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  Almost everyone today knows that being overweight is not healthy. The terms Body Mass Indicator (BMI), obesity, high blood pressure and heart disease are often used in everyday speech, in videos and in the literature that is written about being overweight. Sadly, knowing all of this does not make weight loss easy. In fact, […]

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September 2, 2018 Weight Loss3

For many women, weight loss is a struggle. Even after weeks and months of strenuous effort, it can be difficult to shed those unwanted pounds and finally get back into that smaller pair of jeans. While weight loss for women is no easy feat, we have several tips to make the process of shedding those […]

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One-third of the world is now overweight with the United States leading this trend. With the extra weight comes health issues such as diabetes, decreased mobility, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, decreased confidence and self-esteem, and many more diseases and conditions. Not to mention, that losing weight is extremely difficult to do. A large percentage […]

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  Tired of Dieting? Little success can come from trying a dietary program without complete dedication to the program. Usually, these programs will ask participants to reduce calories and begin an exercise routine. Some programs may even include prescription appetite suppressants that cause the customer to lose weight, but the weight loss may come from muscle mass and water weight not from […]