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Ringworm Treatment

Contrary to what most may believe, a ringworm fungal infection does not involve worms in the skin. That is an urban myth. Ringworm occurs on the skin from exposure to certain fungi by touching a surface that is infected with the fungus.  

People with ringworm fungus will likely experience a rash shaped in a ring and red, itchy, and irritated skin. In some cases, hair loss may arise in certain areas of the body. 

Ringworm can be contracted by any of the following: 

  • Direct skin contact with a person who is infected with ringworm  
  • Direct contact with an animal that is infected (i.e., cats, dogs, hamsters, guinea pigs, and cows) 
  • Direct contact with an object that has the fungi on its surface (i.e., clothing, towels, bed linens, brushes, chairs, and toilets) 
At EZCare Clinic in San Francisco, we assess your Ringworm and establish a personalized care plan that fits your lifestyle. The doctors at EZCare Clinic in San Francisco can provide treatment to all patients.  

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What to expect at your visit 

  • Call to schedule an appointment. 
  • Depending on your age, treatment EZCare Clinic may vary.  
  • Patients who experience severe shortness of breath or trouble breathing should visit the emergency room. 
  • Sign-in at the front desk and be sure to complete the necessary paperwork.  
  • Our doctors will review your medical history and talk about your allergy symptoms with you before conducting a physical examination.  
  • Following testing, we will recommend a personalized treatment plan to fit your lifestyle and allergy needs.  
  • Once your visit is complete, you may pick up a full summary of your condition and prescription at the front desk.