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We wrote an review for customers that have or are in contact with this company. Designating your pet as an emotional support animal is a beneficial endeavor that allows you to take your pet with you in the cabin of airplanes and live with you no matter what the pet policies are in your housing development. Those who have mental or emotional disorders who find comfort from their pets can qualify for ESA letters that will allow them to experience these and possibly other benefits.

If you are interested in an ESA letter, you must go to a legitimate business such as EzCare Medical Clinic to get your letter. Sites like are scam businesses that will take your money and not provide you with a valid letter. Here is more information on this business and why it is fraudulent.

What is claims to be ‘The Official ESA Registration of America’. However, there is no actual registration that is recognized in the United States. Pet owners Reviews

qualify for ESA letters, not the animals themselves. Even the name of the site indicates that it is a scam. The site also states they have ‘joined forces’ with a team of mental health professionals, but it’s not stated who they are or that you will actually speak with them. 

EzCare Medical Clinic will never claim to register your pet. We focus only on valid ESA letters written by physicians and LMHPs who have spoken with you in person or via telehealth.

Is Legit?

When you know what to look for, it’s easy to determine that this site is not legitimate. There is no physical location listed on the site, nor is there a phone number to call with questions. Clinics providing ESA letters must have a physical location where their physicians and LMHPs work. At EzCare Clinic, we make our phone number and location easy to find and validate.

With their ‘packages’, includes a listing in their database. They also claim that you can register your animal for free. Again, there are no registrations or databases for ESAs. You as the owner qualify for the ESA letter and it can be used for multiple pets. This indicates the site is a scam. The fact that it is never stated that you will speak with a physician or LMHP is further indication that is not a legitimate service.

At EzCare Clinic, we offer valid ESA letters written by licensed physicians and LMHPs who speak to you in person to qualify you. We have a physical location and a phone number where you can reach our staff with questions or concerns. We also offer additional services to our clients who are experiencing a mental or emotional health disorder. We do not want you to get scammed by a business that only wants to take your money and that will provide you with a letter that will not stand up when examined. Choose a legitimate company like EzCare Clinic to ensure you can keep your valued pet with you in your home and when you travel on airlines.

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