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Emotional Support Animal Letter from Reviews


Emotional Support Animal Letter from

Our qualified physicians and support personnel at EzCare Medical Clinic know that a treasured pet can be much more than a simple companion. They can often provide beneficial therapy to those who are suffering from a mental or emotional disorder such as anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, or bipolar disorder. If you suffer from one of these or a similar condition and have a pet that provides you with comfort and companionship, you should look into getting a letter to signify they are Emotional Support Animals. This will allow you to live with your pet in any housing situation and will also allow you to keep your animal with you in the cabin of an airplane when you travel. With a legitimate ESA letter, you will not be charged any extra fees by the airline or your landlord for keeping your pet with you.

While EzCare Medical Clinic provides a legitimate ESA letter written by qualified physicians, there are many scam sites that aim to take advantage of those with mental or emotional disorders. Sites like are not legitimate and will not provide you with a valid ESA letter. Here is what we found out about the site when we looked more deeply into it.

What is USDogRegistry?

USDogRegistry is a scam site that claims to offer ESA letters and ‘kits’ as well as registration and kits for service dogs and therapy dogs. The mere fact that the site claims they can ‘register’ your emotional support animal is a red flag. There is no official registration for ESAs and you are not required to register your pet. ESA letters are written for the owners, not for the specific pets, and registration does not exist.

EzCare Medical Clinic never claims to ‘register’ your ESA. We simply provide legitimate ESA letter written by qualified healthcare professionals who have interviewed you either in person or through our telehealth system.

Is USDogRegistry Legit?

There are numerous red flags indicating that this site is not legitimate. There is no physical address listed anywhere on the site, which is a violation of the law. In addition, there are no phone numbers to call with questions. At EzCare Clinic, we put our physical location and phone number in a prominent area on our website so that clients can easily get a hold of us if they have questions or concerns. Also, your ESA clinic should be able to provide you with legal information regarding their medical practice. At EzCare Medical Clinic, we are licensed by the Medical Board of California and here is our license:

Emotional support animal legit ESA clinic

In addition, it is never stated anywhere on their site that you will speak with a licensed physician or LMHP to get your ESA letter online. You must speak with one of these individuals for your ESA letter to be legitimate. The site also claims in numerous places to register your ESA, even going so far as to say you can check your dog’s status 24 hours a day on the US Animal Registry’s site. There is no legitimate site that registers ESAs. USDogRegistry site also states that registration lasts the life of the dog. Again, Emotional Support Animal letters are written for patients, not for the specific pets, so this is another red flag. Finally, there are no prices listed on the website. It’s assumed that you will actually have to complete the ‘registration’ process before you know what you will spend on your order.

Sites like are scams. Know how to look for red flags, read reviews online so you can get your legitimate ESA letter from qualified clinics like EzCare Clinic.

US DOG Registry Unlicensed Practice of Medicine

Literally, you are not buying a letter, you are getting a consultation with a licensed doctor and receiving a prescription afterward. In order to get this prescription, you have to speak with a licensed MD via telehealth or in-person. The name of the doctor or the clinic should be available on the website so anyone can verify it with the Medical Board or the State Agency. It might be considered as an Unlicensed Practice of Medicine if someone is hiding their name.

To verify a clinic as a legitimate medical service, you can visit the Medical Board website in your state( California: From there, you type in the name “USDOGREGISTRY” and would see the license number but that is not the case and no information is found. The only conclusion we can make is that this service is trying to make us believe they are real doctors, which we were unable to verify with the Medical Board. Verify the doctor or clinic before using any service!

USDogRegistry Reviews.

There are numerous reviews people sharing about this company. You will need some time to go thru all reviews but it is important to do so before paying any money to the unknown company.

Here is the easiest way to do that, just search google for “ reviews” or “ scam” or “ complaints“.

Read Reviews for EzCare Medical Clinic.

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Emotional Support Animal Letter from

Emotional Support Animal Letter from Review

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