Should I Carry My ESA Letter for Travel?

Traveling with your Emotional Support Animal without any extra costs or fee is permitted by airline carriers if there’s an ESA letter provided. But, you must comply with a few requirements. All airlines are going to require that your Emotional Support Animal be calm on the plane and well behaved in public. It’s possible to obtain an at home dog training guide then train your dog on your own. This won’t just save money, additionally, it will ensure you have an enjoyable experience flying with the dog.

Go over the following list for every airline in order for you to be prepared and avoid all hitches as you check into the flight.

American Airlines ESA

Airline Requirements for Travel with Your ESA

This airline acknowledges the necessities of some requiring a psychiatric service animal or emotional support animal. The airline requires supporting paperwork that facilitates the request, like an Emotional Support Animal travel letter that is issued during the year of travel.

The paperwork has to come from a medical doctor or licensed mental health professional, with this information as per the website of American Airlines:

  • That you have an emotional or mental disability recognized within the DSM IV
  • That you require the psychiatric service or emotional support animal as an accommodation for traveling by air and/or for activity at your next destination
  • That the person offering the evaluation is a licensed medical doctor or licensed mental health professional, and you’re under her or his care
  • The type and date of the medical doctor’s or mental health professional’s license and state or additional jurisdiction where the license was issued

The paperwork ought to be offered to American Airlines at the minimum of two days prior to the arranged flight or else the ESA would need to be checked into a kennel within the compartment while the flight is motion.

Delta Airlines ESA

This airline suggests an early alert about traveling with animals while arranging reservations and you already can ask for a seat assignment when doing so.  However, the animal will have to remain upon the floor beside the owner’s seat. As claimed in the airline’s website, ‘No animals are permitted to occupy seats which are designed for passengers.’

The company expects the ESA to be well-behaved and is going to require paperwork from the owner before traveling. Specifically, that letter has to have the following, according to the airline’s website:

  • License number, address, title and jurisdiction (country/state it was issued), a signature of a mental health professional, and phone number.
  • The passenger has a mental health-associated disability that is recognized in the Diagnostic & Statistical Manual – Fourth Edition.
  • The passenger requires the psychiatric service or emotional support animal as an accommodation for traveling by air and/or for activity at the owner’s destination.
  • The person listed inside the letter is underneath the care of evaluating mental health expert or physician.

The airline may consider a digital letter saved on a device, so long as it contains the details above.

Jet Blue Airlines ESA

Like additional airlines, Jet Blue’s ESA travel requirements is paperwork which has the following, according to the airline’s site:

  • The customer has a mental health-associated disability.
  • Pet accompanying the owner is needed to the owner’s treatment or mental health
  • The type and number of pet(s)
  • Individual offering the evaluation of the owner is a physician or licensed mental health expert and the owner is under her or his care.
  • A physician or mental health expert’s license number or the kind of license, date of issue, as well as state or additional jurisdiction where it the license was issued

Also, the letter mustn’t be over a year old from travel date and it has to have the traveler’s confirmation number for reference.

Southwest Airlines ESA

This airline allows for travel of ESAs inside the cabin, except for Jamaican destinations. Also, the airline requires a travel letter from a licensed mental health provider with this information, as stated in the documentation guidelines established by Southwest Airlines:

  • The passenger has an emotional or mental disability that is recognized in the DSM IV – 4th Edition
  • Passenger requires the psychiatric service or emotional support animal as an accommodation for traveling by air and/or for activity at the customer’s destination
  • Individual offering the assessment is a licensed mental health physician, and the passenger is under her or his care
  • The type of date of the medical doctor or mental health professional’s license and state or additional jurisdiction where it was issued.

United Airlines ESA

Also, United Airlines requires paperwork that is similar to other airlines. But, the company has some regulations as to where the dog or another animal ought to be inside the cabin of the aircraft. Specifically, ‘the animal ought to sit at the owner’s feet without protruding inside the aisles in order to comply with safety rules. For smaller animals, owners might elect to utilize an approved in-cabin kennel. Exit row seating usually is prohibited, according to the site.

The airline requests that the travel paperwork and additional arrangements have to be advised at the minimum of 48-hours prior to the flight.

Virgin America ESA

This airline’s documentation policy for travelers with Emotional Support Animals is standard and like the rest, this ought to be issued no more than one year before traveling. It also must be written by a medical professional who is licensed, as posted on the website of Virgin America.

The paperwork has to ascertain that:

  • The customer has a mental health-associated disability
  • Having the pet accompany the customer is needed for the customer’s treatment, mental health, or to aid the customer (with her or his disability)
  • The person giving the evaluation of the customer is a licensed mental health expert
  • The customer is under the care of the person offering the paperwork.

Also, the airline requires a health certificate prior to the individual traveling with his animal to Hawaii. It ought to be valid for a minimum of one month from the travel date.

If you are flying soon and suffer from a mental or emotional disability, come to San Francisco for an ESA letter to avoid fees and bring your pet on board with you. We are open 7 days a week, from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm. You can get your Emotional Support Animal letter online, give us a call to schedule your ESA appointment!


  • Juan Presiado

    May 12, 2018 at 6:38 pm

    I have 3 kids and i lost my wife to cancer about 6 years ago and have since gotten 2 dogs (Russ and Devon) to help us cope. We have gone to several doctors trying to get the ESA paperwork for my son to be able to take one of the dogs to his college dorm for the emotional support but unfortunately we hadn’t been successful. I am truly grateful to the ezcare clinic and it’s staff for helping me get my emotional support paperwork for my son in order for him to be able to fly with his esa along with being able to take him into his college dorms. I will be recommending this clinic to everyone!


  • Joey Ortiz

    May 13, 2018 at 6:53 pm

    I made an appointment about a week ago through their online website which is and i saw a doctor and was issued my emotional support certification almost immediately! It was only 175.00USD and they also took care of filling out all the additional paperwork i needed for a few airlines because i needed to fly out with my pet to a vacation. The process is super easy and the staff walks you every step of the way. The physician was very helpful and she understood the reasons as to why it was that i needed this certification. I will be coming back every year to renew. Thank you EZCARE!


  • Isabel Reyes

    May 16, 2018 at 5:37 pm

    I travel a lot for work and having my emotional support animal letter means being able to take my pet with me everywhere i go. I came to the ezcare clinic to get my emotional support animal evaluation and as soon as my appointment was done i walked out with all the paperwork. This clinic is very convenient since there is no need for an appointment you can just walk in and they will take care of you. Also they helped me in Miami with my ESA housing documentation.


  • Eduardo Gomez

    May 17, 2018 at 6:32 pm

    As a person who has lost various of loved ones it is very hard for me to keep going with my life like nothing has happened. I am not a very strong person (emotionally speaking) and it is very hard for me to speak to people on a regular basis like everything is okay. I got my emotional support paperwork from this clinic this morning which was about 6-7 hours ago and i have already found it to be very useful. I have used it for housing purposes and now I plan to board a plain with it in about 2 hours. I had additional paperwork from Delta to be filled out and the staff was very nice and took care of my paperwork right away. I will be coming back next year to renew my esa lettter.


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