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You are most likely aware that the evolution of cryptocurrency has impacted the financial sector. Unlike conventional transaction methods, crypto trading has revolutionized the lives of many people globally. It is because the process is convenient and reliable, regardless of where you are. Even so, there is a concern that crypto trading might be addictive, thus posing a risk for mental health problems. While you might have questions regarding this notion, it is advisable to always get your facts right from a crypto professional also known as Crypto Wendy O.

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Wendy O:
Wendy O; is one of the crypto experts who have garnered a broad range of experience in crypto trading. Her interest in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency evolved back in 2017. According to her findings, blockchain technology would transform the financial industry and the overall quality of living. After discovering the incredible advantages of blockchain technology, Wendy saw a bright future ahead and became a full-time crypto investor.

She has devoted herself to providing blockchain businesses with media and marketing transparency solutions. Additionally, Wendy has taken the initiative of educating crypto enthusiasts by holding one-on-one meetings. Thus, the amazing crypto lady seeks to clarify concerns revolving around crypto investments, including impacting individuals and mental health. If you’re a crypto enthusiast seeking answers on the effects of blockchain technology on your mental health, look no further. Wendy O; thrives on educating and addressing concerns on crypto trading about wendy o.



Tell us your story. Why did you choose crypto currency and blockchain as a career?

Prior to being full time crypto I worked in infectious disease for 7 years servicing HIV/AIDS clients, I had a caseload of 200-300 patients per month. I quit my job to finish school and care for my newborn and found crypto around the same time. I didn’t plan to work in crypto but started to find opportunities. These opportunities were provided as I started to gain a following on social media. I started to post my charts as I was learning to trade, and people liked my content. I then noticed there was a lack of social networking events and I wanted to meet more people in the space. So I created and hosted my own. From there I became known to include everyone and create a fun place for networking and learning and began getting opportunities to work and create in crypto.

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What are the skills that are most important for a position in this field?

Being fearless. Crypto and blockchain is an incredibly young industry and essentially a free market. There are not set guidelines or folks to follow, we are really writing history on a daily basis. If you want something or see a void create it. Take your skills from previous experiences and apply them to your heart’s desires.


Keeping the cryptocurrency business intact can be stressful? Does this profession affect your mental peace?

It sure does. Crypto is a global industry and I work around the clock for my clients. When Asia, New York, UK or India wakes up I do too. Also because of my experience in healthcare I am used to dealing with many different types of folks and cultures so that helps me be patient and understanding with my clients and also how to get creative.

As far as mental health, it can be taxing as social media can be a lot at times with the trolls. If someone doesn’t like you they let you know and some of the things I have endured while working in the space I wouldn’t wish on anyone, but I have to remember to be strong and ignore it. This is not my first rodeo going against the grain and being strong.


How do you deal with the ferocity of frustration in your field?

It’s easier said than done but I set boundaries. It’s something still very new to me, but setting designated boundaries and time I allow others helps me stay strong, without boundaries I would struggle more so.
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Our audience would love to know three quick tips to improve mental wellness when dealing with Cryptocurrencies?

This is a great question.

  1. If you are trading or investing, set goals and boundaries and stick with. Know yourself, your emotions and risk and follow it strictly.
  2. Meditation or positive thinking. Wake up every morning and find something to be grateful for even if its that you have 2 feet or can breathe on your own. Life is hard, but there is something to be thankful for no matter how bad it gets.
  3. Exercise. I love martial arts and boxing, it is the place I feel at peace. Find an activity you enjoy and set a schedule to do it! Even if it’s waking up and doing 10 pushups or 10 squats. Get the blood flowing and boost those endorphins, I can’t begin to describe how much it will improve your quality of life.

Lastly, to those reading this, know you matter, and you are worth it. I know you all accomplish your dreams and goals and don’t forget to smile at someone today.

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