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Types of meditation services

Meditation healing

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness unites your concentration with consciousness. You purposely notice your thought patterns without any judgment. During online mindfulness training, you develop focus by concentrating on a single subject, such as your bodily sensations.

Meditation healing

Loving-kindness Meditation

The main purpose of this meditation is to cultivate a perspective of love and kindness for yourself and towards others. It can convert your anger and frustration into positive vibes that soothe your mind and improve overall health.

Progressive Relaxation

Progressive Relaxation

Progressive relaxation involves scanning your whole body to recognize the areas of tension. Subsequently, the tension in these areas is released by tightening and relaxing different muscle groups. It promotes relaxation of your mind and body.

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There are many types of meditation being performed around the world, but the most popular types are as following;

  • Spiritual meditation
  • Mindfulness meditation
  • Focused meditation
  • Mantra meditation
  • Movement meditation 
  • Transcendental meditation 
  • Love-kindness meditation
  • Relaxation techniques

Meditation is a well-known technique used for relaxation purposes. Meditation helps you develop concentration and eliminate any kind of negative thoughts. The overall gain of meditation is mental and physical wellness. 

The following steps are useful for beginners to meditate;

  • Position yourself comfortably. You may want to sit or lie, and you can even use a chair or couch for your ease. 
  • Close your eyes. You may even want to use eye masks or restorative eye pillows for a better experience. 
  • Breathe in and out naturally. Don’t focus too much on your breathing.
  • Focus on a point or simply concentrate on your body movements. 
  • Try to build focus for longer durations every time you meditate. With each session, learn to bring back your wandering mind to your point of focus.

Daily meditation can bring great positive changes to your mental and physical health. Everyday meditation will boost your productivity and gradually increase focus and concentration. Meditation also works as a healing remedy for a troubling mind. You can achieve relaxation through meditation daily.  

Although different meditation types have different recommended durations, the typically recommended duration for meditation is 40-45 minutes per session.  

Meditation is a proven way to enhance the higher-order functions of the brain. It mostly targets the prefrontal cortex area of the brain, which controls major brain functions. Daily meditation strengthens the higher-order functions such as; 

  • Concentration
  • Awareness
  • Decision making
  • Cognition

Meditation is a technique to practice mindfulness or keep your mind focused on a particular focus point: an object, thought, or even an activity. Meditation is a proven way to stabilize mental and physical wellness, according to a vast literature. 

The purpose of meditation is to generate mental awareness and control flowing thoughts. The following 7 steps are crucial to perform effective meditation;

  1. Choose a peaceful environment and a comfortable seating spot. Take a deep breath; you will have to hold it for a minute and then breathe out. 
  2. Pack all your worries, stress, and anxieties into an imaginary bag and throw them away. You must eliminate all your thoughts and clear your mind. 
  3. Shift all your focus to your breathing pattern. Try to sense the cooler temperature of the inhaled air and the warmer temperature of the exhaled air.
  4. Now start counting your breaths. You can count them from 1 to 10, then pause for a minute and repeat.
  5. Try to involve more aspects of your breathing pattern. Focus on the speed, flow, and body movements as you breathe. 
  6. Your mind might start wandering at this point. Try to shift back your focus to your breathing every time your mind wanders into thoughts. 
  7. Try to increase the duration of meditation with every session.

There are three stages of mediation;

  1. To Hold: You have to hold your awareness and concentration on the object of focus for longer durations in this stage. 
  2. To Reflect: Your mind makes a shallow relationship with the object of focus, and you start getting insights about yourself from the object of focus in this stage.
  3. To strengthen your relationship with the object: You withdraw any other thoughts and imaginations and bring all your concentration to the object of focus entirely. This stage also leads to focus on the qualities of your attention object. 

Mediation is a therapy of relaxation and mindfulness. It is further considered a big part of almost every psychotherapy used to treat mental health issues. 

A meditation session is a total duration of practicing mindfulness at one time. A single session lasts about 30 to 45 minutes and includes all the crucial steps of practicing meditation until you move away from your mediation position. 

Any time of meditation is good, according to many experts. It is widely believed that the hours before sunrise are the best part of the day to meditate.

In guided meditation, you meditate along with an online mindfulness teacher or instructor. It is usually conducted in a class setting. The guide will show different online mindfulness examples such as; relaxation of some specific muscles or imagining a specific thing and bring focus to it.

Online mindfulness lessons allow you to practice mindfulness online with the help of a meditation coach. A single session lasts about 30 to 45 minutes and includes all the crucial steps of practicing meditation until you move away from your mediation position. 

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