Emotional Support and a Regular Cat: What’s the Difference?

emotional support


The use of therapy and service animals continues to grow in popularity across the entire country. An emotional support animal (ESA) helps to alleviate negative symptoms due to emotional and psychological disorders. Cats are perfect candidates for becoming an ESA due to their intelligence and affectionateness. These pets can provide emotional warmth and help their owners feel more relaxed.

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Here are a few key distinctions in knowing the difference between an emotional support cat and a regular cat.

#1 Therapy for Emotional or Psychological Disorder

Providing therapy for an emotional or psychological disorder is one of the most important qualifying conditions to register your cat as an emotional support animal. These health conditions can be wide-ranging, such as depression, anxiety, panic attacks, or post-traumatic stress disorder. A mental health expert can help you determine if a person is qualified to have an ESA letter that demonstrates that their cat is an emotional support animal.


Emotional Support Cat
The Best 3 Emotional Support Cat Breeds


#2 Pets and Residential Areas

Not all landlords will grant approval for their tenants to keep pets within their premises. However, the Fair Housing Act makes it possible to allow for emotional support animals, as it is viewed as a reasonable accommodation. Some landlords may charge higher fees to dissuade tenants from keeping pets, as it is a good idea to find a place that best matches your needs.

#3 Pets in Public Places

Many public and commercial buildings tend to discourage having pets on the premise. However, it is always a good idea to carry your ESA letter with you if your cat is registered as an emotional support animal. This documentation gives you the legal right to have an emotional support cat without breaking any rules.

#4 Travelling on a Vacation

Most public transportation services, such as planes restrict the movement of several animals. Keeping this in mind is important if you plan to travel on a vacation. You will need the help of a loved one to take care of your regular cat while you are away, but you have the option of bringing your emotional support cat with you while you travel.

Emotional Support Cat
Characteristics of an ESA Cat

An ESA letter makes it possible for emotional support cats to be with their owner while traveling. Of course, you will need to get the proper documentation before you make your travel plans and ensure that your cat will not be a nuisance to fellow travelers.

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Cats are excellent animals for emotional support and can form a long-lasting bond with their owners. You can always reach out to a licensed professional at Ezcare Clinic if you believe that you qualify for an ESA letter. You can also contact us by using an online ESA letter application.

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