Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD)

Easy to find birth control methods

  According to the World Health Organization, out of 1.9 billion women of the ages 15 – 49 years, 1.1 billion of them require family planning. Eight hundred forty-two million use contraceptives, but around 270 million are struggling to meet their contraception needs. Could you be one of them? No need to fret; in this article, […]

  The desire for birth control is almost as old as human history. During the Stone Age and Iron Age, humankind did not find any connection between intercourse and a child’s birth. They believed that a child was born out of the will of the gods. However, as humanity began to understand biological processes, he came […]

From the beginning of time man has been plagued with epidemics associated with sexual conduct although the public perception has changed somewhat over time. Reportedly mentioned in the Old Testament, diseases of this nature were considered to be an individual’s punishment for immoral sins. However, due to advancements in microbiology and chemistry in the late […]