Services We Offer

Our doctors provide the following:

ADD and ADHD Diagnosis & Treatment for Adult Patients

Attention Deficit Disorder Treatment in San Francisco. ADHD in adults is a serious yet often ignored issue—one we’re prepared to help with. EZCare Clinic’s ADHD doctors will evaluate & diagnose you for ADD / ADHD. Our ADD prescription medication recommendations are given based on your comfort level, the severity of your symptoms and your medical history. We give you the option to treat your attention disorder with both stimulant & stimulant-free drugs.

Anxiety Disorder Treatment + Prescription Medication

Anxiety Disorder Treatment in San Francisco. Work with our anxiety doctors to make your symptoms go away. We provide custom-tailored treatment plans that work specifically for you. Our anxiety clinic can help you deal with phobias, OCD, PTSD, social anxiety and more. We offer anxiety therapy solutions both with and without prescription medication!

Hormone Replacement Therapy + Prescription Medication

Hormone Replacement Therapy in San Francisco. At EZCare, we know that as people age, their hormone levels tend to fall and can create a number of uncomfortable symptoms.  Call EZCare Clinic to schedule an appointment for a Hormone Replacement Therapy Treatment today.

Ear Wax Removal Doctor Near Me

Ear Wax Removal in San Francisco. Although it is possible to get rid of earwax buildup at home, getting medical assistance at least once a year is recommended. EZCare Clinic practitioners can assess earwax buildup and use safe and proper methods to remove any excess buildup. If left in the ear, buildup can lead to infection.

ESA Letters for ESA Dogs & Cats & Other Animals

Emotional Support Animal in San Francisco. We provide you with an ESA letter for your emotional support animal. Valid for travel & housing purposes. Never pay pet fares, monthly fees, etc. Absolutely NO restrictions on what animal you register, its breed, species or size. Provided by California-licensed ESA Doctors. Super quick, easy & we price match!

Fast Weight Loss – Lipo Shots, Phentermine, etc.

Weight Loss Treatment in San Francisco. Our doctors can help you shape together a weight loss program that provides serious results. We regularly prescribe prescription and OTC medications/supplements to our patients.

Some products our clinic supports include:

Phentermine Prescription
Lipo-B Injections
HCG Hormone Injections
Vitamin & Mineral Supplements
Essential Amino Acid Supplements
Personalized Weight Loss Programs

We offer more health services. Check our ‘Services’ tab for a full list of services provided by EzCare Medical Clinic San Francisco!