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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome



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Chronic Fatigue Treatment in San Francisco

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (myalgia encephalopathy) is a severe disorder that produces symptoms such as fatigue and disinterest in physical activities. Sometimes Chronic Fatigue Syndrome may increase and directly impact participation in exercise or mentally challenging activities. 

A person with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome believes may feel that they are experiencing symptoms of the flu and may not dissipate for months When Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is diagnosed, our clinicians will be able to take the proper steps in helping you recover from this sluggish condition. At EZCare Clinic, our doctors can help you prepare for situations that may seem to unmanageable with chronic fatigue syndrome. 

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome affects over 1.6 million people every year in the United States. In fact, a person may not even know that they are suffering from this condition because its symptoms are subtle. Individuals with chronic fatigue syndrome may choose to stay indoors, bedridden for long periods of times.

Because there is no medical reason or final diagnostic testing that will prove Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, most doctors will determine this condition through a series of counseling sessions and physical testing. Other symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome include concentration impairment, chronic headaches, muscle and joint pain, and a sore throat. 

Fortunately, there are measures that can be taken to help treat chronic fatigue syndrome. Call EZCare Clinic in San Francisco to schedule an appointment for a consultation to determine if you are experiencing chronic fatigue syndrome. 

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Therapy

At EZCare Clinic, we offer an assortment of therapy for individuals who live in San Francisco and need to find an alternative solution to treating chronic fatigue syndrome. Part of our therapy includes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to helps patients confront negative thoughts and ideas about chronic fatigue syndrome. The counselors at EZCare Clinic can help you manage your thinking process to avoid bouts of chronic fatigue syndrome by showing you how to think in a more positive way.

Patients who fully enthrall themselves in the EZCare Clinic program begin to notice a decrease of stress and physical fatigue. Therapy at EZCare Clinic may be able to help you increase your confidence and encourage you to take control of their life through simple steps that involve a change of lifestyle.  

Exercise therapy combined with Cognitive Behavior Therapy can be extremely effective in helping individuals who are also experiencing weight issues and muscle fatigue as a result of chronic fatigue syndrome. Therapy at EZCare Clinic can show you proper techniques for physical activities to help you rebuild muscle stamina as a way of preventing injury.  

Exercise Therapy

The most effective treatment for chronic fatigue syndrome combines psychological counseling with a light exercise program. 

  • Psychological Counseling – Talking with a counselor can help identify ways around mental limitations that are caused by chronic fatigue syndrome. Sharing what you are feeling is key to overcoming fatigue symptoms. Feeling more in control of your life can improve your outlook dramatically. 
  • Graded Exercise –Our medical professionals can help determine what types of exercises will best fit your body type. Inactive people often begin with range-of-motion and stretching exercises for just a few minutes a day. A person’s strength and endurance will improve over time as they gradually increase exercise. 

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Medications

Medications are not a cure for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, but they can be used as a tool to relieve some of the symptoms. Over-the-counter drugs such as Ibuprofen, naproxen, and acetaminophen can help relieve pain from muscle soreness and headaches, which are the two most common symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome. 

In some cases of treating chronic fatigue syndrome, stimulants such as modafinil and armodafinil can be prescribed to increase alertness during a person’s day. Unfortunately, some people self-medicate with illegal drugs, which can have severe and dangerous consequences. 

Because chronic fatigue syndrome affects people in many different ways, your treatment will be customized to fit your specific lifestyle. Symptom relief may include: 

  • Antidepressants – Treating depression can make it easier for people to deal with the problems associated with chronic fatigue syndrome. Low doses of antidepressants can help improve sleep and revive functionality. 
  • Sleep Therapy – Sleep is key to good health, but too much sleep can contribute to chronic fatigue syndrome. Some people will need to reevaluate their diets since many people consume high amounts of caffeine to combat fatigue. 

Treating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

At EZCare Clinic, our doctors in San Francisco know that chronic fatigue syndrome can affect both the body and mind. That’s why we customize each treatment to work with the individual needs of each patient.  

Our treatment programs can give you the power to take your life back and increase your quality of showing you how to overcome symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome. To get started today, call EZCare Clinic in San Francisco to schedule an appointment today. 

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