Top 8 Reasons to Consider Breast Augmentation!

Breast Augmentation


Today, breast augmentation is in high demand. Regardless of the size or whether or not the size of your breasts is going up or down, breast augmentation can have some benefits.

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Unfortunately, breast augmentation is often associated with breast implants or fake breasts, but people forget that breast augmentations can have medical significance as well.

For example, breast augmentation procedures can be good breast lifts, reductions, reconstruction, and several other procedures that can improve a person’s health.

Breast augmentation can be beneficial for both men and women for several reasons, including:

  • Boosting confidence
  • Being happier
  • Improve back problems
  • Reconstructing breast muscles after an accident or surgery

This procedure has become more popular as the years pass, but it saw its highest increase of popularity in 2003 after a show aired on FX television network titled Nip/Tuck.

Although we’re focused on breast implants rather than breast augmentations after watching this show, they were still able to get a broad look at the different reasons for getting a little nip and tuck on the breasts.

At EZCare Clinic, we want to help you be happy and look the best you can.

That is why our breast augmentation procedures are accompanied by educating our patients about the health benefits of breast augmentation and the ways to take care of their wounds after the procedure.

If you are considering breast augmentation and are still unsure if this is right for you, here are eight reasons people have chosen to have a breast procedure.


1. Boost Confidence

Over the years, several women have expressed their interest in breast procedures as a way to boost their confidence.

Perhaps they are self-conscious about the size because some cruel scrub of a man-made fun of them when she was young. Maybe the breasts are too big for her body type and she is looking to balance out the proportion.

Regardless of the reason, breast augmentation can boost a person’s confidence, unquestionably.


Breast Augmentation
5 Reasons for Breast Augmentation


2. Baby Effect

Many women have said that their children have sucked the perkiness out of their breasts. Well, that is not far from the truth.

When a woman is pregnant, her breasts grow because of the breast milk that now occupies that space.

However, several months after the baby stops breastfeeding, the breasts begin to decrease in size, which typically leaves them saggy and unattractive.

So after two to three babies, it might be harder for those breasts to get back in the shape they were before children. This is when breast augmentation is the perfect solution.


3. Look Great Naked

Sometimes, being naked in front of a person for the first time can be intimidating. Sometimes, it can be frightening.

Where bigger breasts tend to sag and stretch the areola with age, smaller breasts hold the threat of cruel comments from their partner, and with age, they also sag. Fortunately, breast augmentation can help on both ends.

For bigger breasts, a reduction can improve perkiness and even create a sexier areola. For smaller breasts, an increase in size can eliminate any thoughts of cruelty and unwanted comments.

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4. Perk Up

Breast augmentation has been well-known to create perkier breasts since that is one of the most common complaints by middle-aged women.

Perkier breasts also improve confidence since age will typically take its effect in a woman’s 30s or 40s. Fortunately, breast augmentation is probably the best thing a woman can do to perk up her breasts.


5. Increasing or Decreasing Size

Many times, decreasing breasts can help reduce back pain. In fact, breast reductions are very common for women involved in fitness or sports.

Increasing breast size has been commonly popular for women with smaller breasts.

Having the ability to choose your own breast size is something special because know you’re in charge of your confidence.


6. Weight Loss Skin

When people lose weight, they are often faced with the excess skin that came from the fat reduction.

Losing weight causes the skin to sag and, in the case of breasts, the saggy skin impacts affects the perkiness.

Unfortunately, gaining weight can have a reverse effect on breasts. For instance, the increase in size can create stretch marks on the breasts and even expand the areola to look unattractive.

Fortunately, breast augmentation can tighten the excess skin and eliminate those unattractive stretch marks.


Breast Augmentations Risks
Risks of Breast Augmentation


7. Improve Areola Size

Improving the areola size can be necessary for several reasons, including for modeling purposes, to remove stretched areola, and even to reconstruct damaged areolas from injury or illness.

Breast augmentation for areola size is necessary when breasts begin to grow with age since growing breasts also means an increase in the areola.

The areola size also can impact the sensation a woman feels during sexual contact.

Nipple size changes are not for everyone, and a consultation will help educate patients on the reasons to reduce or increase nipple size and the side effects of such procedures. Typically, women with larger areolas tend to get this procedure.


8. Remove Breast Implants

Many women have expressed their interest in breast implants because they can also be removed.

As women age, the body begins to sag and the breasts implants that were inserted when a woman was in her 20s may not look so good when she reaches her 40s.

That’s when breast augmentation can remove the implants and help reconstruct the look of the breasts to look natural.

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Keep in mind that breast implants are not meant to be permanent. In fact, people typically removed them or have their breasts augmented 10-15 years after having implants to avoid any health issues.

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