adult ADHD treatment

Adult ADHD Treatment Find relief from ADHD and start living a meaningful life. Book ADHD Consultation ADHD In Adults ADHD in adults can destabilize relationships. It may be hard to cope and adjust in your workplace as an ADHD adult. Medications are the first-line treatment for ADHD adults. Methylphenidate or amphetamines are the most common […]

Treat Adult ADHD

Adults who seemed to sail through school with little or no issues and upon entering college or the workforce find that they have problems they’ve never experienced before may have adult ADHD. While most individuals are diagnosed during adolescence, there are some high functioning individuals who, through coping techniques, managed to mask their symptoms until later […]

  Adult ADHD can have truly devastating effects on individuals and families. Because many still believe that only children can have this disorder, it is often misunderstood and is chronically misdiagnosed. ADHD can mimic many other disorders including bipolar disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, or just a lack of organizational skills. Click the button below for adult […]