Anxiety Disorder

How to counter social anxiety disorder

September 18, 2020 AnxietyHealth Articles0

  What is Social Anxiety Disorder? Social anxiety, sometimes known as social phobia, is a condition where you are afraid of being judged and rejected from social circles, being embarrassed, being negatively evaluated, or even accidentally offending people. It usually happens because you feel like there is something wrong with you, and if you don’t […]

Mental health problems

September 11, 2020 Health Articles0

  Mental health disorders account for 30.8% of total disability according to the World Health Organization. Psychiatric disorders are usually caused by genes, biological factors, life experiences, and even exposure to harmful chemicals. These disorders can affect your mood, behavior, ability to carry out your daily activities, and even your physical health. However, you can […]

Emotional support animal

September 11, 2020 Health Articles0

You get home from a hectic day at work, exhausted, depleted, and seeking nothing more than the comfort of your bed. Days like these leave you feeling down for weeks, and you hunker down in preparation for a long spell of sadness. Your long day evaporates immediately you enter your home as a furry bundle […]

EFFEXOR (Venlafaxine) An Antidepressant

  Successfully treating anxiety can be complicated, but when the patient, family, and doctor work together, what was once complicated becomes much easier. Often patients may not recognize that there is an issue until someone else expresses concern. Many people falsely feel that they should be able to work through any stressful circumstances on their […]