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Emotional Support Animal Letter from

EzCare Medical Clinic, with our team of experienced physicians and mental health professionals, knows how important pets can be to those with mental or emotional health disorders. That’s why we help our valued patients secure valid online emotional support animal (ESA) letters so they can keep their pets with them in housing developments that do not normally allow pets and so they can travel with them in the cabin of airplanes—all without additional fees.

However, there are plenty of websites out there that aim to scam those with mental or emotional health problems by offering fraudulent Emotional Support services. One of these is Here is what we’ve been able to find out about this ESA scam website and why you should avoid them.

What is is a fraudulent site that claims to offer registration for both service animals and emotional support animals as well as therapist-issued letters so that pets can live and travel with their owners. The big red flags here are that there is no registration for ESAs and registration is not only invalid, but it’s impossible. Those who want an ESA letter need only get the valid letter from a licensed mental health professional or medical doctor, a service this site claims is an additional needed service.

EzCare Medical Clinic does not try to sell you products or services that you do not need. We offer only valid Online Emotional Support Animal letters that you can use in both housing and travel situations. In-person ESA appointments are accepted in our San Francisco clinic.

Is Legit?

Emotional support animal legit ESA clinic
EzCare Medical Clinic is a Legit Clinic to Get Your ESA Letter Online is not legitimate. Not only do they claim to be able to register your ESA, but they also do not have a physical location listed on their website and the phone number they have listed went unanswered. Companies that offer online ESA letter services must have a physical location where their physicians and LMHPs work out of, as we do at EzCare Medical Clinic.

In addition, there is no mention on the site of actually speaking with a physician or LMHP. Though there is a reference to a doctor’s letter so that your pet can live or fly with you, there is never any mention of talking to the doctor. At EzCare Clinic, we always interview our patients directly either in person or via our telehealth service. There is also no mention of cost for any of the services, which is another red flag as the cost should be stated up-front.

At EzCare Clinic, we care about our patients and we want to ensure they get a valid ESA letter so they can keep their pets close. That’s why we ensure we are easy to get a hold of and verify and that we’re doing our due diligence by identifying scam websites to help you avoid victimization. If you have a mental or emotional disorder and feel your pet is a form of therapeutic treatment, you deserve to have a reputable company treat you right. When you do business with EzCare Medical Clinic, you will know that your ESA letter is legitimate and that you will never have to worry about getting scammed.

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