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Mango Clinic Emotional Support Animal Letter Review

For some people, prescribed medication is not as helpful as it could be. Either it does not do enough, or it just makes the user feel worse than before. This is why some turn to emotional support animals (ESAs); where medication can be unsuccessful and have unfortunate side-effects, animal companions become important friends and members of people’s families. It gets to a point where a person’s ESA is vital to their therapy, as the animal in question can calm and comfort their owner.

This is why it’s so important to have an emotional support animal letter, as it will allow you to take your companion to more places with much less hassle. While a landlord or airline could charge you for bringing along a pet, an official ESA letter can prevent that. It will open up your options for finding a place to live and allow you to fly coach with your pet by your side. The great benefits associated with an ESA letter also make it that much more tricky trying to get one.

Looking for legitimate companies that provide medical services is harder than you might think. If you go online and search for any sort of service, it is likely you will come across a variety of websites that claim to offer something. In the case of emotional support animals, this is a significant problem, as there are too many fraudulent websites targeting pet owners. Sites like offer genuine services like ESA letters, but many others only want your money, which makes it essential to know when a site is a scam.


How to Identify an Emotional Support Animal Scam Site

Identifying A Scam ESA Letter Site

ESA Scam sites for emotional support animals are relatively similar to each other, which means it’s easy to know if you should trust it or not. If a site lists itself as a “registry” or includes “registry” in its name, don’t even bother. There is no such thing as a registry for emotional support animals, as you do not register your pet to be an ESA.

As for the letter itself, they will most likely just ask you to fill out a form and wait until you’re “approved” by someone, either their version of a doctor or therapist. This, of course, is not how you are supposed to get a real ESA letter. Not only that, but some sites say that their letters will last for a lifetime. On the contrary, all ESA letters have a twelve-month lifespan, which means they must be renewed yearly.

Many of these sites will also sell you products that you do not need, and many of them are geared to dogs, such as vests. They also sell ID tags and cards, none of which you need. Many of these products are bundled together as kits that include the ESA letter (which can sometimes be purchased separately). But it bears repeating: None of these additional products are necessary when getting an ESA letter. Most of the products the scam sites try to sell you are known for use with service dogs, who have an entirely different job and process to go through.

Something else to notice is whether the site provides a physical address and a working phone number. Any business that offers ESA letters must have a physical location, and many of these scam sites do not provide one. If they have a phone number, it should also be working and not continually send you to voicemail, as that is very suspicious. A vast majority of these sites only let you get in touch with them via a contact form, which should not be the only way to contact a business that is supposed to offer health services.

Is Mango Clinic Legit? is a legitimate site that offers genuine emotional support animal letters and provides real guarantees behind their services. Unlike fraudulent sites, Mango Clinic does things the right way by having you speak with a licensed doctor who will be able to recommend you for an ESA letter if you and your pet qualify. Filling out an online questionnaire and letting an unknown group review it for approval is not how it works. You must speak with a licensed doctor, as they are the only ones who can legally approve you for getting official ESA documentation. This can be done over the phone, too, via telehealth communication, making it easier for people to get an official letter for their pet.

Mango Clinic will also never make you purchase anything as part of a “kit” or encourage you to get the gear you don’t need. When it comes to the ESA documentation, they will allow you to choose between covering housing, travel, or both. If your letter is not accepted for any reason, you can contact them to let them handle the situation. It can be a landlord or airline who may not take the documentation as legit, and in these cases, Mango Clinic will be able to explain and prove it as valid. They also include a 100{c8203d9761d747080d5d8d8905d1aba42b1fc0bb0c6677c47be69113e1f0c095} money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied. Additionally, they will never charge you for an extra ESA, as all animals you choose are covered under one letter.

In addition to emotional support animal letters, Mango Clinic also provides a variety of services that can assist people both in person and online. Among the services included are assistance with ADD/ADHD, sexual dysfunction, depression, anxiety, and weight loss. And all of their doctors can be verified by their license by visiting this government website.

Mango Clinic Reviews

Here are some reviews that further support how well regarded Mango Clinic is.

There are many scam sites out there, and many of them specifically target people looking for emotional support animal documentation. Do not be a victim of malicious and fraudulent businesses that only want to sell you phony letters and unneeded vests for your pet. By visiting, you can be assured of genuine service and care, including official ESA letters that are approved by licensed doctors. You can reach Mango Clinic by visiting their website or calling their phone number listed on their site.


If you’re stressing about how you qualify for an Emotional Support Animal, the following requirements are going to help you comprehend the process better. If you, like a good amount of the U.S. population, are having a difficult time handling day-to-day tasks, there’s a good chance you’ll have no problem in being approved. Usually, specific life events and experiences may result in a decrease in someone’s emotional or mental stability, which, as a result, affects their daily life. Those mental disabilities include, yet aren’t limited to:

What Qualifies for ESA Certification

  • Personality Disorder
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Panic attacks
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

If any of the aforementioned conditions apply to you, you’ll easily have the ability to be eligible for an Emotional Support Animal after filling out an assessment form. Are you:

  • Experiencing a hard time maintaining relationships with others?
  • Feeling continually depressed or anxious for more than one day?
  • Developing paranoia and additional irrational fears connected to otherwise normal life problems or situations?
  • Experiencing an inability or difficulty in engaging with other people in private or public settings?

If any of the aforementioned conditions apply to you, you’ll easily have the ability to be eligible for an Emotional Support Animal letter. If you need an ESA to help you through mental disability symptoms, the first thing you should do is decide if you want to easily obtain your letter on the Internet or spend the day at the doctor’s clinic. Many folks opt to try the easier path by getting it on the Internet, yet there certainly are some people who’d rather go to their therapist’s office and that certainly is fine, as well.

The choice is yours – know that either way, if you’re eligible, you will be on your way to obtaining a legally enforced ESA letter! What do you do if your therapist won’t provide an ESA Letter for your pet?

How to Obtain an ESA Letter Online

If you are wondering how you should ask your therapist for an ESA certification, you might feel nervous about talking about the problem or dread the reply you may obtain from a therapist who seems too busy to pay attention to you. Unfortunately, not every therapist understands the challenges we might face on a routine basis as a consequence of genuine phobias or trauma we cannot control. Most therapists have a “treat it and the street it” attitude and may recommend that you begin to take medications instead of listening to your reasoning for having a desire for an Emotional Support Animal.

While medicine may be useful, that is a separate portion of a treatment strategy and is not actually a substitution for an Emotional Support Animal. As your therapist does not seem inclined to listen, it’s possible to obtain an ESA letter online.

The procedure begins with an evaluation questionnaire. All that’s needed to do is answer a few questions concerning the issue at hand. As the assessment is complete, you will get to speak with a trained therapist by phone. Your therapist will evaluate your data, listen to the way that you describe your issues and make a determination about your Emotional Support Animal letter based upon what’s said. The therapists do not have a hidden agenda and they really believe in the positive power that animals can provide in the lives of the ones who have psychological or emotional difficulties. The conversation is likely going to be brief, friendly, and easy.

Should I Be Concerned That I Will Not Be Eligible for ESA Certification?

If you have a life-limiting health issue or any additional emotional or personality condition which has a demonstrable negative impact on your life, you may be eligible for an Emotional Support Animal prescription. As mentioned above, the issue in question doesn’t need to be fully debilitating. Most folks who have ESAs live lives a stranger would view as “normal” because the problems they live with are only apparent to them or only are a concern in certain situations.

For instance, if you reside in a tenth-floor apartment and all of a sudden have an experience which makes you scared of your building’s elevator, odds are that it’ll have a negative impact on your life. It’s something an Emotional Support Animal may help with. Getting inside the elevator with your animal next to you might make it a lot easier to remain calm and even concentrate on the coping strategies learned in therapy. It’s just one in an entire array of possible scenarios an Emotional Support Animal may assist with.

All you need to do is explain your problem and discuss your animal with one of the therapists. The experts are eager to help and compassionate. They know that an Emotional Support Animal letter completely can change the life of someone who is being held back by certain circumstances that are out of their control. The criteria applied to their decision are broad and they usually make allowances for different situations. You do not have to have a major disability like a physical handicap or visual impairment to be eligible, so do not be concerned that your condition is not “serious” or “real” enough. The procedure for how to obtain an ESA is not an inquisition. It is merely a discussion concentrated on assisting you in living your best life.

Eventually, you do not have to be concerned with having to hop through challenging hoops and being placed through the wringer of answering personal questions. All that’s needed to do is explain the ways your pet presently helps or might aid you in improving your life and mitigating debilitating or painful emotional reactions. They make it simple, with most of their clients getting their Emotional Support Animal letter within three days. Do not hesitate—begin your evaluation to get the ball rolling, as well as formalize your medically-significant relationship with your animal.


For those who own animals, one thing that is commonly understood is the difficulty in finding housing opportunities that permit the ownership of a pet on the property. Landlords often have the right to forbid the ownership of animals in their homes and use the justification of damages or other issues in order to deem their claims credible against pet owners. However, luckily for those who do own pets, especially if you require the animal in terms of their emotional support, it can be made much easier and more efficient to open up housing opportunities for you.

Although there are still cases in which the landlord has the right to refuse an emotional support animal onto their property, in the majority of the housing circumstances, having a legitimate and credible ESA certification makes it illegal for the landlord to discriminate against pet owners. Here are a few ways in which have an Emotional Support Animal letter will make your move easier and more efficient, regardless of the regulations in which the landlord has implemented:

Make Sure to Meet the Requirements

Being in ownership of an ESA letter for your animal definitely puts you well on your way towards a much easier move, but before doing so, it is crucial to ensure that you satisfy the requirements as outlined in the Fair Housing Act (FHA). These requirements include things such as legitimately having an emotional or mental disability that places you at a disadvantage in major life activities, having a medical record of such a disability in your medical history, or being regarded by a mental health professional that these issues truly do plague your daily lifestyle. Once these issues are taken care of, it makes the entire process easier.

It should also be noted that the animal must not be a detriment to the financial or administrative components for the landlord, which would cause the landlord to have to alter the home in any way. If the animal is not deemed a threat to the well-being of the property itself, then the homeowner is legally required to not discriminate against the individual who owns the pet, ultimately allowing them to rent the property in question.

information a housing provider can ask for

Rights of a Landlord

Although there are certain factors that the landlord can ask for in order to certify that your animal truly is for emotional support purposes, there are also an array of things in which protect you from having to be tell-all to the homeowner. For example, a landlord is legally required to accept the letter without inquiring further about your mental or emotional disability, and cannot pry into the medical history if the letter is legitimate. However, they do have the right to request the letter, and do so from a medical mental health professional, in order to truly certify that the animal is for the purposes of support.

Another protection that landlords have is against the general understanding of the animal or animals in question, pertaining to the type of animal that is owned and the characteristics in which the animal or a specific breed portrays. For example, landlords have the right to refuse the ownership of dogs that are known to be overly aggressive, such as pit bulls or Rottweilers. Or, if the animals are excessive in terms of the property in question, such as multiple cats or a donkey, the landlord can claim that this type of circumstance would bring damage to the property, and therefore refuse your right to an ESA on their grounds.

Your Rights as an ESA Letter Holder

When can my request with an ESA letter for accommodation can be denied

However, a credible certification that the animal is an ESA makes it illegal for a landlord to charge this fee, due to the fact that the animal is required for a medical condition of the tenant in question. Furthermore, the presentation and proclamation of owning an animal do not need to happen immediately after submitting an application, or in the circumstance wherein you are already in the home, can be given when you feel comfortable. This can help ESA owners in finding a property that suits them best, without the landlord being able to subconsciously disregard their application due to the ownership of the pet. Make sure to read the rules and regulations that exist in regards to ownership and giving of the ESA certification, in order to ensure that there is smooth and efficient communication between you and the landlord.

The fact of the matter is that those who own pets often have difficulty finding a property that suits them best, given the negative stigma that comes with owning a pet in a household. However, for those who are in possession of a legitimate and justifiable ESA certification, this process can be made easier and more efficient. When considering a specific home to rent, it is crucial to make sure that your letter fits with the requirements that are spelled out under the FHA, as well as being a relevant support animal under the standards that it won’t damage or cause problems to the home.

Being open and honest with landlords upon attaining this letter is crucial, and promoting the idea of respect and communication is a way to ensure that no problems or roadblocks arise between you and your future landlord. Make sure to be aware of the various rules and regulations before going headfirst into this process, so that both your time and the landlord’s time, is not wasted through the process.

To apply for Emotional Support Letter, schedule your appointment in San Francisco by calling (415) 966-0848, or click here to get your ESA letter online.

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