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Talk to a Therapist to Understand if Your Fears Are Rational Doctor Appointment Anxiety Request an Appointment Learn More About Your Mental Health Doctor Appointment Anxiety and its Causes A person suffering from doctor appointment anxiety may postpone or cancel the appointment, obsessively worry about an upcoming appointment, try to self-treat, or experience extreme nervousness […]

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8.1% of people age 18 and above in the United States are struggling with anxiety management; this means 40 million Americans suffer from this mental disorder, alarming, right? Well, it should be, because this could be a friend, family member, loved one, or even yourself. In order to fully understand this issue, one has to […]

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  We all experience varying levels of anxiety throughout our lives. A new job, the birth of a child, or stressful relationships can cause brief periods of worry and anxiety that affect our overall quality of life. Anxiety can actually have many positive effects—if it doesn’t get out of control. A healthy amount of anxiety […]