I Want to Die: 5 Things to Help You Overcome Such Thoughts

I want to die


Have you ever heard someone say, I want to die?

If yes, just know such feelings can lead to irrational decisions to end one’s life. These thoughts are usually triggered by suicidal depression

Anyone, including you, can be affected by thoughts of killing themselves. Feeling suicidal is an indication that your pain is overwhelming and permanent.

However, you can still find a way to cope with your suicidal feelings and thoughts in order to overcome that pain. 

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Suicidal Depression Symptoms and How to Overcome Them

Suicide is among the top causes of sudden death worldwide. The good news is that suicide is preventable.

The prevention measures for someone thinking of killing themselves start by knowing exactly what to look out for and what action to take thereafter.

Bear in mind that people who constantly think of plans to kill themselves don’t really want to die.

They simply want to find ways that can end their pain. For that reason, don’t just dismiss and ignore their talk of suicide as mere threats.

Instead, help them get some assistance before they try to commit suicide. 

Here are suicide warning signs to look out for before taking further action:


1. Suicidal Individuals Focus on Death

In most cases, some people resort to talking openly about wishing to be dead or to kill themselves. Such individuals dwell mainly on the topic of dying and death. 

They may go the extra mile to research possible ways to end their lives. You may overcome such thoughts by seeking professional advice from a psychiatrist or a therapist or talking to someone you trust the most. 


2. People With Suicide Feelings Make Plans

A person on a suicide mission may take drastic measures to plan, prepare, and even execute their own death.

They may constantly:

  • Update their wills
  • Donate their personal stuff
  • Even bid everyone around them goodbye

Others may draft a suicide note just before they harm themselves. If you are among these individuals, seek professional help as soon as possible before your problem escalates to dangerous situations.


Suicide Symptoms
Behavioral Markers of Suicide


3. A Suicidal Person Becomes Withdrawn

When someone is thinking about suicide, they tend to avoid close family members and friends. They also lose interest in their most favorite activities and social events. 

Sometimes such people become isolated. Try to maintain your social life by interacting with your friends and family members can help you take away thoughts of suicide.


4. Someone With Suicidal Thoughts Shows Despair

This type of person may speak openly about unbearable feelings or pain. They may even feel like burdens on those close to them. 

Such individuals should be courageous enough to seek help from their loved ones without feelings of burdening anyone. After all, you can solve some problems by sharing them with those whom you trust the most.

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5. Suicidal People Can Resort to Taking Drugs or Drinking a Lot

Substance abuse is a common thing among people with thoughts of killing themselves. They usually turn to alcohol and drugs in an attempt to reduce the pain or have the courage to harm themselves. 

Instead of abusing substances to escape reality, you can seek assistance from a rehabilitation center. You may also schedule an appointment with a mental health professional for additional assistance.


Causes of Suicidal Feelings

The thoughts of I want to die can be overwhelming and overpowering. They can completely consume you by taking away your ability to control what is going on around you. Struggling to overcome or cope with difficulties in your life can lead to depressive suicidal thoughts. 

These difficulties include:

If you are not sure about your suicidal feelings, you may find it difficult to believe that there is a solution. Whether you are among people with a higher risk of suicide or not, just know there is always support available to help you overcome or cope with these feelings. 


How to Treat the Suicidal Feelings?
Steps You Can Take to Manage Suicidal Feelings


What to Say to Someone Who Is Suicidal?

What should you do if someone you know is talking about suicide?

Well, talk to them nicely. When dealing with suicidal people, you should expect to experience two types of situations: passive and imminent. 

Take each situation seriously and don’t be afraid to ask questions in the process. Asking questions helps decrease the stigma, increases support and alleviates feelings of isolation. In the end, every question will decrease the likelihood of someone taking their own life. 


How to Help a Suicidal Friend?

Once you hear your friends or loved ones say, I want to die, your next step should be to help them overcome their suicidal thoughts. In this sense, treat every suicide warning sign with a lot of seriousness. 

Keep in mind that your involvement and immense support may save a life. Talk to the affected individuals to make them not act on their suicidal feelings. Taking this step is brave and can possibly help reduce suicidal thoughts. 

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Final Thought

Based on the symptoms discussed above,  you can easily tell when someone is depressed or struggling with feelings of committing suicide. Encourage the person to visit a mental health professional for further guidance.

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