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If you have a mental health disorder, then you know how frustrating it can be finding the right kind of treatment. Not that there isn’t a wide spectrum of treatment options, but not all of these options work for everyone. Depending on the individual, some of these options work really well while others fall flat. But that’s also why so many different options exist: No two people are alike, and no one medicine type works for everyone.

The types of treatment options vary, which can come from prescription pills, but also topical creams, ointments, and oils. In addition to these, there are also various therapy sessions, from traditional one-on-one styles and groups. Even these more traditional forms have their variations and are highly recommended along with prescribed medications. At the same time, while therapy is recommended, the prescribed meds may not be, as not all patients benefit from them. In fact, these meds can sometimes do more harm than good, making things worse for the patient.

EZCare Clinic wants to let you know all about emotional support animals, who are valid forms of treatment for those with mental and health disorders. Since other forms of therapy treatment are not always effective, and emotional support animal can be extremely beneficial for some patients. What an ESA does is provide comfort and security for the owner, which can result in strong bonds being formed between the two. Unlike a service animal, ESAs are not specially trained to do anything a regular domesticated pet would not already do. Instead, an ESA is essentially just a regular pet, with the main difference being that the owner requires them as a form of therapy. What’s more, the option for an ESA can range from the known cats and dogs, but also birds, pigs, rabbits, and snakes.

Make sure you contact EZCare Clinic if you think you can benefit from having an emotional support animal. You can come to us for receiving ESA letters that come signed by licensed doctors who will speak with you directly. These letters will let you fly on airplanes without being hassled by the airlines; they will also let you live in housing complexes that may otherwise not allow animals. Whether you want to come into our office or speak with one of our doctors via telehealth communication, we will be able to provide you with a genuine letter in both a PDF and physical form.

Is Legit? scam

Unfortunately, finding a genuine website that will provide you with a real emotional support animal letter is not always so easy. It can actually be a real challenge to find a site that isn’t trying to scam you of your money with fake letters or extra things you do not actually need. So many of these sites except for you to be looking online for an ESA letter, which is why they exist in the first place: to scam those who don’t know better.

Sites like are one such scam, and like other sites of its ilk, it follows similar patterns when it comes to what they say and what they provide. They are an interesting example because they seem to mainly advertise themselves as a service dog site. This is in itself is already problematic because it can cause one to think ESAs and service animals are similar when they really are not.

ServiceDogCertifications make it seem like the process for service animals is like the one for ESAs, except that you never have to register your animal, dog or otherwise. Even if you wanted to register your pet as an ESA, you simply can’t because no registry for it exists. However, the site does allow you to purchase ID cards and vests, all of which are utterly useless for someone with an emotional support animal. If you have an ESA, all you need is the signed document, which is only for housing complexes and when you go on trips.

There are two other things to note about ServiceDogCertifications, starting with their lack of a street address on their homepage. While having no street address is a suspicious thing to be missing for a “legitimate” business, they also do not feature a number where they can be reached. They do have a contact form, but that appears to be it.

The other more serious thing to note is that claims to not actually offer ESA letters. They offer IDs, a paper certificate (which is just the ID information), and vests, but not the actual letters you would need. Instead, they refer out to, another scam website that is just as inauthentic as any other. The fact that this site has to refer out like that (to another scam site) just solidifies how illegitimate their business is.

How Does Service Dog Certifications Compare To

Service Dog Certifications fake addressQualifying for (or requires that you fill out a questionnaire or two and someone is supposed to look over that info; afterward you will be told whether or not you have been approved. does not do this; they have you speak with a licensed doctor either in person in our offices or over the phone or video chat. Your emotional support animal letter will be written and signed for you once the doctor has approved you. An ESA letter cannot be valid unless you speak directly with a licensed doctor.

An ESA letter from can cost between $150 for the basic package, and $199 for the full package. It might appear more costly than other sites, but that’s only because Mango Clinic does things the right way. does not actually sell any ESA letters; they do sell $39 ID cards and extra ways to show off that information (like certificates that merely state the dog’s name and “registration number”).

If you want to get an ESA letter, it’s as easy as visiting our website and setting up an appointment to speak with one of our licensed doctors., as we know, does not offer anything like this. If you did it through the other website they link to, they would just have you fill out a questionnaire and not speak with an actual licensed doctor. has no guarantees since they don’t even sell actual ESA letters. Unlike them or any other sites like them, offers full a money-back guarantee for whatever reason.

Let EZCare Clinic help you get a legitimate ESA letter today. Visit our website or call us to set up your appointment to speak with a licensed doctor today.

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If you have an emotional or mental disability, you know that it can be extremely challenging. However, many people do not recognize that these types of disabilities can be just as life-altering as physical disabilities that are easier to see. Because of this, many people do not understand why someone with a mental or emotional challenge would need an animal to help provide support and comfort and to treat their disability. Because of this, many landlords and airline personnel are still resistant to the idea of Emotional Support Animals and do not want to give them the consideration they deserve under the law and fake ESA letters add some heat to the topic.

Fortunately, the U.S. government does recognize the importance of ESAs and how they effective they can be in treating those with emotional and mental challenges. That’s why they have developed laws to protect individuals who have valid ESA letters for their pets. These laws fall under the Fair Housing Act (FHA) and the Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA) which set forth laws regarding living arrangements and air travel. The FHA states that those with ESAs cannot be denied housing, even if there is a no pets policy. The ACAA states that those traveling with ESAs can keep their pets in the cabin with them during air travel and that no additional fees will be issued.

However, to benefit from these laws, you must have a valid ESA letter provided by a mental health professional or licensed Medical Doctor. Many people make the mistake of getting letters online that are not valid and will therefore not be accepted by landlords or airlines. A fake ESA letter is not only a waste of time and money, but it can also have very negative consequences on your living arrangements or travel plans.

How a Fake ESA Letter Ruined One Woman’s VacationEmotional Support pets - victims of fake ESA letters

I was in a very bad car accident six years ago. Though I was not badly injured physically, I lost someone very dear to me and have suffered from anxiety and depression ever since. I have been to a therapist regularly since my accident and early on he suggested I get a cat who could act as an Emotional Support Animal to assist with my therapy.

I did not know a lot about ESAs at the time, so I asked my therapist how I would find an ESA and how I could train a cat. Not only was I unfamiliar with fake ESA letters, I also had never owned a pet before and was unsure how to care for one.

My doctor assured me that cats are very easy to care for and that no training would be necessary for the pet to qualify as an ESA. He told me that having a companion animal would be very beneficial to my treatment and that it would be well worth any care or work I would have to put into it. My therapist suggested I visit the local animal shelter to find the perfect cat. Though I was hesitant at first, all of that changed when I met Boots.

Boots was one year old at the time I adopted her and has been my main source of comfort and love in the past six years. She has always provided me with unconditional love and I find that caring for her needs often helps me put aside my own anxiety and depression and focus on doing things for her. She has helped me cope with my problems in hundreds of different ways and I could not be more grateful to my therapist for suggesting I bring Boots into my life.

Taking Boots on Vacation

Boots goes everywhere with me, so when I decided I needed to take a vacation, I knew she would need to accompany me. Though I always viewed Boots as an Emotional Support Animal, I had never actually gotten a certified letter since I owned my own home and did not need to prove that Boots was a therapy animal. However, I knew that I would need one of these letters so that Boots could travel with me in the cabin of the airplane.

Looking back, I should have gone through my therapist to get the letter, but he was out of town and I was in a hurry to book my vacation. I looked up all the laws and regulations related to airport travel and found an online service that promised a quick and inexpensive turnaround for an ESA letter. I quickly paid my fee and received my letter a few days later, just in time for my trip.

With my letter in hand, Boots and I traveled to the airport, ready for a long weekend of sun and fun in Florida. Little did I know how much trouble awaited me.

When I was asked for my ESA letter so that Boots could travel with me in the airplane cabin, I quickly handed it over. It became clear that something was wrong, though, as the airline attendant scrutinized it longer than expected and then directed me to a manager. The manager informed me that the letter I had did not meet the guidelines for a verified ESA letter and was not in line with their airline policies. It was clear, it was a fake ESA letter.

It turned out that the online service I had used did not have any mental health professionals or MD on staff. Because an ESA letter can only be issued by a licensed Medical Doctor, my letter was useless. Not only had I wasted my money, but I had also potentially ruined my vacation.

ESA letters must, according to federal law, show a valid diagnosis of emotional or mental disability. This diagnosis has to come from a mental health professional who has examined you or gone through your medical records to arrive at this diagnosis. The letter also has to state that your ESA is an assistive aid and is a major part of your ongoing treatment. My letter had none of the requirements and would therefore not be accepted by the airline.

Instead of getting a quick fix online, I should have gone to my own therapist or I should have done more research to find an online service that had therapists on staff.

A Better Service

Boots and I did not get to travel to Florida that day. However, it was an important lesson that I will never forget and it led me to find an online service that provided valid ESA letters. By doing proper research, I was able to locate a service that had licensed mental health professionals on staff and that created letters that were fully recognized by all domestic airlines. I knew that if I wanted to book another vacation and have Boots accompany me, I had to do it right.

The service that I went with not only had certified mental health professionals that I could independently verify, but they also conducted an online mental health screening. This screening is a necessary part of the ESA process as only those who qualify for assistance can get a valid letter. It was clear to me that the service I had chosen was legitimate and that they did business the right way. I knew that with my new ESA letter, I could travel anywhere with Boots and never again have to worry about repeating my embarrassing and frustrating experience.

How to Tell if an Emotional Support Animal Letter is FakeHow to Tell if an Emotional Support Animal Letter is Legit

Spotting a fake ESA letter is not difficult once you know what to look for. Here are some red flags that the online ESA service you are considering using is not valid.

  1. There are no licensed mental health professionals or MD on staff.

Emotional Support Animal letters, according to federal law, must be written by a licensed mental health professional such as a therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist, mental health nurse practitioner or licensed Medical Doctor. If you cannot verify that one of these professionals has written your ESA letter, it may very well be invalid. Check with your specific state to see which types of licensed medical and mental health professionals can provide a legit ESA letter.

  1. The LMHP or MD does not have a license to practice in the USA.

Even if the online service has licensed mental health professionals on staff, the letter they provide may still be invalid if the professional does not have a license to practice in the US. Landlords can reject ESA letters if they are not written by those who have valid licenses in one of the states. Before you purchase an online ESA letter, ask for proof that the LMHP or MD writing the letter has the right license.

  1. There is no screening and doctor-patient interaction process.

If an online service promises quick approval and review of your online ESA application and does not conduct an in-depth screening process and you never speak to a doctor, your ESA letter will likely be fake. Under federal law, you must have a health screening by the licensed doctor writing your ESA letter for it to be valid. That is why many individuals get letters written by the LMHP or MD they are receiving therapy from. However, it is still possible to get an online letter from a Medical Doctor you have not seen in person. To do so, however, the service must do a thorough check of your health records to determine if you have a valid mental or emotional disability and that you would benefit from an ESA. 

  1. The service refers to ‘registering’ your pet as an ESA.

Pets cannot be registered as Emotional Support Animals and you cannot purchase a ‘registered ESA’. In fact, no legitimate ESA registry exists. If the service you are working with offers to register your pet or asks you to sign up for a registry, they are very likely a scam. Your ESA is not required to be registered anywhere. For it to qualify as an Emotional Support Animal and to receive the benefits from housing and airline personnel, you must only have a valid ESA letter from a licensed medical doctor.

Be warned that many fake services can sound very legitimate as they use language such as ‘United States registry’ or ‘national registry’ and can have a very convincing argument about why you need to register your pet. They may also offer a framed certificate or ID tags for your pet to confirm their ‘registration’. While these may seem like bonuses, be aware they are not necessary and are likely an indication that you are working with a service that is not legitimate.

  1. They have no customer service after your letter is sent.

If you work with a reputable service, you will be able to contact customer support even after your valid ESA letter has been issued. If you need help with verification, if you have an issue with a landlord or airline not considering your letter valid, or if you have any other questions, the service should be available for assistance. If the company you work with disappears after your letter is sent or do not respond to questions, they are likely a scam.

At EzCare Medical Clinic, we provide our patients with legit ESA prescription. Our licensed ESA doctors are providing legit Emotional Support Animal Letters which are valid in all states. Please visit to apply today or call us at (415) 966-0848 to schedule your in-person or online ESA visit.

Learn more about the research results and the effects of pets on mental health, anxiety, and depression at HABRI.

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