Yes! We are in San Jose! We provide legitimate Emotional Support Animal letters from licensed mental health physicians in your city.
What is an Emotional Support Animal? An emotional support animal letter is a document provided to you by a licensed therapist or mental health physician that indicates that your pet is part of a treatment program for your mental health or emotional disability. The ESA letter provides various of benefits for the individual with the disability. In order to obtain an ESA certificate, a licensed therapist or mental health professional will evaluate you and determine if You meet the criteria of a disability – whether it be physical, psychiatric, or mental. An ESA pet proves to reduce anxiety, loneliness, stress, and various other symptoms as well as mitigate day-to-day life activities. An Emotional Support Animal document also allows access to airline cabins and pet restricted housing without extra fees and/or deposits. The professional staff at EZCareClinic is dedicated to providing San Jose patients with legitimate services as well as a comfortable, non-judgmental environment for their patients.

Walk-In Patients Accepted in San Jose
Your needs matter to us, that is why we aim to provide the best medical care possible. We are established in San Francisco and serving all California, both walk-ins and online ESA patients are welcome. However, we strongly encourage you to schedule an appointment to help us provide the best medical care you deserve. Please keep in mind that our ESA doctors are available on Saturday and Sunday and appointments are not needed but they are encouraged.


Secure video chat with MD. No auto-approvals


100% Refund if not accepted by Airline


We are available 7 days 9 am- 9 pm


Same day appointments are available during business hours. Online ESA letters are legit only after a telehealth visit with a licensed MD.


(415) 966-0848



For all residents of San Jose, we provide 12/7 support. On the bottom of each page find a chat button to ask any question. Call EZCare Clinic in California at (415) 966-0848 or schedule an appointment online to start the process and receive a legally valid and legit emotional support animal documentation from a licensed California ESA doctor. We’re open 7 days a week, 11 am to 7 pm, same day appointments are regularly available! Get Your Emotional support Animal Letter Online Today!


EzCare Medical Clinic Business Medical LicenseEZCare Medical Clinic is an actual walk-in clinic in California, with a headquarter in San Francisco. We at EZCare take care of both local and remote patients for a wide range of medical problems. Our physicians are proficient in a variety of services ranging from anxiety to ADHD, sexual dysfunction and overall male and female health. Our staff consists of physicians licensed to practice in the State of California. We’re capable of providing online ESA letters for all cities in 50 states including San Jose.

Benefits of ESA Letters

San Jose patients who have obtained an Emotional Support Animal Letter report positive benefits both mentally and financially. The benefits of ESA treatment is to reduce the levels of stress, anxiety, and solitariness. Financially, an ESA Certificate can save you out of pocket charges for your beloved pet. Landlords can’t charge pet fees nor ask for pet deposits for housing.  Another benefit is that Airlines have to allow an ESA pet to fly in the Cabin without charging a pet travel fee.

Issues San Jose Pet Owners Face


Travelers were refused to fly with their pets by airlines carriers


A one-way ticket for an airline-compliant animal carrier to fly with your pet


Monthly rent for your pet


SJ residents find it difficult to find a pet-friendly rental property

Cost of an Emotional Support Animal Letter in San Jose



San Jose residents can get one letter for housing or airlines.



For Housing and Airlines, 12-month support, unlimited ESA documentation revisions, additional paperwork for free, low-cost annual renewals.



San Jose patients ESA online renewal package. Full package included.

#1 ESA Pet in San Jose


Majority of our ESA patients from San Jose own dogs. Without dogs, we feel lonely. They don’t just fill the heart, they’re with you to make it stronger!

#2 ESA Pet


Hey Dogs! You will not hold first place for a long time! Cats are very close. San Jose patients prefer to have more than one ESA cat at home to relieve stress.

#3 ESA Pet


Some patients might end up with a different ESA animal, and that is totally fine! Individuals could be accompanied by snakes, chickens, ducks and even ESA pigs. San Jose patients choose Rabbits. Why? Because rabbits are hilarious and turns your frown, upside down 🙂

ESA Letter Coupons and Promo Codes in SJ

All residents of San Jose can apply this promo code at the bottom of the ESA application

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