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How Do I Get an ESA Letter for My Emotional Support Animal?


In recent years, the idea of having a pet for the purposes of emotional support has increased significantly, as people are seeing the advantages of owning such animals. With the rise in emotionally-fueled animal ownership, the desire to attain an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) Certification has simultaneously skyrocketed.

As this demand has increased, and the online realm sees the benefit of making money from this trend, many false scams, and illegitimate ESA services have arisen claiming that they provide credible letters for your pet. However, the fact is, that just about all of these companies do not provide legitimate documentation, as this can only be acquired for a licensed medical health professional. In order to ensure that you don’t fall for these scams, and acquire the proper letters, there are certain ways to go about attaining the certification:

Make Sure You Qualify

Disorders that qualify for an ESA

Getting the ESA certification is not as easy as many online services tend to make it sound like. A legitimate letter means that you need to have a real and valid reason to be granted one, which can come in a variety of forms. Generally speaking, the person who is trying to attain the letter would need to have some extent of emotional or psychological debilitation, in which their animal is able to ameliorate due to the support and companionship that it provides.

Some of these disorders include learning disorders, Attention Deficit Disorder, Bipolar disorder, gender identity, cognitive disorders, and various other challenges that an individual may be facing. Without having a legitimate reason to acquire the letter, many legitimate doctors may refrain from providing you with one, unless they are able to target and diagnose the problem.

Visit a Medical Professional

Whatever you do, do not attempt to get your ESA certification online. The illegitimacy can cause complications when traveling and taking the animal certain places, causing unneeded stress and headaches. When it comes to the options of what kinds of medical professionals you can seek an ESA from, the choices are limited to specific people who are licensed mental health experts, which allow them to properly identify and determine whether or not an ESA letter will be of benefit to you. Whether a psychologist, therapist, or other certified mental health professional, these individuals will be able to diagnose the extent or onset of emotional disability that could be resolved with an emotional support animal.

Make Sure Your Animal Qualifies as an ESA

Whether or not you already have a pet that you want to designate for emotional support, the laws and regulations that apply in this context are fairly broad, and so a wide range of animals will qualify for the letter. Upon being determined by your mental health professional that you need to have an animal for purposes of support and comfort, next is ensuring that the animal will qualify, and is relevant when looking at options for traveling and housing. The pet can be any form of a domesticated animal, including but not limited to: dogs, cats, rabbits, mice, mini pigs, ferrets, and an array of other animals.

Another benefit that makes qualifying your animal an ESA is the fact that they do not require any formal training. This means so long as the animal is well-behaved and always under the control of the owner, then they are able to be qualified for the ESA certification.

It should also be kept in mind that the comfort and convenience of the animal are intact, as having an unusual animal can cause complications for the pet’s health. Keep in mind your limitations, such as the size of housing, your financial capabilities, and time constraints that come with owning an animal, in order to determine what kind of pet is going to fit best with your lifestyle. This is the most effective way to find an animal that truly will act as an emotional support companion, and is relevant in providing the support that you need.

Ensuring All Information is on Your Letter

One issue that often arises is the fact that people overlook some of the pertinent details that must be explicit in the documentation, many of which are not provided by the online services. When getting the letter from your mental health professional, there are certain aspects that must be clearly expressed in the document in order for many airlines or landlords to accept it under legal standards. These identifying factors include the licensing number and expiration date of the medical professional’s license to practice, must be printed on a professional letterhead, the specific mental disability that the animal is assisting, the date of issue for the letter, as well as other important aspects that allow institutions to determine that the animal truly is a legitimate ESA.

Ways to spot a fake ESA Letter

Without these important factors, airlines or landlords, and others can refuse to recognize your animal as a legitimate ESA under the many guidelines that protect owners. Many examples and stories of individuals provide insight into the challenges and problems they have come across when they were attempting to use an unknowingly fabricated ESA letter as legitimate, which has caused many to have to take extreme measures such as canceling flights, vacations, and restricting them access to certain housing opportunities that they would have otherwise qualified for.

Overall, when looking at the process that one must undergo in order to attain a credible and legitimate Emotional Support Animal letter, it is clear that it is fairly straightforward, yet abundant with nuances that need to be looked out for. Whether this includes avoiding the online scams that are so prevalent on the web these days or ensuring that the mental health professional you are going to can provide the full details and documentation needed, keeping an eye out for these specific components can make the process far more efficient. Once these factors are taken care of, getting the ESA letter will allow you to rest assured that you and your animal are protected against unfair and discriminatory actions.

All California patients can obtain an ESA letter online or in-person by calling EZCare Medical clinic (415) 966-0848.

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  • Bella Holt

    February 7, 2018 at 5:29 pm

    First time i got an ESA letter of certification for my pet I was scammed by an online website and I was devastated because I wasn’t able to bring my pet into the dorms. I called this clinic and made sure it was legit because I was not trying to get scammed again. The person on the phone was super understanding and talked me through the whole process. I received my ESA certification online for my emotional support animal along with the correct documentation to be able to bring Leo(My Dog) into my college dorm with me. The services this clinic offers are great! I recommend everyone to get their esa letter online.


  • Suellen Gibbens

    March 10, 2018 at 5:53 pm

    Getting your esa letter online is easier than ever! With that being said… As it easy it is to get the esa certification, it is also easy to get scammed by lots of website looking to fraudulently earn a buck. Emotional support animals are very valuable to many people with mental and physiological disorders so getting scammed is not something we want to go through. I am so thankful with the EZcare clinic, they made made it so easy for me to get my pet certified.


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Emotional support animals follow their owners to areas that are off-limits to other pets. This is because they’re recommended as a treatment for mental afflictions like anxiety, depression, even PTSD. Not to be mistaken for service animals. The main distinction is its functions. Apply for ESA Letter Today! BOOK AN APPOINTMENT While ESAs are companions, service animals help their disabled handlers with duties such as answering the door, carrying medicine, and guiding their movement. ESAs don’t need extra conditioning like their service counterparts whose training ranges from heeling, proofing, and performing specific tasks. Another difference is their certification. Your disability should match the ADA description for your service animal to be recognized. Conversely, an ESA letter is provided by your therapist. How ESAs Improve Your Travel Experience By lifting your mood, support animals eliminate the need for anxiety medication on your journey. Pills may be effective, but you’ll still have side effects like fatigue and nausea. Furthermore, they act as distractions during long trips. Instead of worrying, your mind is occupied by the animal. The fact that you have another creature to care for besides yourself gives you purpose. They thought of bonding with your pet may make an otherwise reserved person crave for adventure. ESAs also spark conversations between strangers. This is especially true for moments packed with tension like turbulence. Travel Necessities for Your ESA Traveling with their handlers gives ESAs an edge over ordinary pets. If you think moving with an animal is stressful, try it with a mental condition. Here are some trip essentials regardless of your mode of transport. Things to pack while travelling 5 Things to Pack While Travelling 1. ESA Letter An ESA letter is mandatory for any support animal in a plane cabin. For the document to be valid, however, it must fulfill the following specifications. The letter is on your issuing therapist’s letterhead. You’re currently under a licensed professional’s care. The letter contains the license date, type, and issuing state. Your illness is found in the DSM. You need the ESA for the trip or destination. The document requires an annual update. Ensure you alert the airline beforehand. Initially, you could show up with your pet without an announcement. The rules have since changed with most carriers requiring a 48-hour notice. Again, check your destination’s guidelines regarding support animals. Not all countries allow ESAs from foreign lands. 2. Travel Crate Apart from transportation, a travel crate protects your furry companion from harsh conditions like snow and rain. You’ll have to train your ESA if they’ve never experienced a carrier. In the initial stages, don’t lock the crate with the animal inside. The idea is viewing it as a safe space instead of a punishment. Likewise, put the case in the room your pet spends most of their time. Putting treats in the cage or feeding them next to it will keep your ESA interested. You can add blankets and toys to give the container a homely feel when on the move. Similarly, secure the cage to the seat or hold it to prevent the ESA from shifting. While at it, ensure your support creature gets sufficient air to prevent suffocation. You can do this by ditching the layovers during summer and getting a container with better ventilation. Although they come in different sizes, some animals are too big for a carrier. That’s where leashes come in. Apply for ESA Letter Today! BOOK AN APPOINTMENT 3. Leash The crowds in airports and train stations are bound to stress your ESA. That’s why you need a leash to guide their movement and protect other travelers together with their belongings and animals from attack. But your pet isn’t the only cause of danger. For starters, your unrestrained dog might get run over if it wanders away in a bus station. It could also contract diseases after sniffing another animal’s droppings. Chains also make it easier to locate you in case your ESA gets lost. Most leashes include a tag for writing your identification details. Moreover, the restraint also makes your pet harder to steal. From resale and breeding to ransoms and fighting rings, animal theft is motivated by several reasons. Most importantly, the law demands you leash your animal. Games to play with dog How to Keep Your Dog Entertained on a Road Trip? 4. Bedding Repay your animal’s emotional support by keeping them comfortable. Though the airline can organize a special seat on request, your pup will be more settled in familiar bedding. If your pet doesn’t have a bed already, prioritize the quality of materials when shopping. Substandard fabrics are not only uncomfortable but also less durable. The size is also crucial. While a small bed will tire your ESA, a larger one is difficult to move. Even so, some models have straps and clips for portability. Surfaces that absorb moisture will develop an odor from the animal’s urine. This calls for a mild water-repelling spray. Apply for ESA Letter Today! BOOK AN APPOINTMENT At EZCare Clinic, we recognize the role of ESAs in your psychological wellbeing. We specialize in numerous areas, for example, addiction treatment, nutrition, cosmetic services, pain management, mental, and sexual health. You deserve to live free, reach us for an appointment today.