal in sea salt and water can be an ideal way of ridding it of negative energy. However, you should stay away from sea salt if you have a brittle stone. If you do wash a brittle stone with sea salt, it is easy for the sea salt to fill the holes of the stone, which could change the stone’s integrity. For instance, it isn’t ideal to cleanse a stone like Hematite using this method.

Once you finish cleansing your stone with sea salt, leave it underwater overnight. Feel free to add other cleansers like basil for a much better effect.

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The crystal you choose to wear around you can completely revamp your life. If you pick the perfect one for you, you can eliminate the negativity around your life and change it for good.

The mere fact that you are wearing crystals means that you are keeping yourself safe from depression, anxiety, and many ailments, which might have complicated how you live your life.

What are you waiting for? Nothing should stop you from picking the perfect crystal to help you fight your illness and bring peace into your life.

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Many people worldwide, let alone the US, struggle with silent conditions such as depression, anxiety, phobias, and PTSD. And while these conditions can take a toll on someone physically and mentally, they often go unnoticed. To this effect, the severity of these conditions intensifies, and when left untreated, could lead to the loss of life.

There are multiple medical approaches to treat these conditions, or at least alleviate the associated symptoms. But from the list of approved medication, some have side-effects that complicate things.

As such, doctors look for alternative methods to better help their patients deal with their symptoms. One of the recommended approaches is to have an Emotional Support Animal (ESA).

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What Do Emotional Support Animals Do?

Professional counselors are now looking for ways to improve their patients’ lives. And after the US Department of Housing and Urban Development started recognizing the role of Emotional Support Animals, they have become a regular prescription to mental health patients.

So, what exactly are ESAs, and what do they do?

Airlines, colleges, and housing owners let their clients have pets on their property. Even so, there has been considerable debate centering on whether these animals are necessary—with some sections of the population considering the animals a nuisance. Do you need an Emotional Support Animal to travel on a plane? What do they do exactly? Which species can you use as your ESA comfortably?

Let’s try to answer some of these questions today!

What Is an ESA?

An Emotional Support Animal is no ordinary pet. Well, they are not pets per se, but you can pet, cuddle, groom, and care for them like regular pets. The main difference lies in their role. These animals provide therapeutic benefits to people diagnosed with disabilities.


Which Roles Do ESAs Play?


But unlike service animals, Emotional Support Animals do not undergo any special training to equip them for their role.

Which Roles Do ESAs Play?

Research has shown that animals could play a crucial role in patients’ healing process with certain psychological conditions. And although we are far from concluding their full potential in benefiting patients with PTSD and overall stress, ESAs are proving their worth as a complementary treatment plan.

Emotional Support Animals provide emotional support and companionship to patients with psychological disorders. These therapeutic benefits offered then help patients alleviate their symptoms. By their actions and natural habits, ESAs can help patients to:

  • Relieve depression
  • Reduce stress-induced pain
  • Reduce anxiety

How Do ESAs Help Patients Recover?

You might think that since animals do not speak, they might not empathize with your emotions. However, that is not always the case. Animals like attention, and they respond in-kind to their handlers.

Combining an animal that likes being taken care of with someone who needs extra physical companionship and unconditional affection is a helpful move.

According to research, mental health patients who take care of animals show better improvement, such as:

  • Normalized heart rate
  • Reduced depression
  • Less anxiety and loneliness
  • More relaxation
  • Normal blood pressure

All these results happen when they pet or hold the pets. Now, imagine if you can carry your pet everywhere and have them as your permanent companion.

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Emotional Support Skills Offered By ESAs

Have you ever interacted with a patient struggling with anxiety concerns, and the person attending to them asks them to focus on their breathing? The concept is to help them concentrate on something other than what is triggering their reactions.

And that is what Emotional Support Animals do for you, full time. Now, how do Emotional Support Animals help you recover?

  • They offer beneficial long-term affection and companionship that kicks out the loneliness.
  • Also, taking care of ESAs provides a sense of responsibility to patients, making them feel needed and important.
  • As mentioned, focusing on the care and upbringing of an ESA helps mental health patients draw attention from the triggers causing their anxiety or stress.

What Kind of Emotional Support Can ESAs Offer?

Caring for an ESA involves many activities, like taking walks and playing at the park or on the lawn. These physical activities play a crucial role in the healing process of mental health patients.

Generally, having to take care of an ESA boosts positivity and creates a sense of purpose.

The existence of ESAs goes beyond collars, red vests, and travel bans. They play a significant role in helping patients, and in a country where 18% of the population have anxiety and depression, you should not take the role of ESAs lightly.


Proven Health Benefits of ESAs?


As part of their emotional support skills, they can be helpful in the following ways:

  • Holding and petting your ESA has proven to increase dopamine and other neurochemicals that increase your capacity to love and lower your chances of depression.
  • If you are anxious on a plane, focusing on your ESA helps you shift your focus on something other than the plane taking off or landing.
  • ESAs are being integrated into other treatment plans, such as behavioral therapy, and the techniques seem to be working.
  • If you want to receive unconditional love and feel connected, then ESAs are perfect for that.
  • Dealing with each day as it comes is one of the mantras people live by, and an ESA helps you achieve that. They help you regulate your emotions and handle each day better.
  • ESAs also offer social support- if you think of your ESA as a family member, you are in good hands. The animal serves the role of social well-being as good as any other person.
  • Finally, if you are under intense emotional distress, having an ESA could help you relieve these feelings without going into a frenzy.


While they may be tiny animals covered in fur, Emotional Support Animals play a huge role in treating medical conditions. By being there, offering unconditional attention and companionship, day and night, you might find yourself benefitting a lot from having an ESA.

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The benefits of having an ESA as a mental health patient are clear from above. However, not everyone promising to help you get one is legit. At EZCare Clinic, we help you get a legitimate Emotional Support Animal letter from a licensed mental health professional in your state.

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