Top 5 Adult ADHD Treatment Centers in San Francisco

Adult ADHD Treatment

Adult ADHD can have truly devastating effects on individuals and families. Because many still believe that only children can have this disorder, it is often misunderstood and is chronically misdiagnosed. ADHD can mimic many other disorders including bipolar disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, or just a lack of organizational skills. Many adults never seek treatment for their ADHD because they do not realize they have a treatable disorder and that, by receiving therapy or prescription medication, they could lessen their symptoms. Fortunately, adult ADHD has become more recognized by individuals and healthcare practitioners in recent years. It is now estimated that eight million adults in the United States have this disorder and there may be many more who have not yet sought treatment. For those who have seen a healthcare professional for their ADHD, they have experienced the many treatment options available. These can include:


Cognitive behavioral therapy  Therapy to address self-esteem issues and to alter the way that those with adult ADHD deal with their thoughts and subsequent behavior can often be very effective for those with the disorder. It’s important that those who seek treatment find a clinic with physicians familiar with treating the disorder in this way. They can then develop a therapeutic coaching or therapy program that addresses the unique needs of adults dealing with ADHD. This can include stress management as well as group or family therapy to help those close to the afflicted individual support and understand them.


Medications  Stimulants such as Vyvance, Concerta, and Adderall may sometimes be effective in treating those with adult ADHD. However, it’s important to recognize that adults react to stimulant medications differently than children do. In many cases, stimulants do not effectively treat those with adult ADHD and other medications, such as the non-stimulant Strattera, may be tried instead. In almost every case of adult ADHD, medications should be paired with some type of individual or group therapy to provide comprehensive, effective treatment. That’s why it’s important for those with this condition to seek treatment at a clinic that specializes in adult ADHD. If you live in the San Francisco area and are looking for one of these clinics, here are your five best options:


Bay Area Adult ADHD

Bay Area Adult ADHD


Bay Area Adult ADHD has seven therapists on staff that specialize in treating adult ADHD. The clinicians are trained to test for adult ADHD and provide a thorough assessment that helps to differentiate this disorder from other similar conditions. They can then treat both the primary diagnosis as well as secondary issues such as drug and alcohol abuse, anxiety, relationship problems, and more. This clinic offers a free anonymous online screening that can be performed online and takes less than five minutes to complete. They also offer convenient online scheduling makingit easy to request an appointment.


Elite Focus Clinic

Elite focus Clinic

Drs. Lawrence Choy and Zaakir Yoonas, the founders of Elite Focus Clinic, performed their psychiatry residency at Stanford University and became interested in the prevalence of adult ADHD. This prompted them to seek further education in the disorder and they opened Elite Focus Clinic in 2015 specifically to treat the disorder. With their highly trained staff, they strive to make patients feel like family and provide the support they need to treat their disorder. In addition to assessment and testing, the clinic provides treatment in the form of therapy or medication, coaching, and nutrition counseling. They offer convenient online scheduling for those who are interested in an evaluation.


EzCare Medical Clinic 


EzCare Medical Clinic has a staff of highly trained psychologists and counselors in addition to a large team of general practitioners and clinic nurses. They specialize in adult ADHD as well as secondary conditions such as stress management, alcohol abuse, anxiety, smoking cessation, weight management, and OCD treatment. They offer convenient walk-in hours for those who do not want to schedule an appointment as well as appointment hours. In addition to clinical testing for ADHD, they also offer personalized plans to help those suffering from the disorder. These plans can include counseling, behavioral therapy, lifestyle modifications, medications, or a combination of these.


Well Clinic


Well Clinic

Well Clinic has two locations in San Francisco as well as a third location in Berkeley. They have a full staff of therapists, psychiatrists, and executive coaches to help those dealing with adult ADHD and other mental disorders. With an integrative approach to treating adult ADHD, the staff at Well Clinic provides a full suite of therapy services in a relaxing and safe space. By creating an individual program including cognitive behavioral therapy, meditation, and mindfulness, the professional staff at Well Clinic can treat those with ADHD in a holistic way.


San Francisco Neuropsychology 


San Francisco Neuropsychology has a full staff of physicians who provide assessments, diagnostic services, and treatment to those suffering from a number of emotional and mental disorders including adult ADHD. Their treatment approach focuses on brain functioning and identifying the strengths and weaknesses of each individual to 

San Francisco Neuropsychology

determine the best treatment plan. In addition to medication when appropriate, they also use cognitive behavioral therapy, coping strategies, and family therapy to help patients deal with their disorder, minimize symptoms, and improve interpersonal relationships. Choosing the best clinic for your needs is an important part of your adult ADHD treatment. Though all of the above clinic provide professionals who are 

well-educated and experienced in treating adult ADHD, your personal history and preferences will determine at which clinic you will feel the most comfortable. Keep in mind where they are located as you may need to visit their clinic numerous times during your treatment. Also consider whether you want a clinic that focuses on a holistic approach or if you want a clinic that is also skilled in treating secondary symptoms as well as the primary one. Finally, determine the level of customer service the clinic offers during your consultation and choose the one that you feel can best treat your unique situation.

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EzCare Medical clinic Logo



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