How Difficult is it to Get an ESA Letter?

Emotional Support Animal

If you have an emotional or mental condition, you may already realize that the presence of a cherished pet can have a therapeutic effect. Many healthcare providers also recognize this fact, which is why it is now possible to get a letter to designate your pet as an Emotional Support Animal. If you possess a legitimate ESA letter, your pet will be able to travel with you on airlines in the cabin with no added fees and they will also be able to live with you in housing that may not otherwise accept pets.

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Though ESAs are not specially trained like Service Animals and therefore do not experience all the same benefits, they can still be highly valuable in your treatment plan. It’s worth looking into getting an ESA letter for them so you can benefit from the laws that protect the animals and their owners. Though it may seem daunting at first to qualify for an ESA letter, the process is actually quite simple and you may be surprised at how easy it is to get a valid ESA letter.

Mental and Emotional Conditions That Qualify for ESA

Almost any emotional or mental issue can qualify you for an ESA if it is having a profound negative impact on your everyday life. Conditions such as anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress syndrome, bipolar disorder, social anxiety, phobias, or similar conditions that can be helped by the presence of a pet all can qualify for an ESA. Most people who ask their doctors for an ESA letter already have a pet they consider therapeutic. However, some others acquire such a pet after they realize the many benefits of ESAs. Any type of animal can qualify as an ESA prescription through the most common types of animals are cats and dogs due to how easy it is to travel with and care for them as well as they natural supportive natures.

ESA Letter Process

It is not difficult to qualify for an ESA letter. If you are not currently seeing an LMHP, you can still qualify for an ESA letter either in-person or online.  Contact EzCare Medical Clinic all our doctors are licensed and ready to help you 7 days a week from 11 am to 7 pm. Call us at (415) 966-0848 or complete our online ESA application and we will get back to you shortly. You will speak to a licensed doctor via secure video chat or in-person, who will determine what condition you suffer from and if it would be helped by an ESA. If the therapist decides you are a good candidate for an ESA, he or she will issue a legitimate emotional support animal letter.

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How to Spot an ESA Letter Scam

Unfortunately, there are many companies online that say they offer legitimate ESA letters but are actually scams. If the company says they will ‘register’ your pet as an ESA or if they promise quick or cheap ESA letters, they are likely a scam. There is no need to register pets as ESA and, in fact, there are no recognized ESA registries in the country. Also, you can not get a legitimate ESA letter without speaking to a doctor. The doctor should speak to you in-person or online, automatically approved letters are SCAM!  Legitimate ESA letters take the time and effort of an LMHP and therefore are not cheap or quick to obtain. As an example of a scam read this article: scam.

At EzCare Clinic, you will speak to a licensed doctor and receive a digital copy in 30-60 min after your consultation, and a hard copy in 3-5 business days via mail. A fake ESA letter can easily get you into trouble with your landlord or cause problems with your travel plans and should be avoided at all costs.  


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How to Choose the Right ESA Prescription Service

When you are looking for an emotional support animal prescription, it’s crucial that look for a service that has a physical clinic location where the LMHP works. If you choose EZ Care Medical Clinic, you will see that we have a money-back guarantee, have a physical location and verified LMHPs on staff, and our letters are valid in all states. You can apply at our clinic online or in person and we have doctors available seven days a week. We know how important it is for you to have a legitimate ESA letter so you can keep your cherished pet with you at all times. Our knowledgeable and professional staff will ensure that you get your letter as quickly as possible and that it will be accepted by all landlords and airlines.

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If you have mental or emotional disorders such as anxiety, depression, social anxiety, or post-traumatic stress disorder and believe that an Emotional Support Animal can help with your therapy, talk to your doctor about an ESA letter today. If you aren’t currently seeing a doctor, choose a reputable online service such as the one offered at EZ Care Clinic so you can get a legitimate ESA prescription letter for your pet.

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    3. Can I get an ESA letter that is valid for more than one year?



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