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ADD / ADHD Treatment in San Francisco

Make an appointment and visit a licensed ADD / ADHD doctor at EZCare Clinic in San Francisco today! To apply please complete this ADHD Application Form

We provide diagnosis services & full-scale ADD / ADHD treatment solutions. Our expert ADHD doctors are capable of helping you remedy all ADHD symptoms that plague your daily life, relationships, and work productivity.

We’ll work with you to treat your condition via counseling, therapy and ADHD drugs — prescription stimulants or even non-stimulants. All you have to do is book your ADD appointment and embrace a new, better life.

Check if you have ADHD – ADHD Online Test

ADHD Prescription Medications

There are many different ADHD medications that can help eliminate symptoms of ADD and ADHD. The most common kinds are stimulants (amphetamine). Sometimes stimulant-free ADHD medications are also prescribed, such as antidepressants.

Certain add medications will not be prescribed for individuals who are recovering from drug addiction. Side effects from both stimulant and stimulant-free medications may occur with the abusive consumption of these medications. Through consistent counseling and behavioral therapy, a counselor will be able to pick up on the signs of addictive behavior and other side effects of this condition.  

At EZCare Clinic San Francisco, our ADHD doctors will consider other health conditions such as blood pressure, chronic headaches, and chronic nausea before we prescribe certain ADHD medications.

Your family health history will also be noted prior to prescribing medication, and all following prescriptions will be closely monitored. Any medications prescribed at EZCare Clinic SF will be partnered with regular counseling and therapy programs fit for your individualized add  treatment.

Stimulants Rx for ADD / ADHD – Do They Really Work?

Stimulants are the most popular Rx ADHD drugs in California and America.

We prescribe stimulants to many ADHD patients. It’s a dangerous drug if abused, but contrary to popular belief — this drug doesn’t “make you high” if taken as prescribed.

Stimulant drugs (Amphetamines) help you “get stuff done”. It improves efficiency and allows you to be proficient in your routine. When paired with proper sleep and a healthy diet, you’ll be able to shoulder even the worst ADHD symptoms and live a higher quality of life. Amphetamine.

ADHD Drugs that are Stimulant-Free

We know stimulant drugs can be intimidating for some people. Minor cases of ADHD also don’t need such drastic ADD treatment measures. However, do not disregard stimulants because of what they are — ADHD medications like Adderall are incredibly effective and rewire the brain to work how it would if no ADHD symptoms were existent. Adderall Rx can be issued by a licensed doctor only, please consult with a doctor first.

Stimulant-free ADHD drugs that might help include Catapres, Intuniv, Kapvay, and Strattera. If depression symptoms are rampant, an adult with ADHD might also be prescribed to Aventyl, Pamelor or Wellbutrin. Sometimes stimulant-free drugs are taken in conjunction with stimulant medications. In almost all cases, ADHD therapy is also recommended and sometimes its impact is so prevalent that drug use becomes unnecessary in the long-term. Are you looking for ADHD testing near me? You are in the right place, call us now.

ADD & ADHD Treatment Therapy

Therapy is offered in the ADHD treatment program at EZCare Clinic in the SF Bay Area. Our adult therapy sessions include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which helps you realize any unhealthy thought patterns and habits. Teaching the mind to stop or replace negative thinking with positive actions can be the start of learning how to manage ADHD symptoms.

ADHD symptoms can affect people differently and it is important to develop an individualized plan that works for you. ADHD is a condition that requires constant work and the medical staff at EZCare Clinic in San Francisco can help you learn positive behaviors and habits. 

Family therapy is also an option for your ADHD treatment plan in San Francisco. This treatment helps family members by giving them a place to express their feelings others that also deal with being close to someone with ADHD symptoms. It is understandable for those closest to you to become frustrated, angry and stressed when helping you deal with your condition. By helping your family understand your conditions better, we believe it will also take some weight off of your shoulders.

Do You Have ADD / ADHD Symptoms? ADHD Testing Near Me

Remember, ADD and ADHD affect more than 1 in 25 adults — stats indicate that 4.4 percent of the adult population in the United States has attention deficit (hyperactivity) disorder.

Let’s put that number into perspective…SalesForce employs roughly 10,000 people in San Francisco. 4.4 percent of those workers amounts to 440 people. By the reported average, 440 employees at SalesForce alone have ADHD symptoms.

That’s a staggering statistic. That number is likely far off from the real amount as many cases of ADHD in adults are not ever diagnosed. The Attention Deficit Disorder Association suggests that 6-8 percent of US adults (8 to 9 million) are ADHD sufferers.

What’s the point? Don’t shrug off ADHD as not being possible — too many people think this condition only affects children or would just be diagnosed then. Make note of which ADHD symptoms you face and seek a diagnosis and treatment. This disorder plagues your quality of life and interferes with your relationships with others, while the symptoms are entirely mitigable.

Feeling Anxious

We’re not just talking about when something big is happening at work. Do you feel anxious all the time even when others think there’s no reason to worry?

The neurological impact of this disorder can cause constant stress, which surfaces through feelings of anxiety. The clutter of working memory impairment, poor organization skills, and weak time management skills will keep you feeling angst, even when everything in your life is perfectly fine.

Constant Lack of Organization

You try your best to stay organized. Chances are you find yourself regularly creating new plans or rituals to stay ahead. These ideas last for only a short while.

The only consistency in your organization is the realization that you’re failing at it. New ideas might surface about how you can do better but you never get better.

You’re not alone — nearly everyone with ADHD symptoms suffers from an inability to stay organized. People say routines take 3 weeks to take shape; a person with ADHD struggles with keeping a “routine” for even 3 days.

Many adults turn to ADHD prescription drugs as a short-term treatment solution. Instead of staying on the ADD medication forever, they use it to build routines and then they wean off once they’re confident in how they live out their days.

Sudden Outbursts

Emotions often feel suppressed in a person with ADHD until they suddenly let them out. This anger can surface out of the blue, even when unwarranted. The “temper tantrums” that children have don’t really happen in adults. Sometimes an adult with ADHD might throw a fit if they don’t have things their way. However, the way this behavior comes out is sometimes adjusted and it’s when the benign releases occur that things get incredibly scary.

In some cases, an adult with ADHD that’s suppressing their symptoms will turn manipulative. They’ll shape things in such a way to control a situation (and often a person) in order to get the outcome they desire. They have a one-track mind and they don’t even realize it. This mindset can seriously tear at relationships with friends, family members, and lovers.

Obsessive Activity

Obsessions serve as crutches. Whether it’s a drug (alcohol, cigarettes, marijuana, etc.), or a hobby (basketball, racing, woodworking, etc.), obsessions are commonplace for ADHD adults. These fixations serve as an outlet for the symptoms — Demar DeRozan (NBA star) recently spoke on this subject. In his mental health battles, he found basketball to be his ultimate suppressant. It’s a “healthy crutch” but it masks the health symptoms that exist underneath.

Remove that sense of stability and an adult with ADHD can be in a very dangerous place.

This reality also took the life of Jake Eliopoulos, a top MLB draft pick who became injured and ultimately killed himself due to a lack of self-worth. This tragic event happened after multiple attempts and severe depression, which was the result of a serious injury — his healthy crutch left and the ADHD symptoms were no longer suppressed.

The real-life struggles of ADHD affect everyone — regardless of the quality of life — and the more you hide it, the riskier the disorder will be to your life in every way imaginable.

Mood Swings

Emotion imbalance takes place in adults with ADHD all the time. The reason for a mood to change doesn’t have to be anything serious. In fact, parents with young kids are often guilty of letting the mood swings come out when they shouldn’t.

You might find yourself overreacting to your child’s bad behavior. At the same time, it can come out as positive hyperactivity — your kid might randomly fart and it could be the funniest and happiest thing to happen in days.

Your emotions will come across as extreme (happy = ecstatic, sad = depressed, mad = freaking out) and there’s never a healthy balance or sense of control. If you suffer from mood swings, chances are the people close to you have told you that you get angry too easy and even worse you carry that anger instead of letting it go.

Impulsive Activity

There’s nothing wrong with being impulsive sometimes. This behavior only becomes troublesome when you do things out of the blue when you should be following your routine.

A person with ADHD might use their impulsiveness in defiant, disrespectful and even physically aggressive ways. Adults often suppress this symptom due to an understanding of social norms. But, everyone with ADHD struggles with hiding their impulsive moods (and their extremeness), mood swings, etc.

Impulsiveness often surfaces in conversation — when someone else is talking and you randomly blurt out something off-topic or observational “you have something between your teeth”.

In the worst cases, impulsiveness can surface through bad habits, criminal behavior and succumbing to peer pressure.

Inability to Manage Your Time

A lack of time management skills means dishes get done once or twice a week, not every day. Sure you might have a dishwasher — but even getting it loaded becomes a task. Getting the dog out for a walk, having your little ones brush their teeth and even keeping up with their schoolwork can be quite a challenge.

A lack of time management is most notable in one’s work life. Deadlines are almost impossible to respect. When you’re not doing redundant tasks each day and your boss expects you to plan your own days and create your own work — chances are you struggle more than others.

This issue extends to every aspect of life. For example, you might have horrible budgeting abilities and a complete lack of responsibility as a result. You might know your rent is due on the 1st but, when paired with your impulsiveness, you spend your pay and don’t save up. Suddenly, you find yourself in a bad situation because you failed to understand how timing affects you.

Passive Behavior

Not all cases of ADHD are so outgoing. Some people harbor passive behaviors. Others are guilty of bouncing between the two personalities. But, what does “passive behavior” really mean?

Passive behavior consists of any inactivity (the opposite of hyperactivity) which commonly attributes to ADD. These people have inattention characteristics. They might ignore detail, such as by not following a set of rules or requirements — whether it’s for work tasks or on tax forms.

Passiveness can come out during a conversation as well. The passive types, as well as ADD adults, tend to ignore what others are saying — they get “lost in their daydreams” it seems. They don’t fail to organize or manage their time well because of stress, rather it’s because of a lack of initiative. They become forgetful, distract themselves easily and regularly lose everything — from house keys to important documents at work, medical records, library books, etc.


Think about the symptoms we’ve covered for adults with ADHD — angst, constant stress, feelings of disapproval and inadequacy, an ability to properly manage time, handle responsibilities, etc.

All of these ADHD symptoms are very exhausting and tolling on both the body and mind. The result is one more symptom — restlessness — which never seems to go away. The feeling of restlessness is relentless in ADHD folks and it works like a snowball. The more restless you feel because of your symptoms, the more your symptoms flourish.

Worst of all, when you are bored or have nothing to stress about… That’s when the restlessness feeling often hits the most. This means when you think you’ve controlled your symptoms, one extremely nagging ADHD symptom surfaces. There’s no winning no matter how hard you try — you’re fighting a mind that’s wired to work against you.

ADD / ADHD Diagnosis Process

Our ADD and ADHD evaluation process in San Francisco will allow you to determine whether you’re one of the 4.4 percent of American adults that suffer from this disorder. We take a multi-faceted approach to reach an ADD diagnosis. Forget all the little quizzes and questionnaires you find online — our ADHD doctors are licensed to practice in the state of California and can determine whether you’re medically held back by this debilitating disorder.

Our doctors understand how ADHD can affect people differently, which is why they take the time to thoroughly understand you as a person and how your condition is impacting your life.  

Call San Francisco EZCare Clinic at (415) 966-0848 or schedule an appointment online to get professionally diagnosed by ADHD doctors at our clinic. We’re open 7 days a week, 11 am to 7 pm, and we’re centrally located — same day and next-day appointments are regularly available!  Adhd diagnosis is by appointments only.

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Joshua Korbel

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