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As they age, many men begin to face more and more health issues. Physical strength decline, constant fatigue, weight gain in the mid-section are just a few of the most common. Doctors often advise men to be keener on their health when they begin to notice these symptoms of aging.

With the guidance and support from health professionals, men are now able to live longer and healthier lives into old age. Doctors at EZCare Clinic in San Francisco go the extra mile to help men understand and prepare for how aging will impact their bodies. They can also provide solutions to most health conditions that affect their well-being, such as hormone imbalances.

Everyone would wish to live a long healthy life. For this to happen, men will need to improve various areas of their everyday lives, not just men’s health diet plan. For men, better physical health means greater immunity from diseases and better reproductive health. If you would like assistance getting healthier, talk to the health professionals at EZCare Clinic in San Francisco today.

Testosterone Delivery Methods

Testosterone Replacement Therapy $150

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment With Viagra – $129

The market is saturated with vitality and performance-enhancing drugs. Implants, injections, mouth patches, gels, and transdermal are the most common modes of delivery. While most of these solutions work for some people, they are not always the right treatment for everyone.

If you need help figuring out what works for you, come to EZCare Medical Clinic in San Francisco, and we will assist you in finding your ideal delivery method.

The first thing we will do is to evaluate your health condition in the initial consultation. This will enable us to come up with a personalized treatment plan for you. We will use this information to determine the best delivery method that will boost your testosterone levels.

Here are the five delivery methods to consider.

Implants and injections

Implants and injections are inserted into the body to release testosterone gradually. These devices insert testosterone directly into the bloodstream. There

Mouth Patch

This is a patch stuck in the gums to release small quantities of testosterone through the mucus membranes.


A gel applied directly to the skin is a convenient way to deliver small amounts of testosterone over a long time, often 24 hours.


This is a patch worn on the thigh area or the upper body to boost testosterone intake.


A tablet used to treat erectile dysfunction and pulmonary arterial hypertension.

Benefits of Testosterone Therapy

Testosterone replacement therapy is a treatment meant to regulate hormone levels in the male body. This helps address many problems related to low T levels, including keeping the endocrine system healthy to prevent hormone imbalances. The patient may also benefit from the following effects during and after treatment.

  • Higher sex drive and strong erections
  • It can help catch early onset of prostate-cancer
  • Treating infertility by increasing sperm count
  • Higher red blood cells count
  • Better concentration, focus, and memory
  • Faster burning of body fat and improve body muscle mass
  • Reduced bad cholesterol levels
  • Improved bone mass and lean muscle density
  • Better moods and higher energy levels
  • Elimination of cellulite

Common Conditions Affecting Men’s Health and Their Symptoms

A man’s health becomes more susceptible to various conditions as it gets older. These conditions may have exhibit symptoms, including:

  • Andropause
  • Erectile-dysfunction
  • Chronic fatigue and tiredness
  • Depression and mood swings
  • Decreased bone density

Some men experience one or two of these symptoms, while others get hit by all at once. Some people can reverse these symptoms with a proper mens health diet plan and exercise while others will need the help of a professional. Here is a closer look at how the symptoms manifest and how testosterone therapy can help reverse them.

1. Andropause

Andropause is a symptom of testosterone deficiency in older men. From the age of 30, a man’s body begins to lose an average of 2% testosterone every year. Common symptoms of andropause include low libido, mood swings, loss of muscle mass, decreased sexual function, low bone density, chronic fatigue, and erectile dysfunction.

2. Erectile Dysfunction

Low testosterone levels resulting from hormonal imbalances are the most common cause of ED. The major contributors to the imbalance are smoking, drinking alcohol, stress, and poor diet. Fortunately, at EZ Care Medical Clinic, we can help you treat this condition through hormone-replacement therapy. The treatment process may involve examination of the testicles and overall health. We offer medical advise and provide support through our counselors, cardiovascular exercise therapists, and dieticians for the right men’s health diet plan.

3. Chronic Fatigue and Tiredness

Fatigue and constant tiredness are a symptom that the body is not in good health. When a man begins to experience a decline in testosterone levels, chronic fatigue is often one of the earlier symptoms. Later, they may experience mood swings, depression, insomnia, and weight gain. Our health professionals at SZ Care Medical Clinic can help you get back on track with a customized diet plan, exercise regimen, and guidance on leading a purposeful life.

4. Mood Swings and Depression 

Mood swings and depression can adversely affect men’s health. The main cause is hormone-imbalance in the brain. These symptoms of stress are often accompanied by low sexual desire and can lead to extreme reactions and mental problems. The common moods a man with sex-hormone imbalance has to deal with include impatience, anger, abuse, and defensiveness.

5. Decreased Bone Density

Men make up the majority of people who have osteoporosis or low bone density disease. This condition has been linked to low testosterone levels in men and estrogen in women approaching menopause. This condition causes the bones to grow thinner and become more brittle. Bones may become susceptible to easy breaking and fracturing. If you are at risk of osteoporosis, come to EZ Care Clinic, and we will help you adopt a better mens health diet plan rich in vitamin D and calcium supplements.

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