How to Get Birth Control Free or at Cheaper Rates?

Birth Control Methods at Low Prices


Despite knowing about contraceptives, many women deal with unplanned pregnancies because they either do not have access to birth control or cannot afford these treatments. There are many birth control methods from pills to condoms, making you spoilt for choice when seeking affordable or free contraceptives. Here are a few tips on how to get birth control for free or at a low price.

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Health Insurance

The Affordable Care Act is a blessing for many people who find investing in birth control expensive. Because of this Act, many insurance plans in the US must include FDA approved forms of birth control. This ensures that patients do not pay a dime to get this medication.

However, some employers like religious houses are exempt from this rule. It is also essential for you to determine the brand of your birth control method. Some brands are not covered by the FDA. The best way to decide whether or not you qualify for free birth control is to inquire from your insurance provider. The FDA has approved 18 birth control methods, which should be covered by insurance plans.


Generic Treatment

If you cannot afford a specific brand of birth control pills, you can opt for that pill’s generic version. Generic drugs go for lower prices than their brand-name counterparts. They also have the same efficacy as original brands.

A good example is the price of Ortho Tri-Cyclen versus the cost of TriNessa. The price difference between the original brand Tri-Cyclen and the generic version is quite significant. Since generic drugs are made the same way as brand-name drugs, you can make huge savings by using them instead of the original versions.


Free Birth Control
How to get birth control at cheaper rates?



Some people do not like injections or taking pills, and may not favor long-term commitment to contraceptives. In this case, the best alternative to cheap or free birth control is a condom. While you can get condoms at a relatively lower cost than other birth control treatments, you can also get them for free.

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While this may be a last resort, it is better than having unprotected sexual intercourse. There are many Planned Parenthood locations and community health centers that provide free condoms. You can also search online for centers where you can access free condoms.


Go Long-Term

While paying for an intrauterine device may be expensive when you consider raising the amount upfront, it is cheap in the long run. This is because the treatment lasts longer, and you will not have to spend money regularly to update the procedure. The treatment lasts a few years, which is longer than birth control pills, patches, and other short-term contraceptives.

When you work out the cost of an IUD versus prevention pills, you will find that an IUD is cheaper. For example, the average price for an IUD is between $300 and $400, and it could last up to five years. The average pack of prevention pills is $10 per month. Therefore, by the third year, your IUD’s cost will have balanced out with the cost of taking prevention pills for three years. This translates to a two-year bonus of free birth control treatment.


Compare Prices and Buy In Bulk

It is important to shop around and compare the prices for birth control medication. For example, you will get birth control treatment at lower prices at Planned Parenthood than in your local drug store. Therefore, the place where you buy your birth control could make a huge difference.

You can also make huge savings on birth control treatment by buying in bulk. Ask your physician to give you a three-month prescription. If you take the drugs daily, you will find buying in bulk cheaper because it will reduce the prescription’s total cost.


Prices of birth control
Birth Control Facts


Coupons and Discounts

Many manufacturers offer rebates and coupons to lower the price of birth control. You can find these coupons online. You can also inquire from your physician about rebates.

Another way to cut the cost for birth control medication is by utilizing independent prescription discount cards. These cards are available online at no cost. All you have to do is look for suppliers offering these discounts. Next, print the discount cards online and use them to get discounts on prescriptions at your local pharmacy.

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Many people worldwide have warmed up to the use of contraceptives to prevent pregnancy. The use of contraceptives has significant benefits for women, especially regarding the symptoms of their menstrual periods, it also reduces the rate of child deaths, among other things. One of the challenges that many couples face is finding affordable birth control treatment.

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