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10 Ways to Lose Weight Before the Holidays


The holidays are around the corner! Are you aiming to shed a few pounds and look at your trimmest and fittest this holiday season? There is no shortage of things you can do to lose weight before the holidays. The secret is to follow the right tips to help you get slim and enter the holiday season looking and feeling healthier, happier and not to mention, a couple of pounds lighter! Lose weight with us today!

Indulge moderately to lose weight rapidly

Here are 10 great tips to help you lose weight before this holiday season and make sure that you look and feel your best:

  1. Pack Healthy Snacks: Whether you are at work or your home, hunger can strike any time. When this happens, you should have healthy snack options instead of the calorie-filled products that you usually get from the vending machine. The right healthy snack can satisfy your hunger until dinner time and prevent you from eating other calorie-dense, non-nutritious foods. Always have a handful of almonds, sugar- and fat-free yogurt, fresh fruit smoothies, etc. with you to satisfy your hunger – be sure to pack a healthy snack of 100 to 200 calories daily.
  2. Increase Water Intake: Did you know that you can easily become dehydrated during the colder months? And you can confuse your thirst for hunger, making it more likely for you to overeat throughout the day because you are not getting enough water. Dehydration can be caused by factors such as wind, cold air and inadequate intake of fluids. Drinking plenty of water also helps with weight loss and improving your overall health. You may notice a decrease in hunger pangs by increasing your water intake.
  3. Reorganize Your Kitchen: To make sure that you successfully lose weight before the holidays, one of the most important things to do is clean out and reorganize your pantry, refrigerator, and freezer. Get rid of all those unhealthy foods and snacks that you have been eating. Make a list of healthy foods that will help with your weight loss plans and stock up your kitchen. Making this change will not only help you lose weight but also benefits you in the long run as it will help improve your overall health.
  4. Indulge Moderately: Everyone has their favorite indulgences – yours could be chocolate, pizza, cookies, ice cream, or potato chips. Whichever one it is, the key to losing weight before the holiday season is to indulge in your favorite not-so-healthy treat in moderation. Try not to indulge more than once every week. Also, do not forget to keep the size of your portions in check.
  5. Eat Out Intelligently: Like everyone else, you probably enjoy eating out in restaurants a few times a week. The thing is that restaurant meals can be a major hindrance to your weight loss goals. But you do not have to completely avoid eating out to shed a few pounds before the holidays – just make sure that you order smart. Go for baked, grilled, steamed, poached or blackened meals instead of anything that the menu describes as au gratin, creamy, buttery, fried, sautéed, crispy or basted. Never be afraid to request your food to be prepared exactly the way you want it.
  6. Save Calories: Making small changes to reduce the calories you take in daily can go a long way in helping in your weight loss journey. Even the smallest change, e.g., replacing whole milk with non-fat milk in your morning coffee, can make a huge difference. Another clever way to reduce your daily caloric intake is to choose smaller plates and glasses as it will help in controlling the size of your portions. Last but not least, minimize your late-night snacking or better yet, drink a cup of herbal tea after dinner instead of your usual snack.
  7. Exercise Early: With the holidays around the corner, your schedule could be hectic and finding time to work out could be a major challenge. But there is a solution – work out early. In fact, this is a great routine no matter what time of the year. Make your exercise session the first thing you do in the morning and you can effectively burn calories before the holiday celebrations begin. If you can, add 10 minutes to your daily workout routine so that you can burn even more calories and shed even more weight.
  8. Get More Sleep: Did you know that studies have shown that lack of sleep can play a role in weight gain? To lose weight before the holiday season this year, try to get to bed 30 minutes earlier than normal. You will give your body exactly what it needs to lose some of that excess weight. Plus you will feel more refreshed and rejuvenated, ready for whatever the day brings!
  9. Stay Focused: With everyday errands at work or home, it can be difficult to concentrate on your weight loss goals – sometimes they can even be pushed to the backburner. This is why you need to make sure that your goals for losing weight before this holiday season are always a priority. It can be tempting to grab a bag of potato chips or a bucket of ice cream after a long day, especially when you are a little more stressed out than usual. Remind yourself that you need to focus on your weight loss every day, no matter what.
  10. Get a Partner: One of the best ways to make sure that you lose the weight you want to is to have someone to share the experience. If you have a friend or family member who also wants to shed a couple of kilos before the holidays begin, make a weight loss plan together. You will enjoy your workout sessions more and you can give each other support when temptation strikes or you lose your determination. Before you know it, both of you will be looking slim and trim and feeling fantastic and totally ready for the holidays!

Making small changes to reduce the calories you intake - EzCareClinic

The holiday season is a time of celebration and having a great time with loved ones, and everyone wants to make sure that they look their best. Weight loss before the holidays is definitely an attainable goal. All you have to do is keep the tips above in mind. If you like, you can visit weight loss clinic doctors to give you additional advice on how to shed unwanted weight before the holidays. And when the season actually begins, you will be looking fit and slim and feeling amazing!

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