Like other parents, if your child has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), you may find it hard to manage and contain them. The child becomes more impulsive, distractible, and hyperactive than their age. It can be tedious to handle such a child, and you may get frustrated. You may also feel embarrassed when your kid expresses these behaviors in public.

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As a result, most parents become harsh to their ADHD children, not remembering that it’s not their wish to behave that way. In return, it worsens the condition. It would help if you attributed the actions to the disease, not the child. Instead, you should become a supportive parent and always act and think positively.

In this article, you shall learn how positive parenting can help with ADHD. Here is the insight.


Positive Parenting Tips and Their Impacts on a Child With ADHD

If you have a child with ADHD, you cannot act as an ordinary parent. Regular parents are great, but you need to up your parenting game. As a result, your child will become happy, and you’ll help create a peaceful environment for him or her. You may wonder how, but the good news is, it is possible. The process, too, is easy. You only need to slightly adjust your parenting strategies and the interaction with your kid. Your reaction to your kid’s bad behavior also matters. Use the following positive parenting methods to help your child with ADHD.


ADHD and discipline
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Accept Your Child’s Condition

Most parents go into denial that their kids have ADHD and continue treating them as normal kids, especially if they have other kids. It does not help the kid. Instead, it only worsens the situation. Sadly, such kids recognize their parents’ resentments, and as a result, develop low self-esteem. Their spirit to do things also dies, even in their adulthood. It translates into a very miserable and unhappy life.

According to Ken Brown, one of Portland’s special education instructors, a child feels supported and accepted when the parents are confident in their abilities. Parents should, therefore, look for what their ADHD children thrive in and commend them. For example, their creativity, excess energy, and interpersonal skills.


Your Child’s Behavior May Not Be the Best But Don’t Believe Everything You’re Told

People will tell you all sorts of stories about your ADHD child. For instance, he or she is slow, unmotivated, or ill-mannered. Let not these negative remarks demoralize or deter you from helping your child. Besides, every child needs education, which in turn helps in improving their lives. Some parents may keep on changing learning institutions for their ADHD kids to avoid hearing the bad news.

The best way to deal with this is to accept that your kid is unique and requires help. But the good news is, even though his or her mind works differently, they can learn and succeed like other normal kids, says George DuPaul, a psychology professor. So don’t allow anything to prevent you from helping your ADHD kid despite what people say about them.

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There Is More to Helping Your ADHD Kid Than Medication

Some parents rely entirely on ADHD medication to help their kids. Though the medicines are renowned for making tremendous impacts on improving bad behaviors in children with ADHD, other aspects also play a huge role. The children should also know that their condition will change for the best with their effort. Other people should treat an ADHD child with a lot of patience and a non-judgmental attitude. Instead, they should help him or her to correct the mistake.

When a child messes around, stop asking him or her whether they took their medicine. It will indicate to the kid that his or her mistake can only get corrected through medication. Let them know that self-control will contribute to their good behavior, and they should work on it.


ADHD treatment in kids
4 Effective ADHD Treatments to Go For


Differentiate Between Punishment and Discipline

Unfortunately, not many parents can tell the difference between punishing and disciplining a child. Many children get yelled at, spanked, given time-outs, lectures, etc., but nothing works. Are you wondering why? Because they are not the solution at that time. Most children corrected this way gets confused. Sometimes positive feedback goes a long way in restoring a child!

Though punishment and discipline are essential in the child’s life for proper behavior, they sometimes instill fear and shame and compel them to do something. They should, therefore, get used as a last resort. Try explaining to the child humbly why things are done in a certain way and not the way they have done. Then when he or she does or tries to do as you advised, be quick to recognize and congratulate the kid. It will work wonders in changing your child with ADHD’s lousy behavior.

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While it may be hard to control and manage a child with ADHD, it is doable, as explained above. Fortunately, a kid with ADHD can learn and prosper like other regular children, as illustrated in this article. Therefore, don’t feel ashamed of your ADHD kids, instead of support them as much as possible. If you need help with your ADHD child, feel free to contact us today.


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