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Losing Weight in San Francisco

For individuals who are overweight, choosing an appropriate diet and exercise plan can be an enormously confusing task. If you do an internet search to find options, you will find that the possibilities are endless. Everything from prescription diet pills, to over-the-counter (OTC) remedies, supplements, expensive meal plans, and costly exercise programs can be found. Unfortunately, many of these are unhealthy, unproven and very expensive. So, what are individuals supposed to do?

The answer to that question is dependent upon how much weight someone wants to lose. Individuals who only need to shed a few pounds to look good in a special outfit, probably shouldn’t be purchasing expensive meal plans or the latest diet pill to hit the local big box store. For those individuals, an increase in exercise and cutting calories for a few weeks should do the trick.

Unfortunately, most individuals considering weight loss plans are more than a few pounds overweight. In fact, approximately 50% of Americans are overweight, and 30% of those are diagnosed as obese. That means that they have a BMI (body mass index) of 30 or higher. For individuals who have a weight-related health condition such as diabetes, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol, the standard is slightly lower with a BMI of 27. These individuals are often unable to lose weight with diet and exercise alone though both are part of any diet plan that would be prescribed to them. Speak with a licensed obesity doctor in San Francisco today.

Effective treatment for Obesity

Obesity treatment San Francisco

Obesity can be a difficult condition to treat if it is accompanied by other health conditions. Most physicians require an individual who wants to begin any weight loss program first to be evaluated for their health. Some health conditions such as thyroid issues or diabetes can affect both the ability to lose weight and be the reason weight was gained in the first place. Taking into consideration all that they find, most doctors will prescribe one of the many medications available to them and either refer them to a qualified weight loss center or personal trainer as well as to a therapist. Many obese patients suffer from depression or anxiety, both of which can contribute to weight gain.

As mentioned, there are countless diet pills available, but most physicians prefer prescriptions rather than OTC ones due to their understanding of how the medication works. There are two types of diet pills, anorexiants, and non-stimulants. Although both are effective, anorexiant weight loss pills are prescribed more due to their effectiveness.

Anorexiants suppress the appetite to help individuals lose weight; many of these are also stimulants. While these medications are effective, care not to abuse them should be taken due to their increased risk of addiction.

Individuals who are concerned about the dangers of stimulant medication may want to consider non-stimulant treatment. Typically, these medication work by inhibiting the body’s ability to absorb fat from foods and are not likely to be abused.

Despite which type of medication is chosen, an effective treatment plan must include lifestyle changes such as routine exercise and a low-calorie diet. Taking medication to help you lose weight without the changes will only cause individuals to regain all the weight that was lost once they discontinue the medication.

There are also many herbal remedies touted to be able to decrease weight in obese patients. Unfortunately, most of them have not been studied for effectiveness or safety, and none have been approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). Before beginning any herbal treatments, or dietary supplements for weight loss check with your physician.

Where can I find weight loss help in San Francisco?

weight loss help in San Francisco

Overweight or obese individuals who live in the San Francisco area can contact EZCare Clinic. The clinic specializes in treating the whole person and not just the disease or condition. Our doctors can diagnose and treat most chronic health conditions, including obesity. With your overall health in mind, we can design a weight loss plan that includes appropriate medication, therapy, emotional support, and even an exercise regimen that can help you after the medication has ended.

While no diet is perfect, the staff at EZCare Clinic can help you find what will work best for you. Losing weight, exercising, and developing a sensible diet can change the way you look, feel, and your overall happiness as well as help to prevent or improve other conditions such as heart and liver disease, diabetes and reduces your chances of some types of cancer.

EZCare Clinic is open seven days a week from 11 am to 7 pm, give us a call at (415) 966-0848. While we enjoy appointments, they are not necessary. Walk-ins are always welcome. Don’t let your expanding waistline determine the kind of life you will live, take control, and get on the road to wellness today. Help is just around the corner at EZCare Clinic of San Francisco.

If you are interested in a new diet, you can read about the GOLO diet here.



Weight loss is a challenging process, but it is accomplishable. Whether you try to do it by yourself or you become part of a group, weight loss is a daily process of eating the right foods and exercise. Unfortunately, not everyone takes a healthy approach to weight loss. At EZCare Clinic we genuinely care about your well being, and that is why we have put together a list of methods for weight loss that people try that can be harmful to the body. 

Don’t Starve Yourself. Weight Loss Smart!

People who starve themselves are unaware that doing this slows the body’s metabolism. A high metabolism is key to healthy weight loss. Unfortunately, starving yourself is one of the worst ways of weight loss. This method of weight loss can also lead people down a very dangerous path towards an eating disorder (, 2017). 

Starving yourself makes the body shed the wrong kind of weight. Instead of just losing body fat, the first thing to go is all the water weight, making a person dehydrated. Even with all the water weight gone, the body starts to attack the muscle mass instead of the fat cells. Worst of all, a person will not be burning the necessary calories for sufficient weight loss with a low metabolism. 

There are better ways to find a plan for weight loss in San Francisco rather than forgoing food altogether. Call EZCare Clinic to schedule an appointment for a weight loss consultation to begin your weight loss plan today. 

Don’t Engage in Purging

Purging is when a person eats food to the point of overconsumption and then quickly goes to vomit it all out before it is added to their hips, belly, butt or whatever. Purging is one of the most common eating disorders in the United States, according to the National Eating Disorder Association (, 2016). While most people know that bulimia is dangerous and unhealthy, some people still do it for quick weight loss.  

Purging has a host of problems that can have serious side effects on a person’s health and appearance. Hair loss, kidney failure, and slow heart rate are just some of the more common side effects of purging (, 2016). The constant vomiting also erodes teeth, making them lose their shine through the destroyed enamel. In extreme cases, purging can cause organ failure and even death (, 2016). 

Instead, work with an EZCare Clinic doctor to formulate a meal plan that helps you with weight loss in a healthy way.

Don’t Exercise Excessively/ Follow Weight Loss Plan

Weight Loss with EzCare Clinic

It may seem like the best way for weight loss, but exercising excessively can harm the body quicker than people may believe. Most doctors agree that excessive exercise is a warning sign of a severe eating disorder. Extreme exercise can cause insomnia and decreased immune system functioning, which causes people to get sick more often.

Coupled with the fact that individuals who engage in excessive exercise are at a much higher risk of serious injury, it is one of the most dangerous ways people participate in weight loss. The best way that exercise can help you with weight loss is to give it time. Take breaks and don’t overexert yourself. 

Weight loss in San Francisco can be easy with a daily workout plan that includes cardio, resistance training, and a healthy diet. This will do wonders for your body. Call EZCare Clinic to schedule an appointment for a consultation to begin your weight loss plan today. 

Don’t Do Protein-Only Diets

Protein-only diets are one of the many fad diets that cut out huge portions of peoples nutrition with promises of healthy weight loss. What people fail to understand is that a diverse and nutrient-rich diet is key to keeping your body healthy and your metabolism high, which is key to weight loss. 

A protein-only diet has some serious risks. People who engage in a protein-only diet can expect constipation and insufficiency of fiber in their diet. In more extreme cases, they may even experience decreased liver functionality.  

The doctors at EZCare Clinic suggest embracing complex carbs such as kale, beans, and other vegetables for weight loss. Your gut will be glad you did.

Don’t Take Laxatives

Another common method of weight loss for people with eating disorders is the use of laxatives. Laxatives are a specific way to get rid of unwanted calories and “feel thin.” Although laxatives have their benefits for certain health conditions, they do more than getting things moving and purge your system of calories. Unfortunately, necessary calories and essential minerals like sodium, potassium, and other electrolytes all get flushed from your system. This process deprives cells of vital nutrients they need to function properly. Laxatives also don’t give the body enough time to absorb water, causing you to become dehydrated quicker. 

Working with a professional at EZCare Clinic can help you with a diet that is rich in healthy fibers and complex carbs to keep your body ready to work for you.

Don’t Take Dinitrophenol (DNP) 

Several doctors agree that this weight-loss supplement can be dangerous for human consumption when not taken under strict guidelines. Over the years, medical professionals have determined that Dinitrophenol has been the cause of accidental overdoses that result in extreme health issues and even death. The United States Food and Drug Administration advises that Dinitrophenol should be avoided as a diet supplement (, 2011). 

Supplements alone will not provide long-lasting weight loss. For healthy, sustainable results, a significant change of lifestyle is likely in order. Developing a plan for Weight Loss at EZCare Clinic is your best bet for keeping the pounds off.

Don’t Start Using Narcotics

Any health professional will tell you the dangers of using hard drugs for weight loss. Unfortunately, people use them to fend off feelings of hunger in an attempt for weight loss. Of course, using narcotics for weight loss is more likely to cause serious harm to your body and mental state than it is to help you live a healthier lifestyle. 

The active ingredients of methamphetamine and cocaine interact with the brain’s ability to process hunger, sometimes for days. However, there is a lengthy list of the adverse effects of these drugs, and their addictive nature makes it impossible to use it as a temporary weight loss measure. So DON’T do it! 

There is only one way to achieve sustainable, healthy weight loss in California: A smart diet and regular exercise. Call EZCare Clinic to schedule an appointment for a consultation to begin your weight loss plan today. 

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