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Chicken Pox Treatment

The varicella-zoster virus is what causes chickenpox, an itchy rash of blisters all over the body that comes along as well as flu-like systems.  Chickenpox typically affects young children, but adults who never received a vaccination are also susceptible to it. It is very rare to have chicken pox more than once, but it is also highly contagious.  

The varicella-zoster virus will live in the body for about three weeks before the blisters, rash, and other symptoms (such as fever, loss of appetite, and headaches) start to appear. It can take up to or more than two weeks for a chickenpox infection to go away. During that time, the rash will typically go through three stages. Additionally, the rash will appear at different parts of the body over time.  

Chickenpox is contagious until the scabbed over rashes fall off or go away. Trained EZCare Clinic practitioners are ready to help patients more comfortable if they are suffering from chickenpox. 

At EZCare Clinic in San Francisco, we assess your Chicken Pox and establish a personalized care plan that fits your lifestyle. The doctors at EZCare Clinic in San Francisco can provide treatment to all patients.  

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What to expect at your visit 

  • Schedule your appointment before your visit. 
  • Depending on your age, treatment EZCare Clinic may vary.  
  • Patients who experience severe shortness of breath or trouble breathing should visit the emergency room. 
  • Sign-in at the front desk and be sure to complete the necessary paperwork.  
  • Our doctors will review your medical history and talk about your allergy symptoms with you before conducting a physical examination.  
  • Following testing, we will recommend a personalized treatment plan to fit your lifestyle and allergy needs.  
  • Once your visit is complete, you may pick up a full summary of your condition and prescription at the front desk.