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IV Therapies in San Francisco

Intravenous Therapy (IV Therapy) is used to help rejuvenate the body by injecting essential vitamins, amino acids, and minerals directly into the bloodstream. Regardless of a healthy diet, there are still areas of your health that can improve. Unfortunately, a healthy diet and even supplements are not enough to supply the body with the proper levels of the essential vitamins needed to avoid illness and remain at optimal health.

IV Therapy at EZCare Clinic can help you replenish the essential vitamins and minerals that you need on a daily basis. Each session of IV Therapy involves an initial consultation to evaluate your condition so a customized plan can be tailored around your specific needs. IV Therapy can be beneficial for all recovery of life conditions, including:

  • Hangovers (Rehydrate)
  • Chronic Illness (Immune System)
  • Weight Loss
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Crohn’s Disease
  • Lyme Disease
  • Chronic Fatigue and Pain Syndromes
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Adrenal and Thyroid Conditions.

All of these conditions can be caused by nutritional deficiencies that lead to cellular dysfunction. However, a consistent recovery program that includes IV Therapy may help is strengthening your immune system to fend off these deliberating conditions.

At EZCare Clinic, we offer a list of IV therapy, including Myers Cocktail, Hangover IV Therapy, Cold and Flu IV Therapy, and IV Therapy for Weight Loss. If you live in San Francisco, rest assured that IV Therapy is available to you. Call EZCare Clinic in San Francisco to schedule a consultation today.

Myers Cocktail IV Therapy

Name after Dr. John Myers, a Maryland physician who utilized IV therapy to treat his patients with chronic conditions, the Myers Cocktail IV Therapy includes:

  • Vitamin B Complex 100,
  • Calcium Gluconate
  • Dexpanthenol
  • Hydroxocobalamin
  • Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate
  • Pyridoxine Hydrochloride
  • Vitamin C

These components work together to support the immune system, and they are administered through an intravenous line that is inserted into the patient for approximately 15 minutes, depending on your condition.

The Myers Cocktail IV Therapy has been used to support treatments for asthma, allergies, cardiovascular disease, depression, fatigue, Fibromyalgia, migraines and tension headaches, muscle spasms, and even drug addiction withdrawal. This cocktail is an effective way to treat many different conditions, and it has been known to tolerated better than other conventional medical treatments.

To learn more about the Myer’s Cocktail IV Therapy, call EZCare Clinic in San Francisco to schedule an appointment for a consultation today.

IV Therapy for Hangovers

Hangovers are caused by dehydration from the use of alcohol. This is what doctors consider a diuretic. Diuretic makes the body eliminate fluids through the process of creating urine. When the body reaches a certain level of dehydration, the symptoms of a hangover manifest. Hangover symptoms include dry mouth, fatigue, headache, nausea, and vomiting.

Rehydrating the body is the primary goal of using IV Therapy to recover from a hangover. To recover from a hangover using IV Therapy, a Ringer’s Lactate Solution administered through IV Therapy can help the symptoms of hangover dissipate quickly. Ringer’s Lactated Solution is a mixture of calcium chloride, potassium chloride, sodium lactate, sodium chloride, and water, which is used to help rehydrate the body. The formula dosage Hangover IV Therapy is specifically created for each patient and can take up to 45 minutes to administer.

IV Therapy for the Flu

Cold and flu IV Therapy is a mixture of supplements and vitamins that help to boost the immune system, so the body can effectively fight off viruses better. The supplements and vitamins included in this IV Therapy include high doses of Vitamin C, zinc, selenium, vitamins B1, B2, B5, B6 and B12, and a hydrating solution that can contain saline or Ringer’s Lactated Solution, depending on your health condition. Saline solution that is included in this IV Therapy is strictly composed of sodium chloride and water.

The ingredients in the cold and flu IV Therapy solution have been seen to support different medical conditions of the body. This form of IV Therapy can help reduce anti-viral effects, reduction in flu severity, duration of a cold or flu, support the thymus glands, increase white blood cell development, and rehydrate the body, which is key to recovering from a cold.

IV Therapy for Weight Loss

IV Therapy for weight loss includes HCG injections (human chorionic gonadotropin injections), which are key to helping people maintain a BMI over 30. This is a great solution for people who have been unsuccessful using conventional weight loss methods. IV Therapy for weight loss is used to kick-start the body into increasing metabolism and eliminating fat cells. By making the body burn stored fat, a patient can keep the muscles lean without taking nutrition away from other cells.

HCG is a hormone produced by pregnant women, and it is used worldwide for infertility in addition to weight loss support. HCG injections have been found to help burn fat while a person is on a low-calorie diet. Doing this can help a person reset their metabolism and increase weight loss. At EZCare Clinic in San Francisco, we utilize HCG injections in combination with other treatments for weight loss. Each treatment program is customized to fit each patient’s individual needs.

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Call EZCare Clinic in San Francisco to schedule an appointment for a consultation today. Whether you have an appointment or are a walk-in patient, our doctors are always available to help you with IV Therapy. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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