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calico cat

January 24, 2019 Emotional Support Animal0

Dubbed as a “lucky charm” in many places around the world, the Calico Cat has become very popular and highly sought after as a household pet. While their history and genetic makeup bring interest to many cat fanatics, it is safe to say that behaviors vary wildly making them a fascinating creature. Due to their […]

weight loss clinics

November 16, 2018 Weight Loss0

When looking for a weight loss clinic, many elements can come into play. These elements include types of nutritional program, desired goal, access to doctors and type of medical support provided. Recent years have significantly increased the technologies of medical weight loss. These increases in medical weight loss allow diets to branch outside of the […]

weight loss and dieting

  Tired of Dieting? Little success can come from trying a dietary program without complete dedication to the program. Usually, these programs will ask participants to reduce calories and begin an exercise routine. Some programs may even include prescription appetite suppressants that cause the customer to lose weight, but the weight loss may come from muscle mass and water weight not from […]

July 10, 2017 Walk-In Clinic0

Our clinicians and doctors in San Francisco believe that using a variety of disciplines is the best solution to restoring your vitality and health. With our help, you can overcome many medical conditions that are interfering with performing your daily tasks. Our professional and compassionate staff members address many medical conditions that include addiction, anxiety, […]