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Women are not the only ones who deal with negative consequences and symptoms of getting older and imbalanced hormones. Men can deal with a lack of energy, less enjoyment in the bedroom, faster weight gain, loss of strength and muscle, and simply not being able to accomplish what they could just a few short years before from a decreased production of hormones.

Most of these ill-gotten symptoms are a result of the lessened production of testosterone that happens naturally through aging. This process is called andropause and it starts as early as age 30 for men. Around this age, testosterone production can begin to lessen by 2 percent each year.

Luckily, men suffering from andropause can benefit from testosterone replacement therapy that can either help replace or rebalance their testosterone levels. Here are some of the negative consequences of andropause and what you need to know about testosterone replacement therapy.

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Negative Consequences of Andropause

There are multiple negative consequences of andropause and they can all lead to a decreased sense of self-esteem and enjoyment in life.

Decreased bone density: A decrease in testosterone as well as estrogen leads to a decrease in bone density. This bone-thinning can lead to serious conditions such as osteoporosis. Osteoporosis causes bones to become brittle which can lead to fractures. Serious fractures such as hip fractures can lead to a rapid decline in health and even death. Over a third of men who have Osteoporosis and experience a hip fracture, as a result, die within a year of that hip fracture.

Mood swings and depression: Irritable Male Syndrome (IMS) is a condition caused by decreased levels of testosterone. This can cause men to feel depressed, irritable, highly expressive, anxious, angry, frustrated, and defensive.

Decreased energy: Some of the mood swings and irritableness experienced by men suffering from andropause could be because of decreased energy. Decreased energy and increased fatigue can cause men to feel depression, night sweats, and insomnia, weight gain and heart disease.

Decreased libido and erectile dysfunction: An extreme decrease in interest in sex and even erectile dysfunction can be a result of andropause. Suffering from these over an extended period of time can lead to a decrease in self-esteem and issues in personal relationships.

In addition to using testosterone replacement therapy to help with these negative consequences listed above, a change in diet, physical exercise and lifestyle can also aid in the relief of these symptoms.

Benefits of Testosterone Replacement Therapy in San Francisco

All of the negative consequences of andropause can be fixed with testosterone replacement therapy. Some of the benefits of testosterone replacement therapy include but are not limited to:

  • Increase bone mass
  • Increase lean muscle
  • Helps to eliminate cellulite
  • Helps to build muscle and burn fat
  • Boosts libido and sperm production
  • Can improve your mental state; concentration, memory, and focus
  • Can lower bad cholesterol levels
  • Improves red blood cell count
  • Improves energy
  • Increases self-esteem and confidence
  • Allows you to get back to enjoying life

How Testosterone Replacement Therapy Works

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There are a variety of ways in which men can take testosterone replacement therapy. Testosterone supplements can come in the form of a gel, tablet, mouth patch, injections, implants and more.

Here’s a more in-depth review of some of the ways in which testosterone can be delivered through the body:

Gel Delivery – Testosterone in the form of gel is a simple yet effective way to get this hormone in your body. You simply apply the gel to the upper and lower parts of your body and the gel releases the hormone in your body over the course of 24 hours. This method of delivery can be repeated for as long as you need it to. It usually takes about 4 months of continuous use before the gel is able to raise your testosterone levels to the amount needed to feel normal.

Mouth Patch – The mouth patch sticks to your gums and delivers a dose of testosterone through your mucous membranes in your mouth. This type of patch provides testosterone over the course of a 12-hour period after which, it will have to be replaced. This type of testosterone therapy takes about 12 weeks before testosterone levels are considered normal again. This type of therapy can also be repeated for as long as you need it.

Injections – With injections, your doctor will inject testosterone into your muscle tissues every 2-4 weeks. Through this type of transmission, testosterone is slowly released into your bloodstream and maintains a steady level of testosterone in your body until your next injection.

Implants – Implants, just like injections are used for slow and continuous releases of testosterone into the bloodstream. Unlike injections, implants are injected into the soft tissue every four to six months.

Transdermal Delivery – Transdermal delivery is a patch that you put on your skin; usually on your thigh or upper body. The patch is to be replaced daily. This type of transmission delivers testosterone over the course of 24 hours and patients can achieve a normal level of testosterone in as little as 27 days.

As you can see there are multiple reasons why you should consider testosterone replacement therapy if you are suffering from low testosterone levels. In addition to feeling vibrant once again, there are also multitudes of ways in which you can take testosterone making therapy a discreet and painless solution.

If you are unsure of your testosterone levels or if you just want to see how testosterone therapy can help you, come by our walk-in clinic in San Francisco and speak with one of our qualified professionals.

In addition to hormone replacement therapy, we also provide comprehensive health services such as weight loss programs, exercise programs, smoking cessation programs, and mental health services. We can help custom tailor a plan just for you! Contact HRT Clinic today.

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