What is a Pomsky?

pomsky dog

The Pomsky dog is a relatively new hybrid breed that has taken the designer dog world by storm. Very popular in both North America and Europe, the cute, cuddly ball of happiness is a cross between a Siberian Husky and Pomeranian. Bred primarily for the amazing traits of the Husky and Pom, the Pomsky dog will vary in looks once fully matured; however, a mixture of characteristics from both parents are possible. Though the American Kennel Club does not recognize the Pomsky dog due to its hybrid origins, the average cost of owning one is not affected.

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The Pomsky Club of America states that reputable breeders won’t charge less than $2000.00 per puppy due to the cost of creating such an unusual combination. Because of the significant difference in sizes of the two breeds, Huskies and Pomeranians cannot be safely bred naturally thus making the Pomsky dog a rare and expensive choice for a pet. Not all breeders combine a purebred Husky with pure Pomeranians; multigenerational crossbreeds are often utilized during the blending process. Additionally, due to the size of a female Pomeranian’s uterus, breeding is always done with a male Pomeranian or hybrid to a female Husky or hybrid. This delicate balance of reproduction is one of the reasons these cute balls of fur are so expensive.

1. Physical Appearance of a Pomsky Dog

Once fully matured, the Pomsky dog will be a small-to-medium sized dog that on average weighs between 15 to 25 pounds and stands somewhere between 10 to 15 inches tall. Like their parents, this hybrid breed will have long, fluffy, soft coasts that require regular brushing. Typically, the coats are similar to that of the Husky, shedding often making routine grooming a must though coat thickness will play a considerable role in maintenance. Ranging in color from white, black, gray, reddish-brown to a mixture of colors from the parent breeds, the Pomsky dog is considered beautiful by almost everyone. It is important to note that this new breed is not a teacup dog. Until fully matured the size is unknown so potential owners should be prepared for both small and medium-sized animals.


pomsky dog
How Does a Pomsky Look Like?


2. Character / Temperament of a Pomsky Dog

Being a hybrid breed, Pomskies will inherit character traits from each parent, playing a big part in their temperament. Gentle in nature and with a lively disposition, these dogs are generally good with children, but great care should be taken around young children and pets that can be easily hurt if dropped or stepped on while underfoot. Training should be easy for potential owners due to their natural tendency to please and a quick mind but keep in mind they can act up if not given a chance to play. It is not unusual to find that like many other breeds; the Pomsky can resort to destructive behavior such as chewing or digging if they are bored. To promote healthy and appropriate behavior, it is essential to provide them with engaging activities and attention. Physical and mental stimulation for a Pomsky can go a long way when one is trying to keep them engaged and active.

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3. Health and Care of a Pomsky Dog

Due to their compact size, Pomskies are adaptable to small living quarters though they are full of energy and require at least 30 minutes of exercise each day. As with all animals, owners should make sure they have a safe place to play. Proper exercise, good nutrition, and early socialization all add up to a healthy and happy Pomsky. With a lifespan ranging from 12 to 15 years, this breed will be a valued member of the household for a long time. Because this hybrid is still quite young, there is a lot to learn about the Pomsky. It is safe to assume that health issues frequently found in either parent breed may play a role in the health of this breed as well though crossbred animals are generally healthier than their purebred parents. As with any hybrid dog, individual specimens are different and may take after one parent more than the other. Huskies, for example, are known to have eye problems, whereas, Pomeranians frequently have skin issues. Having an understanding of potential health issues before deciding to own any pet should be a top priority. Individuals unprepared can find themselves in a situation that they can not handle down the road putting the animal’s health at risk.


pomsky dog
How to Take Care of a Pomsky Dog?


4. Training a Pomsky Dog

Pomskies are very intelligent and have lots of energy, making practical training necessary. Though they are independent little dogs, they can exhibit stubbornness like their Siberian Husky ancestors. However,
Pomskies love to please their owners which can make training more manageable for a dedicated owner. Learning basic commands, playing games and performing various tricks can come easily if the practice is
consistent and well planned. The keys to a well-behaved dog are the amount of time and energy owners put into training. As with any dog, it is always best to begin while the puppy is young and before the dog develops bad habits that are hard to break. Due to the short attention spans of Pomskies, the suggested training time is 15 minutes per session although multiple sessions a day are possible. Keeping training sessions interesting, fun, and filled with various engaging activities, can also help owners bond quickly with their new family member.

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Pomskies are a fantastic new designer breed that is sure to be a top pick amongst dog lovers for many years to come. Descending from two highly sought after breeds, the Siberian Husky and Pomeranian, Pomskies are a great combination of each parent line. Unfortunately, left to their own devices, untrained and bored puppies can become destructive and stubborn making cohabitating a nightmare. If you are interested in this cute, loveable breed, education and dedication are required. Potential owners should expect an energetic and intelligent companion to share their homes. Once adequately trained, most Pomsky owners proclaim an undying commitment to promoting the breed.

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