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Traveling with your Emotional Support Animal without any extra costs or fee is permitted by airline carriers if there’s an ESA letter provided. But, you must comply with a few requirements. All airlines are going to require that your Emotional Support Animal be calm on the plane and well behaved in public. It’s possible to obtain an at home dog training guide then train your dog on your own. This won’t just save money, additionally, it will ensure you have an enjoyable experience flying with the dog.

Go over the following list for every airline in order for you to be prepared and avoid all hitches as you check into the flight.

American Airlines ESA

Airline Requirements for Travel with Your ESA

This airline acknowledges the necessities of some requiring a psychiatric service animal or emotional support animal. The airline requires supporting paperwork that facilitates the request, like an Emotional Support Animal travel letter that is issued during the year of travel.

The paperwork has to come from a medical doctor or licensed mental health professional, with this information as per the website of American Airlines:

  • That you have an emotional or mental disability recognized within the DSM IV
  • That you require the psychiatric service or emotional support animal as an accommodation for traveling by air and/or for activity at your next destination
  • That the person offering the evaluation is a licensed medical doctor or licensed mental health professional, and you’re under her or his care
  • The type and date of the medical doctor’s or mental health professional’s license and state or additional jurisdiction where the license was issued

The paperwork ought to be offered to American Airlines at the minimum of two days prior to the arranged flight or else the ESA would need to be checked into a kennel within the compartment while the flight is motion.

Delta Airlines ESA

This airline suggests an early alert about traveling with animals while arranging reservations and you already can ask for a seat assignment when doing so.  However, the animal will have to remain upon the floor beside the owner’s seat. As claimed in the airline’s website, ‘No animals are permitted to occupy seats which are designed for passengers.’

The company expects the ESA to be well-behaved and is going to require paperwork from the owner before traveling. Specifically, that letter has to have the following, according to the airline’s website:

  • License number, address, title and jurisdiction (country/state it was issued), a signature of a mental health professional, and phone number.
  • The passenger has a mental health-associated disability that is recognized in the Diagnostic & Statistical Manual – Fourth Edition.
  • The passenger requires the psychiatric service or emotional support animal as an accommodation for traveling by air and/or for activity at the owner’s destination.
  • The person listed inside the letter is underneath the care of evaluating mental health expert or physician.

The airline may consider a digital letter saved on a device, so long as it contains the details above.

Jet Blue Airlines ESA

Like additional airlines, Jet Blue’s ESA travel requirements is paperwork which has the following, according to the airline’s site:

  • The customer has a mental health-associated disability.
  • Pet accompanying the owner is needed to the owner’s treatment or mental health
  • The type and number of pet(s)
  • Individual offering the evaluation of the owner is a physician or licensed mental health expert and the owner is under her or his care.
  • A physician or mental health expert’s license number or the kind of license, date of issue, as well as state or additional jurisdiction where it the license was issued

Also, the letter mustn’t be over a year old from travel date and it has to have the traveler’s confirmation number for reference.

Southwest Airlines ESA

This airline allows for travel of ESAs inside the cabin, except for Jamaican destinations. Also, the airline requires a travel letter from a licensed mental health provider with this information, as stated in the documentation guidelines established by Southwest Airlines:

  • The passenger has an emotional or mental disability that is recognized in the DSM IV – 4th Edition
  • Passenger requires the psychiatric service or emotional support animal as an accommodation for traveling by air and/or for activity at the customer’s destination
  • Individual offering the assessment is a licensed mental health physician, and the passenger is under her or his care
  • The type of date of the medical doctor or mental health professional’s license and state or additional jurisdiction where it was issued.

United Airlines ESA

Also, United Airlines requires paperwork that is similar to other airlines. But, the company has some regulations as to where the dog or another animal ought to be inside the cabin of the aircraft. Specifically, ‘the animal ought to sit at the owner’s feet without protruding inside the aisles in order to comply with safety rules. For smaller animals, owners might elect to utilize an approved in-cabin kennel. Exit row seating usually is prohibited, according to the site.

The airline requests that the travel paperwork and additional arrangements have to be advised at the minimum of 48-hours prior to the flight.

Virgin America ESA

This airline’s documentation policy for travelers with Emotional Support Animals is standard and like the rest, this ought to be issued no more than one year before traveling. It also must be written by a medical professional who is licensed, as posted on the website of Virgin America.

The paperwork has to ascertain that:

  • The customer has a mental health-associated disability
  • Having the pet accompany the customer is needed for the customer’s treatment, mental health, or to aid the customer (with her or his disability)
  • The person giving the evaluation of the customer is a licensed mental health expert
  • The customer is under the care of the person offering the paperwork.

Also, the airline requires a health certificate prior to the individual traveling with his animal to Hawaii. It ought to be valid for a minimum of one month from the travel date.

If you are flying soon and suffer from a mental or emotional disability, come to San Francisco for an ESA letter to avoid fees and bring your pet on board with you. We are open 7 days a week, from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm. You can get your Emotional Support Animal letter online, give us a call to schedule your ESA appointment!


The interest towards emotional support animals (ESA) in recent years has not only been due to the findings that pets can benefit our mental and emotional well-being but also given the benefits and advantages that come with legitimately designating your animal as an ESA.

The certification is recognized under various types of laws and regulations in the United States, giving those with ESA letters protections under certain types of discrimination that may arise due to their ownership of an animal. However, when looking at the most prominent ways in which these documents can protect against unfair fees, it is clear that the two that stand out the most are those seen in housing and travel circumstances. These protections ensure that any fees are exempt from those who have the legitimate documents claiming that they require the support of their animal companion, and can be beneficial in bringing about fair treatment for you and your pet. Here is how they protect against unfair payments.

Airline Travel and ESA

Eliminate Airline Fees and Bring Your Pet On Board

This is one of the most commonly sought after reasons that individuals try to get an ESA documentation. For the most part, animals and pets are restricted from being allowed onboard commercial aircraft, barring their owners from being able to take them on vacation or travels, no matter the circumstance.

However, luckily for animal owners around the country that have a valid reason to bring their pets on their trips with them, an ESA letter can ensure that not only is your animal allowed on the flight, but also that you are not charged any extra fees for wanting to bring them with you.

The Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA) is a federal law that claims any discrimination against an individual due to their physical or mental disabilities is unlawful and punishable under such regulations. This applies to animal companions that provide emotional support as well, as they are considered to be ways in which individuals suffering from such handicaps are able to cope with their challenges. Anybody who has a legitimate certification from a mental health professional will be allowed to bring their animals on board, given that they fall under the umbrella of compliance for relevant and plausible animals to bring on board.

However, there are certain requirements that must be certifiably met in order to not only be able to bring the animal on-board but also to avoid being charged added fees for doing so. These specifications include having valid documents that provide explanations as to why or how the animal provides the proclaimed emotional support, a letter from a mental health expert that is endorsing the use of the animal to alleviate symptoms of the disability, as well as having a mental or emotional disorder that falls under the category of mental disorders as described in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-V). If all of these bases are covered, then it provides the opportunity for you to bring your ESA with you on your work trips, vacations, and other travels, keeping your companion close at almost all times.

Tips for traveling with ESA

ESA for Housing

Another major reason why individuals have attempted to opt-out of an ESA certification is due to the fact that many landlords often fail to recognize and permit the ownership of pets. Especially when it comes to renting or leasing, the landlord may be concerned about the well-being of the home itself, and believe that the pet will cause damage to the property.

In this regard, landlords will often undergo one of two routes. These include either outright forbidding the ownership of animals on their property, or another route which entails collecting a sometimes hefty financial deposit to ensure against any aesthetic damages that the animal brings about to the unit. Either way, the ESA letter comes immensely in handy when it comes to housing opportunities.

However, under the Fair Housing Act (FHA), those who are in ownership of a legitimate ESA document are able to bypass these proposed restrictions as imposed by landlords, allowing them to have more opportunities and options in finding a home that suits them best. Not only do the restrictions of the landlord dissipate, as a result, but they are also simultaneously forbidden by law to ask for a pet deposit to act as insurance against any potential damages that may arise. An attempt to do so is punishable by the law, and any attempt to discriminate against you for your ownership of an emotional support animal is also, similarly, illegal.

As a result, an ESA can save you not only headache and difficulty when looking for a home that allows your companion to come with you, it also protects you from unfair and unwarranted pet deposits at the will of the landlord. However, it is important to make sure that the documentation you have is valid and legitimate, due to the fact that the landlord does have the right to ask for the letter from the medical professional. If the document is deemed illegitimate, it no longer provides protection under the FHA, or any laws, and allows the landlord to forgo your application for the home.

Emotional Support Animal Protection From Housing and Airline Fees

Get an Emotional Support Animal Letters

When looking at how the certification of an ESA can provide widespread benefits for you and your pets, it is clear that it provides more openness and freedoms, while simultaneously protecting you against any unfair fees and expenses. Especially in terms of airline travel and housing discrimination, such a letter protects your emotional disability against any attempt to disregard your needs, due to the fact that you are prescribed the animal as a result of certain debilitations.

If you feel that you suffer from an emotional disorder, and have yet to attain the letter or determine whether you truly do, consider visiting a mental health expert to see if they can diagnose if the disability does exist. Taking the time to do so, especially if you already own a pet, will provide a range of benefits and advantages that would have otherwise been absent, and make it more easy and efficient to own a pet regardless of certain rules and regulations that are in place against them.

If your landlord doesn’t allow pets, or you are traveling soon and want to avoid airline fees, EZCare Clinic can help. Make an appointment to see one of our licensed physicians for your ESA letter in San Francisco today. You can also get your Emotional Support Animal (ESA) letter online by downloading our ZenMD app. We are open 7 days a week, from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm.


Those who own pets have a fairly clear understanding of the advantages that come with them. The companionship, the support, playfulness, and everything in between having emotional support animal can be immensely beneficial. However, at times, owning such pets can become a challenge, especially if you want to travel with them. Luckily for those who qualify for an Emotional Support Animal, and the benefits that come with them, it can make traveling a much easier venture.

Having a legitimate ESA certification letter from a medical professional not only gives you new opportunities to bring your pet with you when you are traveling, but it also grants various advantages that those who do not have one can enjoy. Regardless of which advantages that may apply to you, here are a few ways in which having an ESA certification can make the travel much easier and more efficient.


ESA Can Travel with You

Travelling by air with Emotional Support Animal

One of the difficulties when it comes to transporting an animal is that airlines have a strict animal policy on their commercial flights. At times, pet owners may be forced to check-in their pets the same way they do with their luggage, leading to a great deal of anxiety both for the individual, as well as the animal in question.

If you have an Emotional Support Animal letter that is legitimate and credible, distributed to you from an actual mental health professional or licensed MD, nearly all airlines are required by law to allow the animal on board the airplane with you. However, as mentioned, this letter must be legitimate in the eyes of the airline company, as many online services that give you an ESA provide illegitimate ones that are not certifiable and justifiable by mental health professionals or any doctor. As such, airlines can determine whether the letter is real or not by simply looking at a few indicators.

These include things such as the specific mental or emotional disability you may be suffering from, the legitimacy of the mental health professional or Medical Doctor through their license numbers, as well as the date and type of health professional that is listed on their license, and ensuring that they are certified to practice within the USA. If all of these components check out, and you have gotten a legit ESA letter, the airline is legally bound to abide by the claims that are made on the ESA letter and allow you to bring your pet on board the airliner with you.


No Pet Travel Fee with ESA Letter

When it comes to traveling with an animal, many airlines not only make it difficult for the requirements to do so to be met, but they simultaneously tend to tack on outrageous fees to justify the travel. However, these can be avoided when such travel emotional support companions have the proper and legitimate ESA documentation to do so, specifically in the form of a credible ESA clinic. Traveling with a pet can be a difficult experience unless your Emotional Support Pet letter is up to date and can be certified by the airlines.

The benefit of having a proper emotional pet certification is that, under the Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA), the airline is required by law to not only allow the animal to board the airplane with their owner but that they simultaneously are forbidden to charge a travel fee to the passenger. In doing so, these fees can range from $90 to $300 for a single one-way flight, making it a financial struggle for many to bring their pets on board. However, with a legitimate ESA letter, the airline may not charge owners any fee, and this can be avoided on all of the legs of the trip which you may be taking.


Boarding Benefits with ESA Letter


Tips for traveling with Emotional Support Animal
Have you ever been sitting, waiting at the gate, for your section for the plane to be allowed to board? Often times, given the number of people trying to travel, you can find yourself waiting quite some time until you are finally allowed to board the plane. For those who have a legitimate ESA letter that has been certified by the airline, these hassles can be forgone, as the requirement to board among the first people on the plane is another thing that is required by the law.


Given the difficulties of managing a pet when you are traveling, those who own emotional support animals will be given the privilege and opportunity to board the plane at the same time as some of the first people. These people include those who are traveling first class, elite flying members that are signed up with the frequent flyer program, and others who are sitting towards the front of the plane. This helps you ensure that you and your emotional support animal get a spot that works best for you, as well as ensuring that no space-related issues arise while you are attempting to bring the animal on board. These benefits are crucial for pet owners, especially considering the extra baggage that the pet may represent, leaving more room and advantages to finding a place to put your pet on the trip.


Emotional Support Pet Policy by Airline

 Southwest pet policysouthwest pet policy

Southwest Airlines will charge you $95 per pet fare each way via southwest pet policy. That’s $190 round trip that will be added on to your expenses just to get your pet to travel with you. Receiving an E.S.A letter will help avoid these extra expenses and bypass southwest pet policy rules and charges. Should you have any questions regarding southwest pet policy, please feel free to contact us at (415) 966-0848. At Ezcare Medical Clinic, our staff will help you to complete all needed Emotional Support Animal documentation in accordance with Southwest Airlines pet policy.

JetBlue pet policy  Jetblue pet policy

JetBlue airlines will charge you a pet fee of $125 each way via JetBlue pet policy. If you add that up, we are looking at roughly $250 round trip that you will be paying out of pocket to get your pet to travel with you. To avoid these extra costs via JetBlue pet policy rules, you can get evaluated for an emotional support animal letter here at EzCare Clinic. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at (415)-966-0848 or via email

Alaska airlines pet policyAlaska air pet policy

For travel on Alaska Airlines, PenAir, and Ravn Alaska, expenses are listed for $125 for one way and $250 for a round trip. Just like any other major domestic airline, Alaska airlines pet policy not only charges a fee but requires the pet to be present while going through security officers at the checkpoint. If you provide a verified ESA letter present and shown, not only will the cost will off-set but provide the opportunity for your pet to fly wherever you sit in the cabin. Should you have any further questions regarding Alaska airlines pet policy, please feel free to contact us at (415)-966-0848 or via email

Lufthansa pet policyLufthansa pet policy

Lufthansa has a slight, different approach when it comes to fees and charges that are added for bringing your pet along. The good thing is that each passenger may bring 2 pets on board instead of one. According to Lufthansa pet policy, traveling domestic routes within Europe is a charge of 60 euros or $69 for one way flight per pet. If you are traveling to North Africa, Central Asia, and Eastern Mediterranean coastal countries, we are looking at roughly 80 euros or $92 one way per pet. Routes to/from Japan are 70 euros or $100 one way per pet. Short international flights are 90 euros or $103, medium international flights are 100 euros or $115, and long international flights are 110 euros or $126 per pet. Lufthansa is one of the largest Alpha German airlines in the entire world, so fees for Lufthansa pet policy will be fluctuated depending on the flight itinerary and situation. To avoid these costs, you can receive an ESA letter to counter Lufthansa pet policy fees. Should you have any further questions regarding Lufthansa pet policy, please feel free to contact us for more help.


Get your Emotional Support Animal Letter

Overall, when looking at the ways that an Emotional Support Animal letter can make traveling on an airplane much easier and more efficient, it is clear that the benefits are plenty. If one is in possession of an ESA letter that is legitimate and certified by a credible Doctor licensed to practice medicine in the USA, it affords them with an array of advantages that make flying with their pet much easier.

Whether this is the exemption from pet travel fees, allowing the animal to fly in the main cabin with the owner, or the benefits of being able to board the plane with the first group of passengers, having an ESA letter can provide a wide array of advantages that may otherwise not be able to be provided to animal owners. Before flying, make sure you have a legitimate ESA letter, and that you’ve contacted the airline before your flight so that everything goes smoothly and according to plan.

We are conveniently located in Noe Valley/Castro district and open for walk-ins 7 days a week 11 am to 7 pm. Apply for your ESA letter today.

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